This Pisces Full Moon happens on Sunday August 26th 2018 at 3 degrees 12’ of Pisces,
at 9:57PM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau
Welcome to the magnificent Full Moon in Pisces.
This Pisces Full Moon is a Full Moon of completion because Pisces is the last energy of the Zodiac, it is the final sign, it is the sign of completion, of release, endings, letting go… and in this Pisces Moon energy, you emotionally and spiritually complete. You find the higher perspective of Pisces which is ultimately unconditional Love. It is about what you have learned spiritually, where you have grown, and you come to realise between your spiritual self and your human self.

So we have the Moon in Pisces in exact opposition to the Sun in Virgo. Because of this opposition we have an illumination, and you see things under the Moon light that you don’t normally see under the Sun light. So the Full Moon is always about something that is about to be revealed and illuminated, and what you did not noticed before, shining a light on things you are unaware of, on secrets, and they make you modify your direction going forwards.

Full Moon are always the peak of the Moon cycle, that is often when feelings and emotions are running very high. And that is particularly the case when the Moon is in a Water sign, sensitive Water signs such as Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces… so you are having a lot of emotions at this Pisces Full Moon time indeed!!!
The Full Moon time is also when things come to culmination, they come to a close, they come to fruition. So see where 3 degrees of Pisces is falling in your natal chart because you may be able to anticipate what this Full Moon is about for you, what is coming to closure, what is completing. Is it the fruit of your labour coming at this time?… particularly if the 3 degrees of Pisces are in the 6th or the 10th house areas of your natal chart. Or is it something connected to the home, you are leaving your home, and the 4th house area will be highlighted by the Full Moon degrees… this is where you start to use astrology strategically, and you are living in tune with your natal chart.

Yes this is truly a magnificent Full Moon in Pisces, involving the so fortunate Trine between Jupiter ( the ancient ruler of Pisces) and Neptune ( the modern ruler of Pisces) that wakens you spiritually.
This is a glorious aspect encouraging you to release any sadness, any disappointments… just let it go, and if you have some tears they are healing tears. So try to be in a place where you can daydream. Pisces rules everything to do with film, entertainment, music, media… it is wonderful for doing anything more like that at the time of this Full Moon. Lots of Soul connections are happening during this time so let yourself be nicely surprised in meeting kindred spirits.
And there is also such a feeling of looking forward to the future and feeling like abundance is plentiful and expands forever and ever. You just feel really good because your spirituality and your goals are connected so that is setting the stage. It is really mystical actually, and this is about dreaming BIG.

And then there is also another Trine between Uranus and Saturn that just started this month and it is going to last a long time. It is a wonderful complement to the Jupiter-Neptune Trine because Uranus is just stationary ready to retrograde at 2 degrees of Taurus, and Saturn is about to station direct at 2 degrees of Capricorn, its own sign. So Uranus and Saturn because they are both slow moving planets, when they change direction, they sit on these 2 degrees for a long time, so this Trine between Uranus and Saturn is going to last through mid to the end of September 2018, so it has a big impact on us.
What it means is that you are being blessed with the freedom to use your inspiration and innovation (Uranus), and with the structure and diligence to manifest ( Saturn) what you are intuiting, what you are receiving, and that is setting you free. So this Trine Saturn-Uranus is helping you to stay grounded through all those changes, all the shifts that you are experiencing now. These changes are so profound and I am sure that you have been feeling them, so this Trine is giving you the confidence to stay on tract, to take risks especially in your career, your divine mission. Your spirituality is translated into something practical that brings income, that is so Saturn and Uranus. And it is also having the freedom to explore those gifts at the same time. And then the energy of the 2 degrees between these two planets, is about calmness and stability, peace and balance… So it is a wonderful serene stable energy that is influencing you through mid September, and it sets the stage for this Pisces Full Moon.
On one side we have Uranus that is giving you a natural urge to explore your intuition which this Pisces Full Moon is all about, this is your psychic connection to the unseen, to the Source… and Saturn in Capricorn is elevating your public standing, and your divine mission.

At the time of this Full Moon the feelings are going to be very high because we have Venus at 18 degrees of Libra in square to Pluto at 19 degrees of Capricorn.
Because Venus is in Libra, so it is a strong indication that it is about relationship, so if you have any planets at 18-19 degrees of the cardinal signs ( Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn), they will be aspected by this.
This Venus-Pluto square is about intense extreme feelings, and with Pluto involved, this could be too much power-control in a relationship, or power-play or manipulation coming in, involving deep desire, sexual urges, sensuality and magnetism being fired up, and transformation happening in your relationships, one partner has more power than the other…So you may need to address something with your partner, or intimate relationship, or at work, or with an authority figure, and there is a need to keep the balance. Venus in Libra wants to keep the balance, keep everything fair and equal, so watch for issues like that coming up.
And with Venus ruling over finances, you may need to make adjustments in your financial situation, because something is coming up regarding your values in those areas, that needs to be addressed and brought into balance and resolved. This Venus-Pluto Square is happening at 19 degrees , that number shows new beginnings, a fresh new energy surge. So during this transit of Venus-Pluto Square, just stay calm, breathe, be patient, feel connected to Source and then you will get your answers.

