This Capricorn New Moon happens on Sunday 6th January 2019 at 15 degrees 25’ of Capricorn at 11:27 AM Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Happy New Year my beautiful friends, welcome to a new journey through the awesome Celestial Calendar!!!
2019 really starts on a strong note, as we have a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. And we are going to have a rocking and rolling two years period, because we have 5 Eclipses in 2019 ( instead of the normal 3).
So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a super ride, because you are going in to big energies and big changes that you are now ready for, that you can do this, and you are able to step into a new place of your Mastery. And this is what the Capricorn energies are really requiring of you.
So check in your natal chart in which House or area, the 15 degrees of Capricorn sits, to see where you are going to apply this new way of your Capricorn Mastery.

This New Moon Eclipse is the first of three Eclipses in the sign of Capricorn this year.
We begin with this one, and we have another one in July and the third one in December. Capricorn is the sign highlighted for the next couple of years, so you need to know about it and this is why it is important to know where it sits in your natal chart.

First of all, Capricorn symbolises leadership, courage, power. It governs the 10th House in astrology, and the 10th House is about your Divine Mission, your career, your calling, your vocation. It is about your public standing, how you are hanging your gifts and turning them in viable services, that you are offering the world to uplift the world.
So if you have something that you know already that you can offer, you now need to go to a higher level. If you are still looking for what that “thing” is because you have the gift, you just may not have tuned in on what it is, you need to really use your determination and find that, because the energy of this New Moon is so powerful, it is a huge call for action. It is about commitment and discipline, that is Capricorn!
So now unfortunately most people are not willing to match their dreams with the commitment necessary to actualise their dreams. So what does Capricorn help you with?
Capricorn is about “the judgment of others”, and then you tend to worry more about what other people might think of you. However Capricorn provides the solution for this big general issue that many of us have. Capricorn is to create your own set of rules that are independent of all paradigms you have brought up… cultural, societal, gender, religious, parental, racial… Whatever it is, Capricorn says “it is time to create your own set of rules of what you will and will not do”. And these rules will help you make any decision, big and small, without falling prey to the temptations and distractions that are there in your daily life. Your own set of rules will give you the discipline to not only fulfil your desires, your dreams, your mission…, but they will replace the need to rely on willpower to overcome these daily challenges, and to resist temptation. Willpower is draining and it is like constantly fighting.
Instead you are going to have a set of personal rules that support you to be productive, conscious, and help you engage in positive behaviour that is totally in synch with your purpose, with your destiny, with your Soul Mission, your Dharma. These are what you should align your dreams with, what your Soul is yearning to do to serve the world.
Capricorn is about structure, planning, rules, organisation and rituals. So you really need to have your set of rules, and not somebody else’s, and those set of rules will help you get to the highest vibrational state. They will help you eliminate negative habits, and replace them with positive habits, positive routines, and the result is that good choices are much easier because you won’t succumb to peer pressure.
So from right now, with this Capricorn Eclipse, at the start of 2019, the most intense dynamic year to take responsibility, we are building up to this major event that is happening a year from now, the conjunction of Saturn-Pluto, and it is to create your own personal set of rules. So create those high vibration rules and stick with them, reach for your goals, and you will have far less frustration setbacks and dramas. Your life will be easier, you will stop worrying about what other people think, and you will know what is good or nor not good for you.

So this New Moon Solar Eclipse is the perfect time to set this new energy in place, to be steadfast and to not let anyone or any behaviour get in your way. And Capricorn is very ambitious, it is the symbol of the “Mountain Goat” in astrology. The mountain goats, they climb to the very top of the mountain through very treacherous territory, they bypass obstacles by being agile, alert and courageous, and that is what Capricorn is about.
So this New Moon Solar Eclipse is about you being the “Mountain Goat”, and being alert, agile and courageous, and climbing that mountain you will be successful.

The New Moon, Sun conjunct Moon, is at 15 degrees of Capricorn. This is the 3rd New Moon positioned at 15 degrees, (just like we have this year five consecutive Full Moons at 0 degrees, zero point), which is right in the middle of a sign ( a sign is made of 30 degrees). So we have the 0 degrees Full Moons and the 15 degrees New Moons, it is incredible, it is so much like rebooting, restarting (0 degrees) and 15 is the “Spiritual Alchemist” number, it is the Magician, it is you seeing that you have the power to change energy around you at all times.
And 15 reduces to 6, and this Solar eclipse New Moon happens on the 6th of January. So 6 is highlighted . 6 is about home, family, coming home to yourself, it is nurturing, home business, it is abundance. It is about responsibility, having family, you become the nurturer, you take responsibility for your environment.

