This Libra Full Moon happens on Friday 19th April 2019 at 29 degrees 7’ of Libra, at 9:13 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Welcome everybody to the second consecutive Full Moon in Libra, this one at 29 degrees.

The first Libra Full Moon we had was on March 21st at zero degrees, which is a beginning energy, so it was a beginning of something that you were meant to realise over this Lunar cycle. 

And then we had the Aries New Moon on April 5th, which is a time of strength in yourself, taking the risk TO BE YOU, to not worry about anybody else, but to understand who you are, where you are meant to generate more courage and confidence in yourself.

Then following that New Moon in Aries, we now arrive at the second Libra Full Moon at 29 degrees, and this is the second of two consecutive Full Moons in Libra.

It is a very rare event when we have two Full Moons consecutive in the same sign. In astrology, this second Full Moon is called a “Blue Moon”…So what is a blue moon? 

Nowadays the occurrence of a Full Moon two times in one calendar month, is commonly labelled a “Blue Moon”, and this may happen about once every 2.5 years. But the true “Blue Moon”, also called an astrological Blue Moon, is a second consecutive New or Full Moon that falls in the same astrological sign, not necessarily falling in the same calendar month. These back-to-back, same-sign “lunations” increase the influence of a single zodiac archetype, its special qualities are magnified and intensified, doubly emphasized in your lives. These are the “Blue Moons” relevant to astrologers. 

So this second Full Moon is a beautiful Blue Moon indeed!!!

This Blue Moon sits at 29 degrees and is taking you to the 29-11 portal (29 reduces to 11). So it is very important to just manifest and actualise your new goals. 29 degrees in astrology is called a Critical or Power degree, so the word “Critical” here, is being used in terms of it is a critical time for you to forge ahead, not being critical of you.

So we have here a Critical degree Full Blue Moon, sitting at the end of Libra, and anytime we have a Lunar focus on a 29 degree point, we are realising that something is meant to change, there is a shift, there is a completion. And so over this full Lunar cycle, you have been understanding more about yourself, which is the Aries flavour, and how you share your energy with others, which is the Libra flavour. 

Every Full Moon is an “illumination”, and it reveals what was hidden, what was not seen. So at the time of this Full Moon, there is something coming to light about what you need in relationships, beginning with the relationship with yourself, beginning with what you have come to understand about who you are now, and what matters to you, and how that is mirrored to you through the people and energies around you in your life. 

So this Libra Full Moon is a time of really understanding that you are living in a dynamic season of change, and there are chapters closing. And there are few conversations between the planets that signal the ending of chapters, the ending of a story, conclusions being arrived at.

During this month of April there is this sense of dynamism and momentum starting to change the energy. 

We have Mercury moving into Aries on the 17th, and on the 20th of the month Venus moves into Aries too. And on the 19th we have the Full Blue Moon in Libra, happening at 29 degrees, that emphasises the sense of endings and beginnings, a huge sense of transformation that you are going through, and many people are feeling this huge shift of consciousness that we are going through.

So this 29 degrees Full Blue Moon in Libra is really focus on relationships. The sign of Libra in general is about relationship, equality, it is about balance, justice, fairness and harmony… and kind of sort of putting yourself in neutrality positions to keep that peace within a relationship. And this Critical 29 degrees suggests that you may have over compromised, or over adapted, and you have bent to others Wills…And now at the 29 degrees, you have reached the end of the road, in niceness, in diplomacy, in civilised behaviour.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mercury is out of his shadow of Pisces, and is now in Aries, he has just started his new journey into Aries and through the 12 signs again, so you have a whole new way of thinking, and you are able to integrate and shift energy through your mindset. So Mercury in Aries is allowing you to really move forward quickly, and to think on your feet, in the MANAWA moment of NOW. 

MANAWA is the 4th Hawaiian principle…” Now is the moment of power – I am here Now”. Be centered in the present when you want to make a change, as this is the time to influence events.

And at the time of the Full Moon, Mercury is at 2 degrees of Aries and in a very tight conjunction with Chiron at 3 degrees of Aries.

Interestingly, Mars rules Aries and Mars is in Gemini.… whereas Mercury rules Gemini and Mercury is in Aries… so Mars and Mercury are placed in each other home sign, which emphasises their mutual working energies.