Now at this Full Moon you can always change gear on how you are using energy so, lets look deeper at this Pisces Full Moon.
Pisces in its negative expression can be “ I am confused”…”I am overwhelmed”…”I am in a fog, I am lost, I don’t know who I am”… “I don’t know where I am going”…and Pisces is the sign most associated to victim consciousness… “I never had any money”…” My partner always treat me badly” etc… And if you are ever been in those situations, it is simply reflecting your own sense of self-worth. “We get the partner we deserve by the frequency we are broadcasting”.
However, with Pisces at its best, this is truly beautiful. This is high sensitivity, compassion, this is feeling connected to all sentient beings, this is kindness, gentleness… most of all this is feeling connected to Source… There is this sense of infinite possibilities being available to you, if you can tune in to something greater than yourself, and draw on your higher intelligence, your own Aumakua.

With a Full Moon we always have the Sun and Moon opposite to each other, and here we have Moon at 3 degrees of Pisces, and the Sun is at 3 degrees of Virgo. The Virgo Sun likes everything to be organised.
Now the less positive expression of Virgo is feeling overwhelmed by details, day-to-day details, the emails, the chores, all the computer work, all things you have to deal with day to day… and it is so easy to feel overwhelmed this way in these modern times … I spend 30’ everyday unsubscribing and deleting my junk mails , and even when it says that I have been successfully unsubscribing them, most of them come back the following day!!!
The upside of Virgo is efficiency, time efficiency…to not allow those emails, or your chores, or whatever the day-to-day practicalities are, to overwhelm your meditation time, your connection time, your time of divinity, your dream time…
There has to be a balance between the day-to-day practicalities and your sense of connection to Source. So make your time being very PONO, efficient in doing all those work base things, to free up free time for that sense of meditation and connection.
And also if you succeed to be at the midpoint of Virgo-Pisces, blending these energies together as One, it is about seeing divinity (Pisces) in the detail (Virgo). I am sure that many of you are aware of the mathematical Golden Ratio, underpinning to so much of nature… pinecones are based in that mathematical structure, the way the petals grow around a flower, the way leaves grow around twigs… there are many aspect of nature underpinned by the Golden Ratio. So if you observe, if you stare at a rose deeply… if you contemplate some small aspects of nature, you can actually really relish in the divinity that is available to us all. The Divine Intelligence that surrounds us can give us a sense of divinity in our own lives… So expect miracles, expect magic everyday, and every night as a ritual, pick the best highlight of your day… And if you practice to anticipate magic and miracles through your day, you are getting on that wavelength of the magical, and miracles and infinite possibility.

But the “plat de resistance” of this Full Moon is that we have a beautiful Grand trine in Earth. We have had for a while Saturn 2-3 degrees of Capricorn in Trine to Uranus 2 degrees of Taurus, but now and just at the time of this Full Moon, they are joined by the Sun at 3 degrees of Virgo, creating a beautiful Earth Grand Trine.
This is very powerful because the Sun adds the light, the visibility, to see the intentions manifest. And the sun adds the delightfulness as well. So this Earth Grand trine shows a wonderful-stable-grounding-peaceful-steady energy, that productive-responsible energy, that manifestation energy being formed into this Earth Grand Trine… It is so magnificent!
Now this is extremely good at any innovation, new ideas ( Uranus), particularly if they benefit the Earth (Taurus). Any innovation in your own life is likely to work well at this time because with Saturn part of the Grand trine, this helps with permanence, durability, long-term. This Grand Trine in Earth is very beneficial, and it is about not only reaching for bigger dreams ( with this Full Moon in Pisces and Jupiter trine Neptune) but also deeply anchoring them, manifesting them, making them real in your world.
So at the time of this Pisces Full Moon with its Earth Grand trine, it is really wonderful to be in nature, to connect with Mother Earth to connect with animals, and to connect with Water (Pisces), to really feel how much Mother Earth wants to comfort you… she wants to soothe you, she wants to love you… and in that you can release and you can let go.

