This Leo Full Moon happens on Monday 21st January 2019 at 0 degrees 51’ of Leo 
at 3:16 PM  Queensland time Australia.
By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome to your Leo Full Moon, this is a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, a Super Moon because it is closer to Earth, it is a Blood Moon… WOW it is so powerful!!! 

This is the second Eclipse in January, and Eclipses are intense to begin with, so to have two in a month to start the year, it is even more powerful.

It is happening on the 21st of January, and in numerology 21 is the number of truth, and it reduces in number 3, which is love, joy, self-expression, creativity, the sacred Triad… so this Full Moon is all about what you are creating, how you are expressing yourself, and it is happening in Leo which is the sign of self-expression. 

So it would be very useful if you find where the sign of Leo sits in your natal chart. Now, you don’t have to be a Leo, but somewhere in your natal chart you have got all the 12 signs, and Leo will appear in a House or life area of your chart. So it will be very helpful to know which House or life area is being called upon for greater creativity, greater confidence, a greater opening out, and a shining, emanating from You. Maybe it is about your finances (2nd House), maybe it is time to really shine a light on your home, your family, your security, the way you stand in life, your foundation (4th House).

This is the last Eclipse in the series of Leo/Aquarius Eclipses which began in February 2017. So it is a very interesting time of endings and beginnings, because we have a series of Full Moons happening at zero degree of their signs. So it is especially powerful, and the energy of Leo, at the time of this Eclipse is going to shine through as much as it is able to do so through you.

This Eclipse is the third in that series, we have another two to go, and then we have one Full Moon in April at 29 degrees of its sign. So very much an indicator of endings and beginnings, and we are going to have two slow moving planets, Chiron and Uranus, which are about to change signs as well in February and March, so you will get the impression of a big energetic shift.

At the time of this Full Moon, the Moon is conjunct to the North Node, and the North Node is our collective future destiny. So this is another marker of a shift from one episode into another.                                                                                                                       This is a Super Moon because the Moon is much closer to the Earth in its orbit, and it is the first of three Super Moons in 2019, so it is very strong indeed!                                        So go outside to witness and welcome this enormous Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse!!! 

The totality of this Lunar Eclipse will last about an hour, and it will be visible from North and South America, from Western Europe, UK, Africa… unfortunately not visible for us in Australia, but you can still feel the strong powerful and shifting energy of this Moon if you step in a Manawa moment around 3:00PM.  “Manawa : Now is the moment of Power”.

Because it is the last Eclipse in the series of Leo/Aquarius, it is a time to really look back to February 2017 when this series started. How have you been creative since that time? What has been your individual self expression (Leo), your unique contribution that you have contributed to the world (Aquarius)? And just shine in that, really see this as a celebration of your creativity and your unique individual spark at the time of this Total Lunar eclipse. Because after this Eclipse, we are moving into Cancer and Capricorn Eclipses for the next 17 months or so.

So this is a Leo Full Moon Eclipse, and Leo is about Love, Leo is about being loved, and knowing that the heart is the part of the body that Leo rules in Astrology, that the heart is your connection to Soul, your connection to Spirit, your Aumakua, your connection to the Divine… So with your Leo flavour, you need to feel like your light is shining to uplift other people and let their light shine… ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!!                                           So it is all about Love and Light, and because Leo is a Fire sign, which is also about lighting up the sky and firing things up, you need to light the fire within you, that is what this Eclipse is about.

And this is the third consecutive Full Moon out of five, happening at zero degree.         And being the third one means that this Full Moon is right in the middle of the five, so it is like at a pivot point, and zero degree feels like pressing the reset point, It is zero point energy, which means it is brand new energy, and we are in a new year energy, so feel that new influx. 

With the Leo flavour, you also like to proclaim yourself, you like to have a stage, to be on stage, or have a way to express yourself, to have an outlet that lets your light shine, and you are meant to let your light shine.

And during this Lunar Eclipse, the Moon’s light is eclipsed, covered up, but what is happening is that whatever you have not seen, that is internal, that is been in the shadow or hidden from you, is going to be unearthed. And that is why Eclipses are intense, because something usually happens and it is not a negative, it is not a positive, it is just something that you need to introduce and invite into your life, that has not been acknowledged fully.

And Leo has everything to do with your creativity, SHINING OUT IN THE WORLD that which only you can give!!! You are unique, there is never going to be another one like you…Which is why competition and comparing and contrasting yourself to other people is all very well up to a certain point, but really it does not matter, because nobody can ever do it or live life from your perspective, and the way you see things, and can give your unique contribution in the way that you alone can give it. So that should give you a feeling of self confidence, which Leo is all about intrinsically. 

With Leo you find your gifts, you share your joy, and you don’t worry about what anybody else is thinking, or doing, because you are so enamoured and so enthralled with the creativity of that which is inside of you, and being released and shared in the world. And it does not matter whether you are sharing that just with yourself, or with a crowd of people. This Leo Full Moon is about bringing more colour into your life, because Leo is a colourful sign, it is a Fire sign, so it is bringing that sense of passion.