So this is about you being very careful about what you say… about the power of the words. Words can wound, words that are spoken too quickly, it is to understand that sometimes the wounding happens faster than you realise, because Aries is a fast-moving energy. So you may find yourself wanting to speaking out, and then afterwards feeling like …”Oh non was I too blunt?”… “Was I kind enough?”… and you may be oscillating between these two opposites going on. 

So with this Mercury-Chiron conjunction in Aries, go consciously forward, move with consciousness, be mindful of what you are thinking and saying, especially to yourself (Aries), especially to your inner world. This Mercury-Chiron conjunction feels like, if there is big discomfort it is easy to lash out, or to speak in anger, instead of staying mindful of what is being healed… and to simply love.

So at this Full Moon time, whatever is your HOT button may well get pushed, especially in relationships, it is really a time of just considering… “ What can I do to bring myself back into balance?”… So you don’t have to blow, you don’t have to be reactive.

A strong message of this Libra Full Moon is… “I AM SEEKING BALANCE”… “ I am seeking balance between independence and between sharing.

And the Moon in Libra can be good at conflict resolution, she is objective, you can see the other side of the story and understand that “ it takes two to tango”. So the strength of this Moon in Libra is knowing that there is back-and-forth dynamic that is shared.

And opposite to this Moon, the Sun in Aries is asking you to look at who you are NOW, and to know that it is time to move forward.

Mercury-Chiron conjunction in Aries and Mars in Gemini, is also about your mind… your mind can have the fears, can have the doubts, the lack of confidence, the sense of… “I don’t know if I am good enough”… “I don’t know if I can do that”… “I don’t know if that is right for me”… But be assure that as Mercury moves on through Aries, you gain greater trust in yourself, and you say… “YES I CAN”.

At this Full Moon time, the Sun at 29 degrees of Aries, is in an out of sign conjunction with Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus, and we have here a completely different energy, this is a much more combustible, radical, eruptive energy. 

Uranus is about shift, he is electric, unpredictable, volatile…Uranus is revolution, surprises, a maverick, a free-spirit…earthquakes, quick changes, cosmic breakthrough, big understandings, epiphanies, life changes, expect the unexpected.

Uranus is also revolutionary, liberating and freedom. It is where you say …”I don’t want to take this anymore, I WANT TO BE ME”… Now you want to own who you are, and understand what matters to you. This Uranus in Taurus is about your values, he shakes up what you took for granted, what you resisted, what you did not realised matter to you.

So this might be a wake-up call for you to see the areas in your life that are not balanced. Because always at the time of a Full Moon, it is bringing something to light, something to be revealed. Sometime it is something coming to fruition that you have been working on, and coming into balance. And maybe it is something that is terribly out of balance, where you need a surprise, a wake-up call, an accident-incident… telling you that it is time to make some changes.

In my personal chart it is triggering the 6th House-area of health and daily routine, and I am currently very limited in my body movements after a very bad fall, so for sure I am forced to implement changes in my daily life, and the way I use my physical body, and this is impacting on my career as a bodyworker as well. 

Maybe for you, you need to make some changes in your diet, the way you think about your physical body, maybe there are some changes in your work, or maybe it is happening in your 7th House of relationships… and it is a wake-up call… “HEY WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE?”… “How can I finally tune the balance in all areas of my life?”

So Sun-Uranus conjunction is not a stable energy at all, and the opposition to the Moon indicates something needs to be brought into harmony regarding your emotional state. And the fact that it is a Libra Full Moon means that relationships are being brought into harmony, or something is culminating in a relationship in your life, relationship with your self or with someone, that is bringing it into a place of harmony, peace, beauty, pleasure. Or you are needing to look at relationships in your life that don’t have those qualities. And with the 29 Critical degrees you need to look closely at what is going on, and with the Libra flavour, there may be some back-and-forth swinging here, where you need to understand, make a decision.

And be aware too that when the Sun is conjunct Uranus, it can be a cosmic download of understanding and brilliance, so stay open to what you are receiving, because Uranus represents you as a channeller, a rod between Father Sky and Mother Earth.

