This Taurus New Moon happens on Sunday 5th May 2019 at 14 degrees 10’ of Taurus, at 8:45’ AM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Welcome everyone to this beautiful New Moon in Taurus. 

For this New Moon your are being asked to open your dreams up, and you have to trust into her darkness, into her mystery.

Now a New Moon is always a new beginning, so see where 14 degrees of Taurus falls in your natal chart, in which House-area of life, and that is where this new energy is coming through, and asking you to set your intention, your clarity around what you want to build and develop next, and this can be a new seed that is planted for something else to grow.

This New Moon is interesting because this is the third Moon ruled by Venus ( Venus rules Taurus and Libra) since March 20th. So we had the Full Moon in Libra, March 20th, we had another Full Moon in Libra April 20th, and now we have the Taurus New Moon. 

This is the third time Venus has been the ruler of a Moon, whether a Full Moon or a New Moon, and in one way, that means that you are restructuring and reawakening the feminine. Venus has been in the spotlight because she is moving through a rebirth. 

At this New Moon time, she is in Aries, and this makes you independent, a leader, you want to do things your own way, you are the boss, this is a take-charge Venus, and you are ready to get something started now. You are ready to begin what you had to wait for, because during March and April Venus was moving through Pisces and letting go, and now with Venus in Aries you start with a new sense of self. And with this Taurus New Moon you have the the support to go forward with practical steps, with a realistic understanding, and to know that it is time for you to move into your new expression. There is a new confidence in feminine energies within you, and what does that look like regardless if you are male or female, we all have feminine energies that have been giving us messages. So this New Moon means IT IS TIME TO PUT MORE INTO ACTION.

Taurus is a money energy which is rooted in self worth and what you believe you are worthy of making . Taurus is the energy of what you possess, and what you want in your life, what you want to have, and it can be an understanding that self-sufficiency is highlighted with Taurus. There can also be a desire for what is reliable, because Taurus is a Fixed sign that wants stability, and therefore it can resist change.

This New Moon really plants something in you about what is important to you now, what you value, what you want, what you need. So you are being asked to look at what are you building in your life that has value and meaning to you now, that maybe looks different than even a year ago.

Now anything that is sensualist is very Taurean, so sensually you are being awakened at the time of this New Moon. With Taurus your sense are heightened, your sense of smell and touch, your hearing, your taste… everything is heightened, particularly the sense of touch. 

So at this New Moon time, practice “Groundology” also called “Earthing” or “Bare Foot Healing”. It is easy, just have bare skin on the Earth, whether you are sitting on it, or standing bare feet on the grass, or at the beach on the sand, for at least 30’, and notice how fast stress and pain reduces and energy improves. To put it briefly, your body will naturally take in the healing free electrons of the Earth. These electrons could be referred to as nature’s biggest antioxidants and help neutralise damaging excess free radicals, that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body. So this Earthing connection is direct and physical, but it also has mental and emotional and very spiritual benefits, where you feel that sense of Divine Connection, that sense of Divine Intelligence.

Uranus is in the sign of Taurus for the next seven years, and now you are becoming more aware that there is much more to the human experience than your basic senses…sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. You are capable of sensing much more than this… a sense of balance… a sense of the space around you, where you walk around without having to watch your feet… a sense of movement… a sense of the temperature around you that keeps you alive and well… a sense of pain…a sense of the passing of the time… and much more.

Our humanity is moving towards the next phase of its evolutionary journey, we are transitioning from being five-sensory individuals to multi-sensory individuals.

When perception of the physical world is limited to the five-sensory modality, the basic of life in the physical arena becomes fear.” ( The seat Of The Soul – by Gary Zukav).

The power to control the environment, and those within it, is the power over what can be felt, smelled, tasted, heard, or seen… this type of power is external power. All institutions – social, economical and political, reflect your understanding of power being external. 

But as a multi-sensory individual, you understand that there is another kind of power, that has its roots in the deepest source of your being… I can hear the 6th Hawaiian principle of MANA calling… “MANA – all power comes from within”… Other have no power over you – other than the one you give them. You are the only one who can define your experience.

Standing from the perspective of the five-sensory being, you are alone in a universe that is physical, and you strive to dominate it so that you can survive… However, from the perspective of the multi-sensory being, you are never alone, and the universe is alive, conscious, intelligent, and compassionate…and the physical world is a learning environment. 

If you stay limited by the perception of the five senses, you are not aware of, and cannot recognise the influence of your Soul… but as you become a multi-sensory being, your intuition, your hunches and subtle feelings, become important to you, and you come to fully serve the energy of your Soul… That is authentic empowerment indeed! 

So with Uranus in Taurus, you are going to be investigating more and more your unseen senses, and this is what is being awakened at the time of this Taurus New Moon. This is an opportunity to really tune in to what that intuitive gut energy is trying to tell you, and usually it is the first impression, it is that first thought… once you begin to analyse it, you get lost… “ Is it? – Should I? – Should I not?”… but if you really take that first instinct, it is a quick “Yes or No”.

Venus, the ruler of this Taurus New Moon, is in Aries, in a challenging Square conversation with Saturn in Capricorn.