And certainly it is going to be passionate, because at this Full Moon time, we have a challenging conversation between Sun in Aquarius opposing the Moon in Leo, and both are in Square to Uranus in Aries, and that creates a pattern called a T-Square.                    A T-Square is the most activating of all sacred geometric shapes in Astrology. Basically it means that you need to get up and act and do something. You cannot sit down on whatever the issue is coming up for you. 

Uranus rules Aquarius and at this Full Moon the Sun is in Aquarius, so the Aquarian flavour is huge. It is about freedom, connecting to your Soul group. In Astrology it rules the 11th House of  friendships, and groups you belong to, and also looking forward, being galactic in your outlook. It is also being revolutionary, embracing what you would not have embraced before now, a new way of being, an enlightened way to see the world… With Uranus you use your inner genius, and whatever excites your creativity you need to go out, explore and invent and experience… And on the other side of Aquarius, Leo is the creation of that genius.

In this T-Square, Uranus sits at the very end of Aries, and he is reaching a “Critical Degree” so that makes him more intense. And then in early March 2019, Uranus moves into Taurus and will travel there for the next 7 years or so. But at this Eclipse time he is still in Aries, which is another indication of a brand new beginning, because Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the sign of beginning. And at the beginning of this new year, you have plenty resolutions that you would like to put in action because you really want to move forward in that regard.

On the other side of the T-Square, we have Leo, and Leo is connected with royalty, monarchy, rulership, and rulership from the heart, to shine your light and be that golden light that helps other to feel enlightenment. Leo is a beautiful romantic, creative sign, so if you have had any desire to share any part of you, on a platform, to express your gifts, this platform is now transforming radically. Whatever it is you thought it was, it is going to shift in the next 6 months, because Eclipses have that long impact, so be aware that the message of this Eclipse will be affecting you for the next 6 months. 

But remember that we are in a very strong Capricorn energy now ( with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and joined by Jupiter in 2020) and Capricorn governs career, your Divine Mission, your destiny, so a huge focus is to take this energy and apply it to what it is you are here to do… WHAT YOUR SOUL IS WANTING TO SING!!!

So at this Full Moon Eclipse time, Leo is coming and asking “Are you really focused on what you are here to do?”… “Are you focused on how to be of service, how to uplift others, how to inspire and inform others?”                                                                               And Uranus is asking “ So are you going far enough?”… “Are you radical enough?”… “Are you creating breakthroughs everyday ?”… “Are you going where you could not imagined you could go everyday?…”Is your imagination on fire?”                                                           So it is time maybe for some surprises, to act in a way that you would not normally do, on “the spur the moment”, to do something new. It is a time to OPEN YOUR HEART, and you will be surprised, because as you open your heart, somebody else’s heart will open… so it is a contagious feeling. Can you open your heart and create a contagion of generosity and giving, and random acts of kindness?                                                               As always Uranus is impatient, so try to be aware of when you are getting impatient, because Uranus is all about awareness, and then you can change that destructive behaviour pattern.

At this Eclipse time, the Moon in Leo is nicely conversing with a Trine to Chiron, and the Sun is also in a good connection to Chiron, and this is creating a very harmonious triangle. 

Chiron is still in Pisces and this brings tremendous healing, so your mind will not only be focused on Love and Light, but the Love and Light will bring healing. So beautiful harmony to old wounds, and your health can be radically shifted at this time. You may have an insight, or you may realise to create a radical change in your diet, there are lot of addictions that can be broken at this time, and not just through health.

Another aspect happening at this Eclipse time, a conversation that can be very challenging, is the “exact” Square between Mars at 13 degrees of Aries and Saturn at 13 degrees of Capricorn. They are both in their own home sign, making them even more powerful. 

This may bring up some latent anger issues in you, some frustrations about events, or frustrations about people, that are calling you to really pay attention and work through them.                                                                                                                                                   But remember Chiron is in good aspects with this Eclipse, so he is helping you heal, and Saturn the timekeeper, says “ ok you want to really take up the energy now, to bring things into harmony, to look at whatever has made you angry in the past”…so the question… “Where is that anger coming from, and why am I projecting it onto this relationship with this situation?” You know that every time you don’t have a resolved anger or frustration issue, you are literally projecting it on to other people.

Now with Mars in Aries you are the warrior, the pioneer, you are brave, courageous, you are the initiator, driving forward, you set your goal and find the direct route to achieve it, and you want to go quickly… but you are running to this wall of Saturn in Capricorn that says “ No you can’t do it”, authorities say so, stopping you with restrictions, paperwork, bureaucracy, people disagreeing with you… and that can creates frustration, because with Mars in Aries you want to move quickly and impulsively.                     However, if you can integrate and blend these energies, it gives you a really productive, disciplined energy. So become the general of your own army, ( Mars-Saturn connection is often found in charts of people in the military areas). So this Full Moon asks you to use a very disciplined energy in everything that you are doing, for you to be very productive.