So this Sun-Uranus conjunction is like a burst of freedom, and this conjunction only happens once a year !!! So use it mindfully.

One more thing about Uranus is that he is the lightning bolt planet, and in numerology April is a number 16 (4-2019), and interestingly that it is also the number of the lightning bolt. So things will not be the same again after this month. Because with these two consecutive Libra Full Moons, governing balance and harmony, especially in your relationships, and Uranus conjunct the Sun for the second Full Moon, you are going to be very active. You have moved from a dreamy, reflective time with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, and now you are moving into a decision-making, action energy that has a tremendous force focus forward momentum.

And speaking about forward momentum, at this Full Moon time there are many planets in Cardinal signs ( Aries-Cancer-Libra-Capricorn), and Cardinal flavour represents action, this is the beginning of the seasons. So this is another signature of new beginning energy happening, but something have to be understood, because Venus in Pisces is looking for closure in your heart. 

Venus in Pisces is bringing in some love healing and acceptance, she is asking you to love yourself, to be ok with your choices, to be fluid, flexible, to understand that you live in a world that is meant to change, and there is a lot of changes at this Full Blue Moon time indeed!

So Venus in Pisces, the ruler of this Libra Full Moon, sitting at the end of the zodiac, is about completing something that you was holding in your heart, and now you are being asked TO LET GO… and this is a big letting go energy.

At this Full Moon time we have this very domineering conjunction, that we are going to have for the next two years, between Saturn 20 degrees and Pluto  23 degrees of Capricorn, and sandwiched in between those planets we have the South Node. 

This is very much about how power is being used… Are we seeing the right use of power or the abuse of power? Because when Pluto transits a sign, and being a very slow planet, he takes many years to do that, and he really brings up the shadow side of that sign… Now he is moving through Capricorn which is about this very conservative, vertical “top-down” system of control and power in a society. It is the “patriarchy”, whether it is governments or corporations or institutions that exert a lot of power. So this process is going to be there in action until 2025, when Pluto will leave Capricorn to enter Aquarius, and it is always about the deconstructions and the reconstructions of the symbolism of the sign that Pluto is moving through, in this case Capricorn. 

So we have this tremendous concentration of focus between 20 and 23 degrees of Capricorn, it is highly karmic particularly because the Nodes of the Moon are involved. So check where 20-23 degrees of Capricorn falls in your natal chart, in which House-area of life, to see where this karmic energy is triggering deconstructions and reconstructions in your life.

This triple conjunction of Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn is another signature of closure. Because in Astrology, the South Node is also about “Letting Go”, endings, completion of energies that are no longer needed, they have served their purpose and they meant to be released.

With Saturn flavour involved, it is about looking at… “what do I take that is mine?”… it is claiming responsibility about what was contributed, what you were learning, what you feel responsible for. With Saturn, it is like there is a Karmic completion here, and Karma is not good or bad, it is simply energy that comes back around like a boomerang, because it is incomplete… And often Karma is created from lower consciousness, but when you reach the higher consciousness, you can understand the role you played, what you decided, what you chose, and how you contributed. 

So the combination Saturn-South Node is an energy of consequences, endings, release, letting go… but doing so with maturity, understanding the lesson to be learned, and knowing that you are not going to make those choices again, and understanding that when the lessons are learned then that energy is completed.

With Pluto flavour involved, there is an understanding to be found of what needs to shift and change, of what is done and complete, of what is dead, because Pluto kills an energy so something new can be reborn. Again this is about closure, moving on, understanding that a full cycle has played out. 

So with the triple conjunction of Saturn-South Node -Pluto in Capricorn, you are being asked to claim your power (Pluto) with a new level of maturity and responsibility (Saturn), so that you can continue to master who you are, but also who you want to be in the world.

Opposite to the triple conjunction we have the North Node in Cancer, who is calling you back home to your heart. 

On one side of this opposition, Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn, wants you to play roles in your life, to be grown up, get a job, pay the bills, everything that is important to building the structure of your life, and following a path that you know matters, that you contribute through a career, a profession… 

But the North Node in Cancer is reminding you of who you are before you had those roles and responsibilities, and it is asking you to listen to what those messages are, because they can be drawn out. So this North Node in Cancer is about understanding who you are Now, and what you value, and knowing that it is meant to look different, it is meant to be changing during this month of April

This Libra Full Blue Moon has a strong karmic nature because the Nodes are involved in the conversations…so expect Lord Karma to knock on your door. 