Venus in Aries would like to speak out, saying… “ Hey I would like this my way”… but with the Square to Saturn, maybe you need to be really aware of …”Am being kind, gentle  when I am speaking out?”, or “Am I coming from a violent, angry place?”… So notice when you get an obstacle in your life, and you might feel an irritation getting in your throat, just try to be patient, to be kind to yourself and to others.

Taurus is also ruling Love and money, so it is an opportunity with this New Moon to reboot these areas of your life. Especially because this New Moon, Sun-Moon conjunction, is quite close to Uranus in Taurus. So this is an opportunity to really come up with some creative ideas… “How can I do my finances a little differently?”… “What can I do differently in my relationship?”

At this New Moon time, Neptune in Pisces is in a gentle Sextile conversation with Sun-Moon in Taurus.

The gentle Sextile here is taking the beauty, the lushness of Taurus energy, and amplifying it with the dreamy fantastical nature of Neptune. Taurus in itself is the Earth, this is Gaia, this is the element of Fixed Earth. It is about beauty, abundance, colour in nature, this is the Empress in the Tarot deck, regarding fertility and fecundity. 

The Sextile conversation with Neptune reminds you of the spiritual element in nature, this sense of connection. So try and find time to be in nature around this New Moon time. Walk barefoot in HAKALAU mode, One meaning of Hakalau is, “To stare at, as in meditation, and to allow to spread out.” In Hakalau mode you are with the Oneness of All, in a contemplative state, in mindfulness. 

Neptune can give you this sense of Divine connection, of sacredness of nature, just everything being ONE. Neptune can give you a sense of creativity, and awe, and reverence for all that is.

So at this New Moon time, set a new intention for yourself and your own life, that you want to manifest… but also consider setting a new intention for our Mother Earth. 

Mother Earth needs our help now, and therefore, what can you do practically to help her? You could join sustainability groups, pick up rubbish on your Beach, avoid plastic packaging… there are many many things that you can do in a practical sense, but consider Mother Earth as there is another new beginning for Her, with this New Moon in Taurus.

So think about that, Neptune is the dream and the fantasy, and Taurus is the seed planting, Taurus is the birthing, the expression of physical presence in the world. 

And a New Moon time is always a time when you plant seeds. So this Taurus New Moon is really for you to trust into your dream conversations, the visions that are coming to you in Hakalau meditation or during walks, they asking to be acknowledged here.

And while you are planting your seeds of intention, another conversation is happening with Mars in Gemini in opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius. 

When planets are in an opposition, they are trying to find balance and harmony within the conversation. Mars is about that desire to push forward in a very ambitious and conversational sign of Gemini, and that is getting highlighted by Jupiter in Sagittarius, expanding your hunger for knowledge and travel and curiosity. So these two planets are very active, they want to get things moving, they want to get things rolling, they want conversations to happen.

So we have this really gentle dreamy New Moon that is like opening your heart and throat Chakras (Taurus), opening you up to the possibility of who you are going to become, and what you are going to experience in this life, and what your dreams have been telling you, and those conversations you want to be having, those creative projects you want to be doing, the person you want to become… and at the same time there is this very active kind of masculine energy opposition, that is like… “Let’s do it, let’s get this done!!!”… So there is a lot of positive momentum moving forward with this Taurus New Moon. There is a lot of that kind of feeling when you can just feel the potential in the air, and you can just feel it even if you don’t know exactly what it is that is coming next… just feel the welcoming of this new energy around you. That is what this Taurus New Moon is bringing.

Of course you could feel more on edge, if you are a little uncomfortable with what your dreams are telling, or you could feel a little bit uncomfortable about stepping fully into who you are going to be next, and showing of yourself fully. But at this New Moon time, there are much placements with planets, such as Venus-Mercury-Chiron in Aries, and we have a lot of directional forward energy that is saying “YOU NEED TO SHOW UP”. The good life does happen, and it does happen by you dreaming, and setting intentions…but the next step, and this Taurus New Moon is asking for you to do a kind of ritual, just like coming into agreement with your Aumakua, your Higher Self, is to say… “ I do agree to step fully into this new version of ME”… “I do agree to fully be seen”… “I do agree to live a life of bravery”. This Taurus New Moon, strongly flavoured with Aries, talks about living a brave and bold life. That means that you are going to get your ass kicked, because you are going to show up, and you are going to try things, and you will fail sometimes for sure, you will find that you get rejection, you will find that things don’t always work out the way that you think that they were supposed to. But also when you are living a brave and bold life, the couple of times it works out, you really live a rich life. 

So at this New Moon time, BE BRAVE AND BOLD, but also BE JOYFUL. Not everything has to be hard, so develop a joyful practice in how you are going to take risks or perceive risk.

Something to mention here is that at this New Moon time, Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto are all in Retrograde mode and that goes on for several months. 

This is happening regularly each year, so it is not uncommon, but they bring this idea of making peace with the past, and making peace with where you made missteps, making peace with who you have been in the past, making peace with the fact… “That is ok, it is all important, it is all part of the process”.

