This Scorpio Full Moon happens on Sunday 19th May 2019 at 27 degrees 38’ of Scorpio, at 7:11’ AM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome to the Scorpio Full Moon! Yeah!!! I just make it in time.

First see where 27 degrees of Scorpio is falling in your Natal Chart, in which House-Area of life it is acting. 

Every Full Moon is an opposition of energies, the Sunlight is reflected on the Moon, shining a light on what has been under cover, under surface, and what you are meant to see now. And that is very true for the Scorpio Full Moon because it is a time of revelations, of secret, of what has been going on underground, and now being seen and acknowledged.

And particularly with Scorpio flavour, this is a powerful HUNA Full Moon. 

The word “HUNA” in Hawaiian philosophy means literally, “secret”, but Huna means more than just secret…it can mean “inner knowing” or “hidden knowledge”… it is sort of like the reason behind why all things are as they are. It is the ultimate knowledge about life and this world. So this Huna Scorpio Full Moon is asking you to go very deep.

This Scorpio Full Moon is very private, she can be very intuitive and emotional, she feels deeply… she really feels so much. And if that energy is not moved, if it sits in your emotional body, it can stir and fester.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign, think of it as a rock pool, where the water circulates and it can just keep swirling, but it needs to be filtered out. And that is when the healthy way of dealing with the Moon in Scorpio, is that you need a release, you need something that allows the detox, or the energies to move out and away, so you are not holding on to something. So this Scorpio Full Moon could show you what you have been holding on to, especially when you look at 27 degrees of Scorpio in your Natal Chart.

This Scorpio Full Moon is meant to show you more of yourself, more of your own consciousness, that you was not aware was operating in the background. Because Moon Scorpio represents the subconscious, the psyche, the part of yourself that you are not always in deep awareness of, there is an opportunity now for enlightenment. 

And traditionally the Scorpio Full Moon is known as the Buddha Full Moon, and it is associated with the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. It is that cycle of transformation of all the wisdom that has been gained, and how to use it and transfer it into something that is even more meaningful and deeper.

So there is emotional intensity with that Scorpio Full Moon that ultimately leads you to deeper understandings of your inner self, your inner workings, and again what has been operating within you that was not in your conscious awareness.

This Full Moon has a lot of positive connections, and it is going to take your frequency to new level, and it is also opening a portal into LOVE in a big way.

In fact, the powerful energy of this Scorpio Full Moon’s story started on the 15th of May, when Venus transits into Taurus, and join Uranus, Mercury and the Sun. So we have a huge emphasis on Taurus, the sign that is opposite to the Scorpio Full Moon.

Because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and relates to the 8th House-area of life in astrology, this could be secrets to do with powerful people, secrets of financial affairs, taxes, fraudulent activity… it can be about sexual crime, as Pluto and Scorpio and the 8th House are connected with sexuality…so it will be very interesting to see what is coming out, what is been revealed at this time.

This Full Moon could be a very psychic time as well, because Scorpio is one of the most intense and sensitive Water sign, so it is very sensitive, very powerful and penetrating. Scorpio has brilliant intuition, brilliant insight to get to the core of the matter, so this Full Moon is an excellent time to release emotions, which have been repressed, which have been stuffed down for a very long time, to bring them to the surface and let them go. 

This a perfect time to do that because Pluto is also retrograde right now, and this gives you the need to release the old emotional patterns, the way you have always been, to allow the new to come in. So this can be a really transformational Full Moon, and it can be a magical, almost alchemical time, because you can use it to shift off frequency in the ways to really say “Enough, enough of these negative emotional patterns that are not helping me to move forward”. You are going to start a whole new paradigm which this Scorpio Full Moon plays a very large part in.

At the time of this Full Moon, we have got 6 planets in Earth signs, and 3 in Water signs, therefore there is a preponderance of planets in Earth and Water. 

So earth and water what is this about? Well what kind of a garden, literal or symbolic, are you growing? Is it a fragrant one with beautiful flowers? Is is dry, has it not got enough water? Do you need to water your garden? Do you need to nurture yourself more?… Or is your garden waterlogged and flooding with too much emotions, with too many things that maybe you are holding on to?

Scorpio is always a time of release, of letting go, of surrendering… “WHAT DO I NEED TO LET GO OF?”… at the time of this Full Moon in Scorpio.

This Full Moon is grounded by the Sun in conjunction with Mercury in Taurus.

This Sun-Mercury conjunction makes you more communicative.This is where there is things that you want to maybe do or take on, Mercury is not only related to our mind and communications and what we say, but also projects, ideas, details, and specifics. As he travels through Taurus, you are more an observer here, who is taking in that information, assessing it, and determining what is its worth … “What is valuable here?…What can I really use?…and What do I release?”.

Mercury is also in opposition to the Scorpio Moon, which sets up this opposition between what you feel (Moon), and what you think (Mercury).

