This Virgo New Moon happens on Monday September 10th 2018 at 17 degrees of Virgo,
at 4:00AM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

So at this Virgo New Moon time, as we begin a new emotional cycle, lets reset our intentions. This Virgo New Moon is really flavoured with the element of earth, and this makes the focus for practicality and organisation and efficiency. So it is a perfect time for decluttering your mind, your body, your spirit… clean up the house, the cupboards, the drawers, your car… detox the body, find the diet, the exercises, start new habits that resonates with you, employ the energy of Fung shui, and get everything tidy and neat… release what you are not using anymore, throw it away, give it away. Clear you mind of negative personal mantras, listen to your body, what does it needs, take the time to nourish it with the right diet… this what Virgo is about.
If you engage in that, you are probably going to feel incredibly fulfilled.
PONO the 7th and last Principle of the ancient Hawaiian belief system:” Effectiveness is the measure of truth” – Be positive – I am positive”.
“Doing the Right Thing in All Things” Robert Devinck.
How to better your world by asking yourself one simple question in your daily decision-making process: “What is the next right thing I could be doing?”
By living, eating, and being Pono in our daily lives, we will come to know who we truly are, the person we were created to be. The Pono Principle will help guide us to doing what is right for our soul, for each other, and the world we share together.


On the 10th of September we have a lovely New Moon exactly at 17 degrees of Virgo.
Now 17 degrees are what we call in astrology “Critical degrees” when found in Mutable signs ( Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces)”. A critical degree bring strength to the meaning of the planet placed there, therefore this New Moon Virgo at 17 degrees has a very strong flavour.
And Virgo has everything to do with your physical body, your health, your wellbeing, your work, how you use your time, your daily habits… so all these things are going to be magnified at this time.
Every month at the New Moon, we have a very good opportunity to set a new intention for ourselves, because it is a new beginning astrologically. So this New Moon is starting a brand new cycle of 28 days so it represents for you a clean slate, a fresh start, so all possibilities are on the table at this New Moon time. So see where 17 degree of Virgo falls in your personal chart, and that will then conditioned the intention you set, wether it falls in your area of career, in your area of children…etc…

Now a very good news about this New Moon is that Mercury and Mars are now in direct motion. Things may have felt very stuck over these winter months for many of you, and can just begin to start seeing some movement.
And the most interesting thing at this New Moon, is that we have got 7 planets in Earth signs, and 3 in Water signs. We have got no Fire and no Air !!! This is very unusual indeed! There are just two elements represented at this New Moon time, so what does this mean?
So with so much Earth it is time to get centered, to get grounded. Whatever brings you into your body, not escaping off somewhere, because this New Moon is actually opposite to Neptune, so there may be a pull to escape from your problems, maybe to alcohol or drugs or food… anything just to escape, maybe from certain pains or realities… But really this opposition with Neptune is just asking you to let go, to release, to accept whatever the situation is right now. And yes there may be disappointments, disillusionment, betrayals, all kinds of things you may feel as though you have lost hope for some of you….
With this strong Earth-Water aspect of the Virgo New Moon opposing Neptune, Virgo is your earthy experiences, it is your concrete practical solutions, your 1-2-3 to do list, your daily responsibilities, (cup of coffee first thing in the morning, walking the dog, yoga, work…) it is how you live your life everyday. So with this opposition of Neptune, the powerful surrender energy is meant to not put all of your energy into your human experience. Virgo is your human experience and Neptune is your spiritual experience…what you can’t see, what you don’t know, what you have to let go of… because if you don’t let go you will drive yourself crazy, and then comes the anxiety, (Virgo can be anxiety), the worrying, the guilt, the should… that is the excessive Virgo. With Virgo we have 24 hours in a day, but Neptune is spirit and spirit is timeless.
This opposition with Neptune is reminding you that you can only do so much in your humanness, so ask this question “ Am I able to surrender and trust?”. So with the support of Neptune , you need to relax your grasp, you need to let go, don’t hold on too tight, and trust.

And for many months now, we have this truly magical, mystical Trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This is about dreaming (Neptune) big (Jupiter), having bigger dreams, having bigger horizons. And Jupiter is always visionary and future oriented, so can you have bigger visions for yourself? … Can you have bigger dreams for what you want to manifest in your life?
And what reinforces this is the opposition of Neptune to the New Moon. So this brings in a sense of divinity, it brings in a sense of Oneness, and it brings in a sense of no limits, of unlimited possibilities. So here we can hear the calling of the second Hawaiian principle, KALA “ There are no limits- Be free – I am free “… Anything is possible and self-growth is likewise infinite. So the more you can connect to that sense of KALA( unlimited possibilities), the better it will be for your life and the lives of the people around you.

