This Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse happens on Saturday the 11th of August 2018,
at 18 degrees 41’ Leo , at 7:57PM Queensland time Australia .
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome to this month of August and its Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse!
This is a month when new beginnings reign as August is a game-changer!
Lets play with numbers first!

-We have 2018 which in numerology is an 11 Universal Year.
-The month of August is a 19 Universal Month as 2018 translates in 8-2018 that adds up to 19 which reduces to 10 and 1.
-The Leo New Moon happens on August 11.
So you see we have lots of 1 across the board, so that is a lot of new beginnings energy all at once!

So19 is an especially magical number.
19 encompasses the complete scale of experience and wisdom…1 represents “beginning” and 9 represents “ending”, so in 19 we have “beginning-ending” together, this is a male -female energy, or the in-out breath, and it is incredible to just go with that wave, and understand that if this moment does not feel right the next moment will. You have to just be in that place of trust, and trust in that divine order of things, the “mysterious tremendous”.
The ancient Chaldean priests called 19 the “Prince of Heaven” number – a symbol of the SUN.
Like the Sun, 19 enlightens and brightens, while instilling intelligence from many dimensions, including messages from the stars and universes!
19 adds up to 10, the symbol of “Instant Manifestation”.
1 is a straight line, and 0 the circle. Joined as the number 10 we have direction and completion, sacred masculine and divine feminine symbolising Source, Spirit, the Universe.
10 and 19 remind you of your Light and divine ability to manifest at Will. Finally, 10 reduces to single digit 1 which is about new beginnings, a fresh new breeze, a birth, a new life…1 is the vibration of leadership. Leadership inspired by your inner Light.

So this Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse time is asking you to shine a light on every experience, every moment, and draw out the highest vibration. Since 19 symbolises the Sun, and the Sun is in Leo for the next three weeks (Leo is ruled by the Sun), with this Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 11, your life feels luminous! So as you move through August, notice all expressions of Light. Notice what is being illuminated.
This Leo New Moon is about bringing out your inner child, Leo rules entertainment, drama… it is time for you to be larger than life at this time, it is very creative, it is fun… It is just for you to get into the energy of doing something for the joy of it only, and not necessarily for the money, not necessarily because you are going to get a certificate at the end of it, or a diploma, or appreciation from somebody else… Just for the mere pleasure… JUSTE POUR LE PLAISIR !
So get your talents out of storage, and share them with the world… Anything that you used to love doing and stop doing it, get it out again!

This Solar Eclipse is the last in the series of three Eclipses that we have had over this last month. So during this Eclipse notice that we have got six planets in Fixed Signs ( Sun-Moon-Mercury in Leo, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus). And this is going to be an opportunity for you to see where you are rigid, to where you have got a set expectation, a set routine, and where it is not serving you. Because when you really have predictability in your life, after a while, it does get boring, it is like having a “9 to 5 job”, and going to that same office and doing similar things every day … After a while you feel like you need some variety, you need some change.
So where in your life is this feeling of stuckness? And this Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse can give you an opportunity to move things. So what needs to come out of you so you can feel better?
It could be some poisons and some toxins, some emotional things, some mental things, traumas… It is time to let them out so that you can release that joy in you, because the sign of Leo is all about “JOY”. Our star, the Sun, illuminates the entire world, and shines equally on every living Soul on this planet. You are born of the same Light that created the Sun and Stars. This month, you will feel more than ever, that the light in your heart is present, and eternal. You will feel and consciously engage with the flame of love that connects you to everyone …With Leo flavour you are completely embracing who you are, and it is for you to find that joyful place in your heart.