And on the 24th of April Pluto goes Stationary-Retrograde, and on the 30th of April Saturn goes Stationary-Retrograde, and because they are slow planets, they are barely moving through the whole month of April. 

Whenever a planet moves Stationary-Retrograde, it drills down on the particular degree point it sits on, and it emphasises, it magnifies the symbolism of that archetype. So with Pluto’s archetype, you may have power issues coming to a head, the display, the use or misuse of power… and with Saturn’s archetype it is going to be control, rules and regulations, boundaries, divisions, separations… But this is all part of the transforming process you are going through, in terms of the way that power operates in your life now.

At this Full Moon time, we find Jupiter at 24 degrees in Sagittarius, now in retrograde mode until August, and he will go back to 14 degrees of Sagittarius. 

So check where the spectrum of those degrees, 14-24 of Sagittarius, are sitting in your natal chart, in which House-area of life are they playing for you.

Jupiter Retrograde is asking you to look at what you believe in now, and to reevaluate what you have been learning, to check in with how you truly believe in yourself, in a way that supports your current direction. Beliefs are something you can keep upgrading and reworking, and so that is important too, to do that at the time of this Full Moon.

There are other conversations at this Full Moon time that are taking you to a very different place.

We still have the ongoing Square conversation between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.

This is a very different energy, unbounded, about infinite possibilities, having the spiritual driving force to move to a more perfect place. It is about seeing life as a dream, and being able to master your energy and attention to manifest anything you want, anything at all, any possibility using the symbolism of that Square conversation.

I can hear right now, the first three Hawaiian principles calling, IKE, KALA and MAKIA.  

IKE… “The world is what you thing it is – I am aware”… Be aware that you can choose the thoughts you think. The way to improve your experience is to improve your thinking. As you think you create. 

KALA… “ There are no limits – I am free”…Be free to change your mind about the limits you’ve set. Limits and limitations, useful or not, are all made up. 

MAKIA… “Energy flows where attention goes – I am focused”… Makia talks about focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. A lot of us tend to focus on things that we don’t want rather than things we do want. So use these three principles in a combination, and learn to focus your attention on your thoughts so that you can make life work for you rather than against you.

Jupiter is also in an out of sign Trine to Uranus.

And this can emphasises the desire for freedom, and also the desire to move to live in a new community with like-minded people, to live in a “Tiny-House” or a motor-Home, or caravan, surrounded by permaculture gardens, to go back to simple, basics, practical, but linked to the natural rhythms of Mother Earth ( Uranus Taurus), and creating your own reality.

There is another important thing about this Full Blue Moon, is that it helps to reset the Lunar cycle. 

Normally, we are meant to have the Sun and the Moon conjunct first in a sign, which is a New Moon, and then seperate out over two weeks to create a Full Moon in the opposite sign. However, since August 21st 2017, we have had a Full Moon in a sign, followed by a New Moon in the opposite sign. This was a kind of reverse pattern. So when there is a Full Moon before the New Moon, there is a kind of reactionary energy. 

Now, starting in May, we return to the typical Lunar cycle pattern. On May 5th we have a New Moon in Taurus, which is very strong, a very supportive New Moon, followed by a Full Moon in Scorpio… and this is how the Lunar cycle rhythm is meant to unfold.

So what does this mean for you? This brings you back to a natural rhythm, brings you back into a sense of “I can build something based on my intentions”. So this next New Moon in Taurus will be a time of getting clear on your intentions, based on Taurus values, and the following Full Moon in Scorpio will be a time of deep understanding, and growth, and transformation. 

When you blend your intention with the New Moon sign flavour, it syncs up with the following Full Moon revelations.

So that has been out of sync for a while (August 2017), and so one of the gifts of this actual Libra Full Blue Moon is that it is ending the energies that have been out of sync, and out of balance, and returning you to a flow and a grace, that place of working with the natural rhythms of the Lunar cycle, as well as giving you a new optimism. 