Saturn is the ruler of this New Moon, and he is currently traveling in Capricorn, for the next couple of years, What is very special with this Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse is that Sun-Moon are positioned right between Saturn and Pluto.
So there is this multiple conjunction ( what we call in astrology a “Stellium”) going on, and it really is a lift-off of foreshadowing. It triggers another big Stellium that is happening in a year from now, in January 2020 ( conjunction of Pluto-Saturn-Sun-Moon-Mercury-South Node-Jupiter).
On one side of the New Moon (Sun-Moon) we have the conjunction to Saturn, which requires you to get real, get focused, get clear, say NO and know where you need to say NO.
And on the other side, we have New Moon in conjunction to Pluto, which is saying to you “ Now you are going to change”, there is going to be permanent changes, big deep ones, ones that you can’t deny, and often it means that there is no going back,because that is Pluto’s realm.
Because the flavour of Capricorn is about what you build, go for, execute in the real world, the energies of this Stellium are saying “IT IS TIME FOR THE NEW ASSIGNMENT”, and to begin it now.
Now you have the maturity and strength, and you can be really dedicated and serious for the long road (Saturn). And you are also provided with the sense of “What true power is?” (Pluto), which is about the power of integrity, responsibility and understanding, and how it benefits everyone.
So this Stellium’s energy is very strong, and is asking you to really own what is true for you, and allows you to put it into reality.
This is not just talk anymore, this is time to develop, grow and build something in the real world (Capricorn is an Earth energy). So this requires work, dedication, effort, time, self-discipline. So where the 15 degrees of Capricorn sits in your natal chart, make a commitment to yourself in accord to the flavour of the House or area of your chart .
This Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse is literally a destined event, where you need to take your rebirth, your transformation, your life, your goals, your plans totally seriously now!!!
This first New Moon in Capricorn is showing you that this year there is an energy of getting down to earth, grounding yourself, working at your foundation, your root system, taking the time to do it and not taking shortcuts.

And at this New Moon we find Mercury ( planet of communication) at 1 degrees of Capricorn.
So Mercury asks you to think things over, to take your time, Capricorn does not want to be rushed. You want to be able to get information and facts and sit with something. Mercury in Capricorn is more about observing, and this brings some seriousness. Mercury being at 1 degree, has just entered the realm of Capricorn, and it is about visualisation. So what is successful, what is the goal, what are the results, what does success looks like, how do I plan, strategise… and make it so?

So in total, we have 5 planets in Capricorn during this Eclipse ( Mercury-Saturn-Moon-Sun-Pluto).
And at this New Moon time, the South Node of the Moon is also in Capricorn, at 27 degrees. So this is very important to see that because we have a lineup of energies in Capricorn, from 1 degree to 27 degrees. In fact this is preparing you for January 2020, when there will be the other big lineup of planets in Capricorn.
So whatever is happening in your life, around this time, around now January-February, around the next 6 months, and around this year with the 3 Eclipses in Capricorn… it is going to feel destined. You are going to take your talents, your gifts seriously. You are going to be ignited with passion, you are going to have this determination, an internal drive to welcome the letting go of habits, of people standing in your way, of ideas and beliefs that are totally not aligned with you anymore.
So allow that purging. Pluto will purge that in order for you to embrace these new opportunities, and expand the range of the impact you have, and that can be on every level…personal, professional, internal… the impact is endless.

At this New Moon time, Mercury is in challenging conversation ( a Square) with Mars.
You may feel a little bit more, not only driven, because your mind is totally energised and activated, but a Square with Mars can be aggressive, so you may go a little overboard, you may get a little too intense in how you communicate your ideas. So just be mindful of that.
So your mind is energised, Mars is internal Fire energy, so put those ideas into play, be creative with what is coming up into your mind. Write it down and actualise it.

This Capricorn New Moon is in harmonious conversation with Neptune in Pisces (a Sextile 60 degrees), which softens the energy somewhat.
Everything in Capricorn can be quite harsh, very regimented, were you have to just obey orders… so there is going to be this interplay between the female softer energy of Neptune, and the male, the more out there energy of Capricorn. Like the introvert and the extravert, the solar and the lunar… so the play of these contrasts is going to be really evident. It is going to be important to clean your act up, so if you know something need to be done, don’t procrastinate anymore. So you might do it proactively. Also with Neptune energy here, it is an opportunity for manifesting your dreams by taking concrete actions. So lay down some foundations, design, prepare plans, programs, write down your ideas… so your dream (Neptune) comes true (Capricorn).
This Solar Eclipse Sextile Neptune creates the spiritualisation, the unconditional love, the inspiration, the imagination, to really go for it. This is a New Moon Solar Eclipse, and you are going to actually finally listen more, and not an external listening. Neptune is about internal listening, to tune in into the Divine, this is what is being asked of you.
This Neptune New Moon conversation is so beautiful, Neptune wants beauty and you will be inspired if there is beauty around you. Whatever that means to you, you need to go deeper into your spiritual space, your spiritual studies, anything to do with Soul centered activities, with beautiful art, beautiful music, beautiful flowers, beautiful scents… put those around you, get inspired by your surroundings. You want to nurture your Soul with this gorgeous energy, and it is going to keep you in Balance as you create your amazing Soul Inspired Empire, which is what you are actually doing now.
So it is a really exciting way to start the year indeed !!!

Finally something interesting at the time of this Eclipse New Moon, we have got no planets in Air signs.
No Air gives you an opportunity to reach beyond your mental boundaries. Your mental chat “ Have I done that…I should have done that… I could have done that…I am not good enough”… You know these repetitive patterns round and round in your head, that hold you back from really opening up to what life has to offer for you.
So with no Air, You can go go beyond that. And yes you might allow this chit chat to be there, but no Air enables you to do some great breakthroughs, with becoming aware of when your mind is blocking you from manifesting the things that you want in your life.
So in one way the message of this New Moon is about balance, so see where you need to create more balance in your life. Are you being too introverted? Or are you being too out there and not taking enough time for “peaceful time”? SO WHERE CAN YOU BRING MORE BALANCE?
This Capricorn new Moon calls you to practice to keep remembering to use your male-female, your left-right sides, your introvert-extravert selves in an equal way, dancing them… to keep being aware of it so you can selection the one you need for a particular life situation.
I wish you a wonderful, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn.
Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

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Mahalo Nui🙏