What is really special as well at this New moon, is that we have a very strong Grand Trine in Earth. It is a pretty tight equilateral triangle connecting Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Earth is about manifestation, it is about grounding those dreams and visions that you have for yourself and for a better Earth.
As a global community, we are becoming more and more aware of climate change, of pollution, and as the symbolism of Virgo suggests, we will increasingly want to be of practical service to the Earth… what can we do? we are already attempting to reduce the use of plastic bags, and water bottles…You know there are so many things we can do in our day to day lives to really help to clean up the Earth. Remember Virgo is the sign connected with purification, cleansing and cleaning up and detoxification. So that is a big area that is connected with this New Moon.

Within this Earth Grand Trine, Mercury in Virgo helps you get clarity about something that you need to change, and this Grand Trine in Earth gives you the foundation and commitment to make those changes, and to honour that the change is for your best, it is a new reflection of your self-worth in what you do and what you offer.
And Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, he is the planet of the mind and our thinking, so it is also about clearing up, and purifying your thinking. So if you are having any negative thinking, any negative self-talk… just catch yourself and cleanse that out of your system. Just say to yourself “stop this negative mantra” and instantly turn your intention to something beautiful, such as a butterfly passing by, wow! the blue sky with no clouds, the fragrance of a flower in your garden… anything that you know would shift your energy to a more positive state.
So practice the first Hawaiian principle of IKE “ the world is what you think it is – Be Aware – I am Aware”. Our consciousness creates our reality. This Virgo New moon time is a very good opportunity to practice IKE.
So Mercury is the planet of your ideas… and in Trine to Uranus, these are genius ideas. You have a lot of ingenuity at this New Moon time, innovative thinking, because Uranus is known as the higher octave of Mercury, and is connected to your superconscious, your divine mind, your Aumakua. Uranus is the planet of awakening, to bring in the new.
With Uranus in Taurus, Uranus is really changing your value system, and what you believe has importance in your life. And this New Moon in Virgo is where you make that commitment to say “ I am new, this is what I understand about myself, this is what needs to change. And the Grand Trine energy will make it real in the physical world, where you can make your dreams tangible.
And one of the best ways to do that is to get in touch with Mother Earth… hug a tree, walk barefoot on grass or sand, look at the magic night sky… our Earth is our Home… it is about coming home to our Earth and then coming home to your body.
At this New moon time, there is a certain peacefulness about the energy of Earth and of Water… “IT IS TIME TO REALLY FIND THAT STILL PLACE WITHIN”.
You will have a great opportunity for a lot of healing at this New Moon time. It is a good time for detoxification, Virgo is very much about cleanliness and getting things nice and shiny and bright. So there is an opportunity for rejuvenating yourself, and getting into anything that would revitalise your energy, getting rid of all the old things, all the old toxins, the emotional things that held you back… and creating a whole new body energy for yourself.
Remember that the word “Earth” is an anagram for the word “heart”, and I think there is no accident about that. Very often when I witness a Monarch butterfly fluttering by, when I hear birds twittering, when I see the diamonds charged spiderweb after a rain shower… my heart opens. So the more you connect with Mother Earth the more you are able to open up your heart.

This New Moon is receiving a Trine from Pluto, and this represents a huge powerful download of support, and here we have a sense of empowerment.
So now Pluto’s support helps you to feel a new grounding and stability, in your body, in your sense of purpose, in your sense of daily life. Pluto here brings in new strengths, because he is associated with evolution and your Soul’s evolution, and how you are mastering something in this lifetime.
Virgo is about your physical self, how you care for yourself daily, the supportive habits you use for your health, nutrition,exercise, yoga… it is your daily disciplines, and now with the Pluto trine, transformation is happening. You are supported in being this new version of yourself, in owning your power, and Pluto in Trine to the New Moon (the Sun and The moon, the masculine and the feminine) brings these new integration waves, and the realisation of “ I have changed”.

We have another wonderful energy as this Virgo New Moon is receiving support from Jupiter.
Now Jupiter is also about transformation, and the deep fears you have been moving through. You have been moving through some really dark energies that have been really scary at times… This is where you go in your own inner cave, your dark night of the Soul. With Jupiter support here, you can say to yourself “ I am strong enough”, and you can bring back yourself to the light.
So with Jupiter in nice conversation with this New Moon, what you have been moving through is going to bring you wisdom that you can practically apply, practically use going forward, and you are going to understand with discernment what is true for you and what is not.
This New Moon is saying “HONOUR THE NEWNESS”, honour what you have changed and transformed for yourself, honour what you have worked through.

And to add more, Jupiter and Pluto are talking nicely together, and this is reinforcing that transformation is underway, you have been feeling it, you have been dealing with it perhaps emotionally, or in something in your outer world, but there is a sense here at this New Moon, that you have grounded support for the next steps forward.