Now at this Full Moon time, there is another big moment, a sacred geometry moment that is propelling you to move forward , and really you have no choice, and that is because there is a Cardinal “Grand Square”, also called a “Grand-Cross”..

The Cardinal Grand Square involves two set of oppositions. The Libra Moon is opposite the Aries Sun, and then at 90 degrees away, we have the trio conjunction of Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to the North Node in Cancer… these 2 oppositions create the Grand Square pattern, they trigger a Grand Cross in the four Cardinal signs. 

The conjunction of Saturn-Pluto is going to impact on us the next couple of years, so this is all about how you use power, strength and leadership in your life. 

Because Capricorn is the sign of work, pay off that is earned, position that is granted by applying yourself, taking responsibility, being constructive, being dependable, it is also the patriarchy… Whereas Cancer, where the North Node is, is the mother, the matriarchy… the North Node is that where we are heading. So at this Full Moon, there is an opposition that is being activated,  between what feels “top-down” patriarchy (Capricorn), and what feels “ embrace with compassion, matriarchy”(Cancer). Of course we need both in our life, but the patriarchy, South Node in Capricorn, is the part that is the past, that is the letting go, it is what we have already experienced obviously. And now we are moving into the North Node experience, which is Cancer, which is embracing through Love, the mothering.

Basically Pluto reframes how you look at leadership to begin with, and he deconstructs everything he touches, only to come back and rebuild and reconstruct a new version of that… so if you are experiencing a major shift, like so many people are yearning for a new career, or a different approach to your career environment, or stepping into a new kind of relationship in your life, or a new way of relating with another and with yourself, changing the dynamic of your current relationship ( all these are Libra stuff)… this is what is meant to happen. YOU ARE RE-ENVISIONING WHO YOU ARE AT SOUL LEVEL. And this Libra Full Moon is very strong in terms of acting on what you are receiving, so it is very important that you need to step up and listen and TAKE ACTION NOW. There is a lot of forward momentum, focus energy that need to be addressed and used in the most powerful way possible. One way to really understand how you are designed, is to know your destiny, to understand what your Celestial map, your birth code actually reveals. It is very important to understand your Soul make-up, and also your friends, your colleagues, your family, your partner… how are they designed, how can you respect them?… so you are not codependent anymore, you are interdependent. Just be aware of this Libra Full Moon flavour, that wants you to move to a place of interdependency, of being true to who you are.

So with the triple conjunction Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn, practice to be grounded and mindful… our world, your world is changing. We are transforming collectively, individually, we are going to see changes that will end certain parts of our world experiences. 

I just learned the heart breaking news that “Notre Dame” Cathedral of Paris burned today, during the holiest week of the year. This is this kind of unpredictable event that changes the scenery of our world, as Notre Dame was built around 1260AD and towered over the city of Paris for centuries.

We are living in big times indeed, and if you flow with the North Node in Cancer, if you return to your heart, to what you want and believe about what matters to you in your personal world (Cancer), that will carry you through the big changes and big energies of 2019-2020, and also help you retain your internal power, regardless of all the big significant developments in the world.

So this is a Blue Moon of closure, the end of a chapter, the turning of a page, letting go. April is a month of changes, it is a month of putting yourself on the new track, or the new trajectory, which actually is in better alignment with where you are truly going. Part of this powerful Blue Moon is setting you free from where you thought you had to show up for other people, and saying…”Come back to yourself and build from that place right Now, because that will make you stronger, and in alignment with what you need”.

This Moon is asking you to tune into who you really are, at a level where you don’t give up your sovereignty, your independence, while merging with others. 

You are meant to be shifting at this Full Moon, so I hope that you can arrive at a place of peaceful resolution, loving completion, and understanding that a new aspect of you is coming through.

So be more on “Terra Firma”, as few planets move into Taurus now, and they have some supportive connections with the triple conjunction of Saturn-South Node-Pluto in Capricorn.


Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


PS: Now if you want to know more about your birth code and how your stars line up, and what your life purpose and destiny is, and how it unfolds into the future through your cycles that got activated at the moment of your birth… feel free to contact me for the reading of your celestial map, face to face or on Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Face Time… even simply in telephone conversation.

I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own code.

And also feel free to share this on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