This Gemini New Moon happens on Monday 3rd June 2019 at 12 degrees 33’ of Gemini, at 8:01’ PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everyone to the New Moon in Gemini.

So the Sun and the Moon meet up in the same point in the sky, and it is the darkest time of the month. It is when there is a silence and a renewal, it is a beginning point as every New Moon is. 

And in your natal chart, you want to find where 12 degrees of Gemini is, in which House-area of life, as this will condition the intention you set for this New Moon.

So this New Moon is a super time to sow a new seed, and remember when you sow that new seed, very often you will see the manifestation of it around 6 months later, when we have the next Full Moon in Gemini, that is in December of this year. 

Gemini rules speaking, communication, listening and words. 

So think about “the Power of the word”. Somebody can just say something uplifting to you and you feel great, and equally somebody can say something really critical and then you feel awful. So this New Moon time is a wonderfull opportunity to refresh your vocabulary, your self-talk, the words that you use. Words have power, and in some myths, spoken words create worlds, creatures, and human beings. Here are some quotes about the power of words.

“However many holy words you read,

However many you speak,

What good will they do you

If you do not act on upon them?”  Buddha

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words

Watch your words, they become your actions

Watch your actions, they become your habits

Watch your habits, they become your character

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”  – Anonymous

So really think about your use of words.

Gemini is forever playful, it is the most playful sign, and it is restless, so here is a great practice to do around this New Moon is to write down a list of good good words, and just have fun with it. Such words as “ Gentle – Caring – Loving – Intuitive – Freedom, Positive, Self-disciplined…”. You could place this written words in a bowl and every morning you choose one for the day. And the word you pick, how can you bring it into your everyday life, for uplifting your mood, and also inspiring others?

So think about how you are using words, in your emails, your blogs, your SMS, your voicemail, your bio, your business card, your business brochure, your website… maybe you read them again and see if you can freshen them up a little, because as you freshen your words, you freshen your health, your body, your mind, everything gets a reboot.

Gemini is a dual sign, (so are Libra and Pisces), so there is always this sense of duality, they are often grappling with good and bad, right and wrong, and they live in a world of comparison… So see if you can take your vocabulary above that level.

At this New Moon time, there is a strong Gemini presence energy, as not only are the Sun and the Moon conjunct in Gemini, but the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, sits at 27 degrees of Gemini.

So the ruler of this New Moon is also in Gemini, adding even more busyness to this time, where there could be a lot going on, where you are making plans, there is more tasks, more thing to get done… But also just more on your mind, more happening for you in your head, whether that is things that you are researching, learning, understanding, thinking, talking to yourself… it is a very active energy here.

That active energy can feel like there is a lot to get done, or that you don’t want to lose track of what is going on, you have things that you are trying to get moving, get going. This Gemini energy helps you with the planning, it helps you to connect the dots and figure out the details of what needs to happen. This Gemini energy can be increased socialising, it can be a sense of …” I am really ready to do something different in my life… or to change up a routine”.

Gemini is about change, it is about to do something in a new way, possibilities, restlessness, what can be looked at in a new way… “What did I not see before?”

There is so much change around this New Moon, that it can be hard to know what to count on, what is certain. So it is a rolling with things, JUST GO WITH THE FLOW, see what transpires, take it step by step. And that is how the Gemini energy works, it works in short distances, it works at taking one thing at a time, one hour at a time, ONE BREATH AT A TIME, and seeing what transpires as you go.

A strong presence of Gemini means …REMEMBER TO BREATHE… breathe through it. The strong Gemini can also be indecision, not knowing what to choose, not knowing what to do, there is too much going on… So tune in to your breath for clarity and understanding, calm the mind and allow yourself to talk it out, to write it out, to get it out of your head, for greater clarity. 

The strong Gemini can also affect the nervous system, as the energy just vibrates through you. When it is in your mind for too long, you overthink, you can’t sleep, there is too much going on in your head. Again get it out, write it out, talk it out, move the energy out of your mind so it does not affect you negatively, whether that is through indecision or through your nervous system. 

So at this New Moon time, there is a pulsing energy that needs an outlet. Look for how to take care of yourself in a healthy way, and watch if you are overthinking, watch what you are thinking about. The higher consciousness of Gemini can turn into MINDFULNESS, where you become the observer of yourself, going into that duality where you observe yourself, and you see what you are thinking about, you see where your mental energy is going, and instead of letting it fluter about, or be wasteful energy, you can say …”I don’t want keep thinking about that anymore”… “ I am going to be much more intentional with what I do engage in, and what I allow to spend time on”.

This Gemini energy moves so quickly that you can lose track of time, and you can lose track of what is important. 

The other side of this is the “slowdown”, and to try and look at the big picture, which is what Jupiter in retrograde in Sagittarius is reminding you. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the other side of this coin, which is the bigger picture, what you are doing for the long term, the dream that you are connected to, the vision, the path ahead. So if you can get out of your mind, and think about the big picture of what inspires you, of where you are going, what you are headed towards, this will help balance out a lot of the Gemini overactive mental energy.

At this New Moon time, Neptune in Pisces is in a strong-challenging T-Square conversation with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Sun-Moon in Gemini. 

This T-Square is formed by the opposition Sun-Moon to Jupiter, and Neptune in Square conversation to Sun-Moon, and to Jupiter as well. So in a way, this New Moon is highlighting that ongoing Square between Jupiter and Neptune, that is going to continue until October this year.

There is a lot of tension here with the pattern of a T-Square, which is basically a sense of emotional overwhelm, or a sense of …”I don’t know what to choose – I don’t know know what to do, I am not sure”… and it is not grounded because there is no earth signs involved in this T-Square.

The Gemini New Moon in opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius can expand or inflate the information, the facts, the communication etc… because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, inflation, he magnifies anything he touches.