So to help you clear that and make it a lot easier for you, there is this beautiful romantic conversation with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is the sign Jupiter governs.                                                                                                                                        Jupiter entered Sagittarius last November 2018, and will be there for a year up to December 2019.                                                                                                                            Venus and Jupiter are the two benefit planets in Astrology, so when they come together in the conjunction, (and this is happening at 15 degrees, which is the number of Love, the spiritual alchemy number, the number of magic, the number of uplifting others through Joy), this is Love Love Love, romance, huge optimism, huge generosity, huge gratitude, lots of fortune, abundance, happiness, expansion… it is wonderful financial flow. 

So at this Leo Eclipse time we have this tremendous infusion of Joy, with Leo and Sagittarius being Fire signs. it is a very important moment here of firing up these core human yearnings you have for Love and Happiness. And this what this Eclipse is bringing you…“ Where is my Joy?” and “ Where am I feeling love?”                                     So do you feel loved?…Do you understand your love no matter what? … You are surrounded by beings who love you, whether they are actually physically present in this lifetime or not, you are loved. Always remembering that Love surrounds you, the Divine love, all sorts of Love, and also remember that you are an abundant being. So it is for you to accept that , and to claim it.

At this Full Moon the conjunction Venus-Jupiter is also sending a Square to Neptune in Pisces.                                                                                                                                                    So here it is about letting go, maybe of a previous dream, something that you held in high esteem that is not been happening… and you are letting go of your disappointment, letting go of feeling sorry for yourself, and then just allowing to come into you what is for your highest good. That is really this sweet surrender here. And it is really just about remembering your joy, and chances are with this Full Moon being a Lunar Eclipse, you may be shown where you are not joyful, where you are miserable or depressed or where your negativity coming up. But the advantage with an Eclipse, although it can be unpleasant sometimes, is that you can see that more clearly, and then make some positive changes. So don’t hold back on your joy!!!

One final amazing thing is that the Venus-Jupiter conjunction is also in Trine to Mars.     This is even more romantic and sensual and passionate, because Mars is the Sacred Masculine and Venus is the Divine Feminine, and Jupiter is Joy and Expansion.                So what can you ask for more fortunate events, more Love. This is great for anything to do with music and art and beauty, taking a fun trip, planning a gateway.                              If you are in a relationship, this will only deepen it, stimulate it, making it more romantic, expand the depth and bring tons of positive vibes. And if you are not in a romantic relationship, you may very likely fall in love around this time or in the next 6 months.

It is important to also mention that we have a long-term challenging conversation this year 2019, running up to September, which is the Square between Jupiter mid degrees of Sagittarius and Neptune mid degrees of Pisces, both in their own respective sign of rulership, so they are very strong.                                                                                                  So this can take you beyond the 3rd dimension of reality, beyond the mundane, it is like the need to touch the ethereal, the touch the Divine, to connect with Source, to sit with your Aumakua, your higher Self. It is about to expand your compassion, to expand your appreciation of all life being sacred, being sentient, and you being the Divine artist of your life. So this can bring some really wonderful creativity into your life, but also an understanding that when you get to those higher places in your meditation or your frequency, when you go into your Aka Lau mode, beyond 3D reality, ( Neptune is a 5th dimensional planet where you just lose the sense of time and space), that is the power zone to create from that. That is when you can use your energy to create most effectively. So during this year 2019, really step into that paradigm of really knowing how to create your own reality by shifting your frequency.

However, remember that Uranus is in Square to the Nodal Axis, and Uranus is connected to awakening and magnetism. And it is known now that the magnetic shield around Mother Earth is dropping quite significantly, which is allowing much more galactic and cosmic energy into our Earth’s plane. And that very much is contributing to the shift in consciousness that many people are feeling, this sense of awakening to a different level of reality.

So at the time of this Leo Full Moon Total Lunar eclipse, we have a strong Capricorn energy, and this will continue to do so all through the next two years at least, and that is a very dense quite heavy energy at times. But we also have some other beautiful celestial conversations which almost act as a counterpoint to that, where you can really dwell, you can really focus on, to make the most of creating the best Being that you can possibly be, and the best life for yourself and others that you can possibly create. 

So at this Eclipse time you just want to be opened to these miracles, because this Eclipse is really really amazing. This is really here to help you release whatever you need to release, in order to accept the bounty that is, and you have got to make room for it. So if there is anything latent that you are hanging on to, which there is always, you know you always have to keep pruning your tree!!! So once again, get rid of your dead leaves, so you can move forward, and see and accept and claim the gift of this Eclipse. So see where it is shining a light in your natal chart, and really enjoy this time.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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