This can be grounding, because the Taurus flavour brings you back to what is true for you, what is solid within you, and where you can go to maybe filter out something that is too deep, and come back to the simplicity and the beauty of who you are.

So this is about a self Love and self affirming energy, where the words you say to yourself are very important, and to ensure that you don’t get swept away by these forces, or that you don’t get locked in to that swirling rock pool water energy, and again there is no filter.

So with this opposition, you have the opportunity to balance what you are feeling, with what is your sense of self, regardless of the weather. Taurus is where you stabilise, and you have a sense of …”This is what is true for me, because I know I am loved and I know that I am Love”. 

So this opposition of Moon-Mercury is truly a conversation between the head and the heart, and allowing both part of you to be heard.

Mercury is also in a harmonious Trine conversation with Pluto in Capricorn.

This adds to the perceptions you have created, and how you are solving something. Pluto investigator energy is going deeper into what needs to be seen. 

The Sun is conjunct Mercury, but he is also in a beautiful Trine conversation with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

That is very very powerful energy. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio so this is an incredible connection here, it reinforces transformation and self-empowerment. Pluto is power and then Pluto is conjunct Saturn ’s structure, so we have powered structure, the sense of a plan being activated. So you want to lookout what is your energy activating. Are you sending gratitude throughout the day? Do you take time and space (Saturn) to recalibrate your inner power? And on the shadow side …Are your past emotions controlling your thoughts and behaviour?… Look at what you are emitting. What your words are emitting, what channel are you broadcasting from? Look at your radio dial, and find that sweet spot, that channel, that clear supportive, empowering and grateful frequency. And stick to that channel, be consistent, this is earth energy here. Sun Taurus in Trine to Saturn-Pluto Capricorn is a great invitation to make your good habits regular and consistent.

This Trine represents progress, ambition, power, a sense of purpose, doors open, things connect… that is a powerful dynamic there, because Sun and Pluto are connecting in the earth signs of your physical reality, of making forward movement on something. And in this conversation between Sun-Mercury-Pluto, Mercury provides the details, the information, the communications. 

This Scorpio Full Moon can also bring up your fears about if you feel worthy, if you can do it, if you can handle it.

And because the Moon is in a wide gentle Sextile conversation with Pluto, there is a part of you that is elevating your sense of power, and sometimes that levelling up can be scary at first, when you realise the responsibilities of power, which is what Pluto in Capricorn is teaching you.

So at this Full Moon there is a call to how you are honouring your own power when things are presented to you, opportunities and progress are made, and how you are able to also emotionally move into a new place within yourself, that can handle any kind of temporary fears

Mars, the co-ruler of Scorpio, therefore the co-ruler of this Scorpio Full Moon, is at 1 degrees of Cancer.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign (Cancer-Libra-Capricorn-Aries), and anytime a planet is in a Cardinal sign, it sets off some powerful energies. Mars is a trigger planet, an activator, and gets things moving. However being in Cancer, Mars is actually slowed down. It is like running in the water, and the Cancer energy which is associated with the crab, does better moving sideways. And you know that if you swim too far into the ocean, your best bet for safety is to go sideways with the riptides. So this Mars is diluted and he is not very strong in Cancer. So with Mars in Cancer, you can be reactionary, defensive, very emotional… but when you trust yourself and you give yourself time to process, you can take the right action and you can move forward. 

So with Mars in Cancer, this is a time for nurturing, time to remember to nurture yourself, and it is also time to remember not to take things too personally. So notice maybe where you are taking things too personally. Mars in Cancer wants to take you back to your roots, your family, your ancestors, and to observe (Scorpio is about observing what is going on) how you stand in your life… “Do you love your life and are you very proud of yourself?”. Scorpio is about strength of character and determination, so ask yourself… “Where am I stronger than I think I am?”… because Scorpio is about finding your hidden power, your hidden talents, your hidden strengths. So that is the challenge for you at this Full Moon time.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mars in Cancer is in a challenging Square conversation with Chiron in Aries.

Here again Mars triggers, and Aries is ruled by Mars, so this can trigger something from childhood, buried wounds, something unconscious. The best use of this conversation energy is that what you trigger, you understand you now have the power and choice to heal it (Chiron). And you can let it go and say …”That is not who I am anymore”… “That is not what I want to be”.

Chiron in Aries is asking you to be very clear in your self-identity, and who you are now. Now you are building a new confidence in yourself, and this Mars in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries could trigger that, the soft spots, the vulnerabilities, the doubts… So stay aware of it and stay in your power with it, because this Square is very immediate action, it is like something happens and you are quick to react, and maybe the anger comes up before you know what to do with it. Or there is an emotional swell that overtakes you, so just be aware of this trigger, stay mindful of it. This Mars-Chiron conversation is helping you to clear out the wound, and once it is cleared out, it is better and it is going to be healthier.