Here is an exciting news !
At this Eclipse time the position of some planets creates a pattern, what we call in astrology a ”Finger Of God” or “Finger Of fate”, or a “Yod”.
So we have Sun together with Moon in Leo, and they both send a 150 degrees angle to one side to Neptune in Pisces, and on the other side to Pluto in Capricorn. This creates a very narrow triangle, a Yod or a “Finger Of God”.
This narrow triangle is one of the most sacred geometric shapes in astrology, and it is very rare. It usually indicates that a powerful mystical force is in play. This one is particularly mystical because it involves Neptune and Pluto, which together they are quite etherial, paranormal, about the unseen feeling energy, seeing things from a higher spiritual point of view, from your Amakua.
Neptune and Pluto are both in a very nice conversation, and they are focused like a laser beam on the Sun and Moon. Now Pluto empowers and Neptune spiritualises, so you are going to have the courage to speak, to share, to love, to embrace, to change, to empower yourself and transform. And so this is going to be like a new beginning for you to just move into that place of tremendous courage that is spiritually inspired. And it is not a courage based on ego…non it is a courage that is truly soul centered. So meetings that you have, experiences that you have, will feel more destined, preordained somehow, and fateful at this time of the Eclipse.
So “going with the flow” is even more accentuated here, because Mercury is conjunct to the Solar Eclipse, right next to the Sun and Moon, and still in retrograde… So there is a real internal dialogue that can happen, a sense of deliberation and paying attention to your inner messages, your inner voices, and engaging with it, and actualising your intuition with great empowerment because of the “Finger Of God”.
So this “Finger Of God” brings such a spiritual motivating moment, and points to something that needs to be seen, and in this case it points to the Leo Solar Eclipse. Leo is all about JOY, and self expression, and sharing your passion with courage. It is about your self-confidence, stepping up on to the stage of life with what you have to say, what you have to share.

A strong activation to mention during this Eclipse is that we have the Sun-Moon-Mercury together in square to Jupiter, and this activates a sense of justice, feeling recognised, and you can experience some sense of “Am I moving in the right direction?”. And you will definitively feel more optimistic with Jupiter there, because Jupiter allows you to express your exuberance proactively when there is a square. And this square to Jupiter is also encouraging you to expand beyond that comfort zone… the Fixed signs like to stay in a comfort level, (Taurus-Scorpio-Leo-Aquarius) they like a certain stability and security… and Jupiter in square to this New Moon Eclipse is pushing you out of that. It is about to really just extend yourself. Don’t be so afraid of consequences, just go anyway, just do it.
Now with Mercury square Jupiter, I guard you not to take on too much during this Eclipse time, because you want to focus on one project at a time, and allow that big inner expansion to happen. Mercury in square to Jupiter also means that something is coming to an end. You are readjusting about how you approach your future and you want to speak about… “What is it I want to communicate and share?”… “How can my communication be more positive?”…” How can I share me feelings, my thoughts with more optimism, and feel good about what is coming up for me?” … So can there be an internal conversation that is optimistic? This dialogue with your soul, your spirit, is recalibrated now because of Mercury retrograde in square to Jupiter.

So it is a very fast-moving period of change. It is partly because we have a lot of retrograde planets…7 in total… Mercury retrograde until August 19th, Mars retrograde until August 27th, Saturn-Chiron-Uranus-Neptune-Pluto are all in this retrograde party.
So retrograde energy turns us inwards before we can move forwards. It wants us to be introspective, it wants us to pull back…
And yet there are a lot of very outward aspects at the same time. We have Mars prominent at this time, Mars is about being direct, and because he is retrograde, he becomes more complex.
And Mars at this time is very strong, (please refer to my last blog of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 28th), because he is retrograde, he is closer to the Earth, and right now he is at his closest. And when you think of Mars’s symbolism as heat, attack, fires… you can see it has been remarkable, we have had a really record-breaking heatwave, gripping parts of the Northern Hemisphere and smashing weather records in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Middle East.. A killer heatwave where many people have died. We also have had terrible tragic fires around Athens in Greece and in California and other countries too… so we definitively felt the heat of that proximity of Mars.
Mars is also strong because he is in Aquarius and square to Uranus, so the energy can feel very sudden, unpredictable change, volatility, it is very speedy, because both planets are to do with speeding up, fast moving, but it can go in twists and turns in different directions.
So we are dealing with a complex period of energy when things can go either way, and you might have experienced that in your life. That is going to continue because this square between Mars and Uranus is going to run until the 1st of October this year. So be aware of this energy of volatility, unpredictability, can be surprises or shocks, there can be sudden opportunities that come in for you, out of the blue, that you were not expecting.
So see in which area Mars at 0 degree of Aquarius, and Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus are falling in your personal chart. They both associated with new ways to do old things, so very positive in that respect. They also help you to connect to higher vibrations, your Amakua, and getting flashes of inspiration and ideas that can help to shift your consciousness.
So even if the energy is complex, there are many positives to this, especially in terms of moving projects forward. Because of this complex retrograde energy, you might have felt that whatever projects you are working on, it is hard to move them forwards. They keep hitting blocks or getting stuck…So don’t keep pushing, use this as a productive period of planning, of strategy, to enrich and go back over your thinking, to reflect, reassess, readdress, revalue… then you are in a much better position to move or push forward with those projects at the end of August, because Mars redirect on the 27th of the month, so after this date you can start to push things forward much more easily and freely.