At this new Moon, we also have beautiful Venus just entering in Scorpio, and she is in her shadow, because she is going to be Stationary Retrograde on the 6th of October. And at the time of the Virgo New Moon, she is opposing Uranus.
Uranus in Taurus is about your money, your self-values, and Venus in Scorpio is other people’s money, other’s values, this is what other people taught you about money, about other values that were given to you. Now Uranus says “ It is you to determine what you can make and what is possible and what you need to do”. Uranus opposing Venus is bringing you back to your own value system.
Venus is also in good conversations with Mercury and Saturn, and this is actually where you are claiming what you know is true for you, regardless of your family, your friends, your co-workers, your peers… So here Venus is revealing that darkness, that conditioning around your money, your self-worth, your energy… and you are breaking out of it with new mastery, with new ways of making it applicable in the real world, and also new ways of claiming what is true for you, what you determine is right, your own master, your own expertise, your own authority… so this is pretty awesome, because of how Venus is going to show you something uncomfortable emotionally, and that is what she does when she goes into Scorpio … she kind of unearths the crap at first, and it does not feel good.

This New Moon in virgo reminds us that another aspect of Virgo is that it is connected to the ancient wisdom, keepers of the Earth, it is connected to plants and herbs medicine energy, flower essences and essential oils, aromatherapy … it is about a deep understanding of healing through our understanding of the earth … and really all that we need for good health is available to us from the earth, “ everything is in nature”, this is that sort of sense with Virgo.
And at the time of this New Moon this theme is really emphasised, because we have Chiron in Aries Square Saturn in Capricorn. So that is a sense of putting work into natural and alternative healing… tuning into the natural rhythms of the Earth can take you a very long way, simply through the act of putting bare feet on the ground, and it has also a dramatic physiological effect on your blood ( just check out “groundology”).
So Chiron is often known to have a slightly shamanic aspect, and Virgo has it too, this is the sign of the High Priestess, the medicine woman, the Vestal Virgin or Sacred prostitute… Virgo is the sign of sacred rituals, of sacred geometry… it is connected to this wisdom connected to the Earth.
So at this Virgo New Moon think of your own purification, think of your own healing, and may be this will prompt you to go and study alternative healing, or having healing treatments.

All this Earth energy we have at this New Moon, is a precursor to everything that is coming up in 2020, when we get this strong line up of planets in Capricorn. So this New Moon in a way, heralds the beginning of an opportunity for us really to begin to value our Earth, to connect with our Earth in new ways…
The Earth resonates at a certain frequency, and there are certain places in the world where that frequency is higher, with a much more magnetic field. Hold a compass up anywhere near these places and the needle will go crazy. No one knows why this is, but it is the reason there are various places on Earth where you can go to reconnect and recharge your internal power grid… such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids in Egypt and Mayan, Aztec, churches and pilgrimage sites, Es Vedra small island of Ibiza… All of these places have been revered for thousands of years and ancient civilisations often built their megalithic sacred monuments in areas they considered “Earth’s Highest Energy Vortexes” or “Earth Chakras”.
In fact, vortex literally means swirling spiral energy, and the symbol of the spiral is everywhere, and it connects us all in the energy of our Mother Earth, not only in the world around but within all of us with our Chakras alignment. Just like us with our Chakras, so does our Mother Earth…and here in Australia Northern Territory, we have the Third Earth’s Chakra “ Solar Plexus” at Uluru ( Ayers Rock) & Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). These large red monoliths are said to represent the emotional Solar Plexus of Mother Earth, considered the “umbilical cord” supplying energy to all living species, and to maintain the vitality of Earth.
In our world where we can be so disconnected by technology, it is a nice thought to think that there are places that exist, “vortexes”, that can give us renewed energy, and let us tap into the power grid of Mother Earth. So the more you are connected and do with nature, food, healing, cleansing, the more you will feel uplifted and rejuvanated… this Virgo New Moon is brilliant for all of that.

At the end of September, Pluto is stationary direct, so with Saturn and Pluto all Capricorn energies are in forward motion, and that is going to give you a new sense of strength, so the pieces are coming together, the clarity is happening, and the newness of you is lining up… and that is what makes this Virgo New Moon so awesome. It feels like things get grounded and practical… new jobs, (it is a great time energetically for the new jobs), the new starts, something new that is powerful for you. Understand that when you are guided forward there is other people who will meet you on the other side… So at this New Moon time, take the practical steps forward that are for your best and highest good… and then the bigger picture meets you.
This New Moon is so exciting, believe me it is so rare to have the slow heavy planets in such positive conversation to each other, and all synced up, and they infusing it into the Virgo New Moon, the new start, that sense of accomplishment, that sense of the next level…
And remember, with Venus in Scorpio, don’t be distracted by other people’s smallness, or their fears, don’t take those on, they are not yours. You have responsibility over yourself, how you are changing, how you are growing and what matters to you.
So this is an onwards and upwards, this is where things are moving forward, and that you can feel that here in the middle of September at the New Moon time.
Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