Now on the other side of Cancer, Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn continue their very long term conjunction. Their relationship is about long term security and stability.

However at the time of this Full Moon, we have Venus and Uranus in tight conjunction in Taurus, and this is much more a message of …”I NEED FREEDOM”… “I don’t want to be boxed in”… “I don’t want to be told what to do”… “I don’t want to be controlled”… so there is a slight clash here, and the clash would be… “Is it freedom or is it stability and security that I want?”. 

Remember that Venus rules Taurus, and at this Full Moon time, the Sun is in Taurus, so this is very important, especially because Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus is in an harmonious Sextile conversation with Mars in Cancer, and Mars is the co-ruler of this Scorpio Full Moon. 

So you link all this dots and you can connect all the conversations together. This is wonderfully creative, brilliant energy, ideas are just so out of the box, exciting, your inner genius is energised, it is on fire… and this is helping you loosen up stagnant energy, which is exactly what is necessary to flush out that Scorpionic-healing-letting go energy, that water energy, that is giving birth energy, starting something new. So these shifts and surprises now are loosening up that stagnant energy, and it is doing so especially when you are consciously making a choice to embrace change.

SO SET THE DIAL OF CLARITY TO CREATE MAGIC IN YOUR LIFE, by consistently releasing the past. So here are examples of affirmations that you  can say to yourself and to the universe… 

“I want to release old baggage in …… (my relationship? my childhood? my previous career?)”

“ I want to confidently embrace change in the area of ……” whatever it is you fill in the blanks.  

“I want to easily forgive in a way that is empowering for me.”

“I want to take control of my life, by putting an end to blaming others for my circumstances”.

And finally, a fabulous way to acknowledge the Scorpio shift is that …”I want to welcome the intensity of others without taking it personally”.

At this Full Moon time, we also have Saturn in Capricorn still in a gentle Sextile conversation with Neptune in Pisces. Saturn is in Retrograde therefore moving back, and will be in an ongoing Sextile to Neptune until September this year . 

This is showing you how you can release and let go (Neptune), any burdens, roles, responsibilities (Saturn), that you are complete with. 

Saturn is also sitting on the South Node in an exact conjunction, representing a huge release, a huge karmic ending, a huge time of things being over and complete… and understanding that what is needed right now, and can you let it go and move on, as A NEW DREAM TAKES SHAPE, and you trust this new dream.

And Saturn is going to travel conjunct to the South Node until September, so Saturn and the South Node have work to do over the next number of months.

On the other hand, Neptune in Pisces is in a friendly Trine conversation with the North Node in Cancer. This is about the new dream is forming as the karmic energies are completed and there is an ending. This is about a deeper spiritual trust in what you have faith in, and what you believe in, and knowing that you can’t only be caught up in the physical reality, you are a multi-sensory, a multi-dimensional being, and you have energies in many different places.

Neptune is in a square conversation with Jupiter until October 2019, so this is this surge of …”I want to move to a better reality than this”… and that can help to shift the collective consciousness as well.  

Neptune long term in Pisces is about merging with something greater than yourself, there is a spiritual impetus to merge with the Oneness of All, it is idealistic, it is transcendent.

So to summarise, this Scorpio Full Moon is very intense, and you want that intensity to be channeled in a positive way. It is about making changes, it is about restoring deep energy flow, and also reactivating your inner creative energy, that energy that comes from passion and love. Remember that Scorpio is a water sign, so it feels deeply, it wants to express itself, and when Scorpio energy does not express itself, that when things can get difficult, because it then lashes out and wants to control others. So the self-expression part, the creative part, is really important to understand. Water signs have to feel and share their feelings.

So the questions are… “How can I consciously navigate this energy of change? How can I step into the unknown with confidence, and jump into my future with a positive sense of self-worth, and with self-mastery? How can I set myself free (with Uranus conjunct Venus)? How can I embrace radical new experiences, radical awakening and experiment, with different ways of living, new ways of living, new ways of acting, talking, new language?”

What a powerful, transformational Full Moon indeed!!! 

She is asking you to raise your awareness to trust yourself even more, to understand that personal power is something that you continually develop and nurture and grow, and that it is necessary right now to continually enlighten yourself with new information. Something energetically is complete for you, there is something that is meant to change now.

So at this Full Moon time, find your hidden source of power, that is what Scorpio wants you to do. You have all the resources, remember Taurus is about the resources, so discover your resources and take that determination and find that internal power source, that sacred energy that is divinely yours… your MANA… “MANA – All power come from within”… and make it manifest, take this earth energy of Taurus and Capricorn, and activate, create something, manifest what you truly desire, what makes you feeling just so grateful for being here.

So this is really the message of this very positive Full Moon in Scorpio, and I am excited for you because by now, you really feel in touch with the rising of your vibration, you feel like you are lifting up now, you are lightening up the load, you are letting go, like a balloon lifting off, and takes up into the heavens.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