Just before the New Moon Eclipse, on August 7th, Uranus is in Stationary position, ready to go retrograde. Uranus is a very slow planet and has barely been moving. All the way through July it has stayed at 2 degrees of Taurus and he is going to stay there all the way through August. So it is kind of drilling down on that 2 degrees point.
So if you have any planets in Fixed signs, between 0 or 4 degrees of Taurus-Leo-Scorpio or Aquarius, you may really be feeling this energy strongly, and you may want to have a feeling of freedom, newness, variety… Uranus wants to break up staleness, he wants to break up anything which has become deadening, which has become routine. So in that area of your chart, showing an area of your life, you might feel restless, which is a good thing because it will create change to a different state of being. So try not to resist that change, because if you don’t initiate the change, the change can come quite suddenly or surprisingly from the outside. So it is quite a wild ride of energy through this month of August, so stay at the “hub of the wheel” and keep your peace.
There is something very interesting that I want to mention and this is about the “Metatonic Eclipse Cycle”. And what that is, is that every 19 years, pretty much to the day, the Eclipses will come back to the same degrees.
For example on the 28th of July 1999, 19 years ago, there was a Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees of Aquarius, and we just had on the 28th of July 2018 a Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees of Aquarius, exactly the same degrees from 1999 again.
Also on the 11th of August 1999 we had a Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees of Leo, and coming up on the 11th of August 2018 we have the Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees of Leo, exactly the same degrees.
So see where Leo/Aquarius axis falls in your personal chart, and that will trigger the memory, because it deals with specific areas of your life… was it relationships, was it health, was it career?
What was it?
So go back to the period of July and August 1999 and try to remember what was beginning for you then. Was it a relationship beginning which is now coming to an end or moving on to another level? Did you develop an illness in 1999 which is now coming to its resolution, July-August 2018?
So it is a repeating or either closure of the cycle. We always vortex upwards in our development, so it is climbing to a higher level. So when you can see very clearly that bigger point of view, the eagle eye view of that Eclipse Cycle in your own life, it really helps you understand how the Divine Intelligence is constantly working. Only an imaginative mind can grasp the magnitude of intelligence behind your life’s magical design, as the cosmos dances both directly to you and to every other individual… and you experience the ineffable “numen”.
And it is not just to remember the events from 1999, what you know what was taking place for you then, but to remember more deeply… “Who were you then?”… “Who were you as a being?”… “How were you living?”… and I like you to think about this heart energy… “Were you living fully from the heart then, in integrity?” … or “Is that something that you are stepping into much more fully right now?…and recognising the importance of that.
So think about what has your soul’s growth been over those 19 years, particularly related to heart energy (Leo), but also in terms of what unique contribution you have made to the world (Aquarius) in those 19 years, and what new cycle is now beginning for your souls’s growth this time around, that takes you to some quite deep places.

Remember that a Solar Eclipse is like a super big New Moon, so it is a fantastic time to set a new intention. An intention conditioned by the area where the 18 degrees of Leo falls in your personal chart. If it falls in your 10th house area, then it may be that you are looking for a new job, a new career, so can you set a clear intention in this flavour? If it is falling in your 4th house area, you may be looking at your family, your home, your roots, the way you stand in life, your foundation… again set a clear intention in this direction. So seeing where this New Moon at 18 degrees of Leo falls in your personal chart has much more significant meaning just for you.
And if you don’t know where it falls in your personal chart, you are much welcome to have a reading with me, to know what the energy of this New Moon eclipse means just for you.
So set a new intention, and be aware that with the Leo flavour of this New Moon Eclipse, it is about the heart, living from the heart, living from Love. Are you living from the heart or are you living from the monkey mind in your head? Can you shift from head to heart? If you can do that it will absolutely transform your world, because you will be living from the state of compassion. So PRACTICE TO BREATHE IN AND OUT FROM YOUR HEART.
So you see, during this Eclipse, we have a lot of the Light energy going on, because the Sun rules Leo, and this Eclipse is in Leo, and the “Finger Of God” is pointing into Leo… So this means the Sun, your internal Light, is moving through the 11 Portal. It is about being present, being open and receptive, being acknowledged, being Light, it is there, it is with you forever… and you are tuning into that eternal and so beautiful Light Being that you are… and you are feeling the delight of your life that is the Light of your destiny.
Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

PS: If You would like to find out how this affects You personally, feel free to contact me for a reading, face to face or on Skype, Messenger, Face Time.

And also feel free to share this on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.
Mahalo Nui🙏