This is what this New Moon is about, you want to get into that flow, you want to make peace with everything, because the thing that is going on here is, you are opening to the beauty of truth and possibility…and the only way you can be fully open hearted toward that experience is, if you feel like you own who you have been, and you own your stories, and you own who you are becoming, and you own it all…. then say … “Yes I had all those experiences and I AM HERE NOW”. 

Love is gentle and easy and warm, and anything that does not feel like that, is not really Love. There is a distancing from Love when you can feel that you are getting further away from something or someone. So follow the feeling of gentle, warmth and ease, and pay attention to anything that is not feeling that way, and let it kind of sit with you during this New Moon. And think about ways that you want to show up in life, that get you close to that gentle-easy-warm feeling for you.

Since the shift of energy of Chiron entering into Aries in February 2019, Chiron the “Wounded-Healer”, the “Wounded-Warrior”, is a very strong theme that we are all working with. It is about healing and learning that in your striving to do and try things, that is not something to judge or to live out of fear anymore.

At this Taurus New Moon, there is this dualism between holding yourself back (Taurus), and opening yourself up and feeling through that (Venus-Mercury-Chiron in Aries). 

Be aware that when you are actively opening to the next phase in your life, that is when you feel the resistance. It is like when you are surfing the Waters of your Life, you are in there moving in a direction, you are interacting with the water, and therefore you are feeling your interaction with it. That is when you feel that resistance, that is when you build the new muscles.

Chiron in Aries, the “Wounded-Warrior”, is really like a watchdog at this New Moon time. He is still watching over the past, watching over battles that have come and gone, and worried that they are going to come back. So around this New Moon time, let your dreams speak, keep a dream journal, write down what you remember, because this is a great time to take extra time to EXPRESS GRATITUDE. This will help you to feel relaxed, it will help you to nurture and mother that Wounded-Warrior part of yourself, that part that is a little nervous to put yourself out there. You give that part of yourself some grace and some peace and some Love, and then you are able to move on.

And to help you writing your Gratitude Journal, there is a great Trine conversation between Mercury in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This is wonderful for inspirational thoughts, ideas, it is great for communications of any kind. But keep in mind that with Mercury in Aries you can be fast-tongue, and be quick to anger, but you can also be courageous and you can say what you need to say. 

With Mercury in Aries, it can be a busy time mentally, or even in your daily life. So that adds to the energy of the New moon, and you could have some good news, some new developments, a new start, something finally happening and that gives you a new plan to put into motion, based on what you want. 

With Mercury in Aries, you get curious and you can be a little bit quick moving. This is part of the Fire element, Fire moves through the world in a way where it is very in the moment and Mercury in Aries really expresses that… Hummm I can hear MANAWA the 4th Hawaiian principle calling here… “MANAWA – Now is the moment of Power”… The past and future hold no real power because there is nothing you can do with either one of them. 

So, what can you do? Act now. All the power for changing your life exists only in the immediate present. Being in this present time will help a reconnection to happen, a reconnected piece in your mind as you are in a conversation, or in a situation, a reconnection of how you want to move through the world, and the plans you want to make in the world.

So at this Taurus New Moon time, and with Uranus in Taurus, get the lightning strike. You get the good idea, the good travel plan idea, the good business idea… and then you start to think about the plans. So this New Moon is also a great time to, once the new door opens, to firmly plant your foot through that door, and say that you will show up. Make an agreement with yourself, take a sacred moment to say…“I am going to show up as this best version of myself, that I have been getting ready to do”… “I am going to take the actions I need to take, and I am going to act in a way that is in alignment with that”. Just step in there, take the first step, and then take the second and the third… and eventually you become a Master at the skills that you are inviting in. 

But remember that as you are practicing new skills sets, as you are opening yourself to a new way in life, that is when you feel the resistance in the Waters you are surfing, as you are building those new muscles. That is why “resistance” is such an important part of any kind of workout routine, that is where you build muscle, that is where you build strength. 

With the Taurus flavour, there is a tendency to hold back, you want to hide… And at this New moon time, you already know the things, the experiences that you want to show up, but part of you may feel not trusting, unworthy (Taurus), or not ready to do it… Just realise that this is your “be small” voice talking, that is holding you back, this is your made-up stop about your value, your worth, your limitations, and why you can’t show up for something. This is your story about why you can’t live a brave life, and this story becomes your prison, or like a huge barnacle attached to you and feeding on your body for years. So this is a great New Moon to rewrite that story, so you don’t have to be this person holding so tight.

At the time of this New Moon, there is a wonderful balance of both Fire and Earth ( Aries- Sagittarius and Taurus-Capricorn). Fire is about your inspiration, your ideas, your passions… and Earth is about bringing them into a reality.

The Taurus New Moon is encouraging you to look for beauty in everything that you see within and without, in young and old people as well, it could just be a beautiful twinkle in the eyes of a 90 years old person, that really gives you an uplifting feeling.

So I wish you a wonderful, sensual exploration of your multi senses at the time of this New Moon, and I am really excited about what it brings for all of you… So enjoy every second of it!!!…

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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