And the “Crème de la crème” is that at the time of this Full Moon, the Moon’s position is in a Sextile aspect (60 degrees) from both Uranus and Saturn, and this creates an exquisite pattern, what we call in astrology a Diamond or a Kite. Kites are very rare patterns, so when they appear we need to pay attention, especially if it is during a Full moon.
That is really powerful… so you see, with that Kite, you can imagine that the Kite is about flying… IT IS TIME TO TAKE OFF… it is time to take your creativity, your gifts, your talents and joyfully proclaim who you are. The Kite is allowing you to lift off and see things from the top of the world. You are looking beyond the horizon now, and you see the expansiveness of your potential, your Soul’s potential… So that Kite is showing you that it is time to fly, it is time to trust, it is time to fly with Spirit. Now the Moon in Pisces, where the Kite is directing its energy, is about sensitivity and unconditional Love. It is about letting go, and it really governs WE ARE ALL ONE. It governs that we are all part of the grand watery ocean of Souls, and Water is the only element that reaches everywhere. So at this full Moon in Pisces you go to the depths of the ocean, there is no light but water can still reach there… so it is really about everything that is also dark, meaning it is behind the scene, like your psychic abilities, your Six sense, everything that you can’t prove, the intangible world, something that is beyond the mind… it is the multidimensional understanding of energy, and Pisces governs that artistic-creative connection to Spirit. Pisces loves, Pisces imagines, Pisces dreams, Pisces senses… and so this Kite is about awakening that side of yourself… This Kite is about to just show that we are all intuitive, we are all able to listen to Spirit, to our own Aumakua, our guide, to listen to our inner voices… whatever you want to call it.
And opposite the Pisces Moon, the Virgo Sun is very meticulous, very humble and at service and want to heal. Virgo is about health and patience and it is eager to work, eager to be productive… and so at the moment of this Full moon, which follows this triple Eclipse cycle we just went through, (so rare to have three Eclipses and not just two), you are in this assimilation stage , and with this Pisces Full Moon you are digesting and Boom!!! you are able to move forwards and manifest.

Then another transit that is important at this Full Moon time is Mercury in Square to Jupiter. It is important because first of all Jupiter is part of that Trine with Neptune, a Trine that is spiritualising and awakening Joy, and everything you do… and at this Full Moon Mercury is coming around, Mercury rules Virgo the sign the Sun is in, so it makes it even more powerful. And Mercury is not retrograde anymore, so your ideas and your communication are forward again. You need to make plans, you need to focus on details as Mercury is Square to Jupiter. Square is activation time so you are laying foundation of where you want to go, as Jupiter always wants you to look forward.

Now finally, this is big, Mars has been retrograde since the end of June, and the day after this Pisces Full moon, on the 27th of August, Mars is stationary-direct again. Now Mars stationary-direct means that you are going to have that reactivation of your internal drive again, which is awesome. It is happening at 28 degrees of Capricorn, and 28 also reduces to 10 and 1, so again new beginning, you are ready to direct your energy into the world again, you have lots more vitality, more ambition, more drive, a deeper desire, more steam… you are ready to make things happen, to actualise and manifest what you assimilated this Winter with the Eclipses. It is such a great energy to really reposition yourself and take on the world with Mars moving direct again Yeah!!!

Hummm this is a very lovely Pisces Moon with gentle energy, that is the main message of this Full Moon. Everything is soft and kind, everything that have a gentle energy to it is what you are looking at at the time of this Full Moon. It is a time to relax, and to release… yes it is really a time to do that because you have been pushing and struggling and going… and more… and it is never enough and it is never over! This Pisces Full Moon just want you to stop. Stop and be here and now, immersed in MANAWA.
Let your body come to rest, let yourself relax and let yourself stay exactly where you are… Yeah! this is a peaceful Moon. This is a Moon where you go in the inner planes of consciousness.
ENJOY THE FEELING OF NOTHINGNESS. It is a time to ban the absolutistic language “ I have to do, I should do, I can’t do, I must do… Non at this Pisces Full Moon you are in a “stop time”.
You see how soft it is when you just stop, when you don’t react to what someone is saying and you just listen… you become a receptacle … just allow yourself to be empty.
Pisces is a Water sign and it is about “feeling”, and it is at the end of the Zodiac so it is about stopping, before a new cycle starts and begins again, in a couple of weeks from now.
So there is a wonderful serenity and a connectedness to nature and the Earth during this Full Moon time. You may find it in animals, so for those of you that love animals, this is the perfect time to connect even more deeply with the soul of the animal. Each animal is a being and often quite unpredictable…
So connect with the soul of the Earth… Connect with the soul of the animals… Connect with the soul of the Water… and you will find a new peacefulness inside of you, that will help you manage all of your problems, all the things that you think you are worried about… MANAWA “Now is the moment of power”… you are brought to the present moment of being, and Pisces is about being.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