And with the Gemini New Moon Square to Neptune in Pisces, the shadow side of that is that information is confusing, overwhelming, things are not being as they seem, and even in some cases deception may come into play. And with Jupiter in Sagittarius of course, in some cases this may involve legal issues, because Jupiter in Sagittarius is a classical signature for the law. So be aware that at the time of the New Moon you are going to have a lot of information, but not necessarily a lot of clarity , that is one of the message of this New Moon.

On the bright side, this T-Square conversation is an inspiring one, it promotes your imagination, your creativity, your inspiration, it is very spiritual in its orientation, it is your connection to Source, to the Divine, to the Oneness of All, to your High Self Aumakua… so it is really beautiful in that sense. 

On a different point of view, with this Jupiter-Neptune Square, Jupiter tends to amplify or magnify whatever emotion you are feeling(Neptune). So therefore if you are feeling fearful or anxious or depressed, being in the negative, the Jupiter-Neptune Square may well have the effect of expanding those feelings. And if you are feeling joyful and optimistic and upbeat with your big dreams, it will amplify those feelings as well. 

Hey can you hear the IKE resonance here? … The 1st Hawaiian Principle “IKE – The world is what you think it is – I Am Aware”. This refers to the importance of belief. Whatever you believe in, you will manifest. So are you seeing the glass half-full of half-empty?

So at this New Moon time, practice to keep your frequency high, keeping it high in emotions of LOVE, GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION. It is always very important to stay in those high-level emotions because the universe is like a mirror, what you put out you get back. If you are grateful, you tend to have more things coming into your experience that you can be grateful for, and you can appreciate.

So at this New Moon time, the T-Square’s message is …” Breathe through it and give yourself time if possible, to tune in to your deeper intuition, your sense of what feels right”. And the reason you want to do that is because the  mind does not always have your answers. 

This T-Square conversation is flavoured with Pisces and Sagittarius, which are bigger picture feelings, they are intuitive, they go by their gut, they stay tuned in to what feels right. So you are receiving a challenge with this T-Square, that says… “Think bigger and go with the feeling of what it is”… and this could very much challenge what is in your head.

At this New Moon you are going to get something that you are meant to receive, and then it is going to change, because this T-Square is created in Mutable signs ( Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces), and with Mutable planets (Jupiter-Neptune). And Mutable planets like freedom, they like independence, they don’t want to be held in or trapped, or restricted. There is a strong non-committal energy signature here at this New Moon. 

And Mutable signs have a divergent energy, it is to be like a chameleon, and you are unbounded, so it is very easy for things not to be contained, and also for things to multiply, and as a consequence you get this overwhelm effect as well.

So keep that in mind that things are going to change throughout the month, because the Sagittarius Full Moon, which is coming up after this lunation, on June 17th, very much is about the wanderer and the seeker. So the month of June has a sense of openness and possibilities, and enjoying what each day brings you, enjoy what unfolds. 

At this New Moon time, Mercury, the ruler of this Gemini New Moon, is widely opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This is very good for writing, very good for speaking, and in combination with the Jupiter-Neptune Square, your thought process has a wonderful quality, you are thinking big, bigger than you ever thought before, with bigger horizons, bigger possibilities for yourself and others. And with Jupiter flavour LET YOURSELF BE FILLED WITH JOY and optimism.

However remember to keep grounded at this time of the New Moon, keep your bare feet on the Earth as often as you can, practice “Groundology”, where you suck up very healing ions from Mother Earth. 

Make the most of the present moment, that is another way to practice mindfulness, and to be in the here and now, to enjoy what is around you, what is going on, to not get too far out of your body. But to just stay in what is unfolding right now, because June is very much about openings and energy changes. 

So at this New Moon time, and even the full month of June, practice to stay in your MANAWA… The 4th Hawaiian Principle “MANAWA – Now is the moment of power – I Am Here Now”…Praise the Present by paying attention to all the beauty and goodness in your immediate environment, and complimenting whomever and whatever you can. Most of all, avoid any analysis or criticism. In doing that you will feel a growing sense of expansion and good feeling, and you will be in alignment with your High Self, your own Aumakua. This helps you to stay solidly centred and grounded in an emotional sense too, because you must not just be completely carried away with your new ideas and your Joy and optimism.

Mars is in Cancer, and he just starts to conjunct the North Node, while also opposing the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and the exact conjunction and opposition will happen in the middle of June (12/13th of June).

As Mars is crossing the sign of Cancer, he triggers your emotional body. So this middle of June will be a time of emotional expression Expression that has probably been unconscious, energies that you have been holding, around how you feel, around how you trust yourself, around vulnerability, how you feel safe to express your feelings. It is connected with how you honour the truth of your feelings. And it can bring up energies from childhood that you did not know you were still carrying or holding. It can even reveal to you more energies that perhaps you took on while in your mother’s womb. During pregnancy your mum was obviously an emotional being, and was feeling many things, so this could be the realisation that you can unconsciously be holding some of your mother’s energies. And of course she gets her energy from her mother and so on. So this can show up as something in the family lineage.

Mars is a trigger planet, he comes and activate what was dormant, what was not expressed, and he can show up as anger, or as a strong urge, or a powerful reaction. And this reaction can come from something that is not in the present moment. Again going back to childhood, to your mother, to how you were raised, to an emotional imprint that you felt when you was younger.

As Mars in Cancer conjunct the North Node, he is going to be working with the North Node. So there is a sense here that you are meant to be set free from something you have been carrying in your emotional body. So it will be a great time to do some conscious energy work, to flow tears, crying, to explore painful experience, something that hurts your feelings, something around your vulnerability, or a part of yourself you have repressed, and you are meant to let it out now.

So over the first half of June emotions could be running quite high, so deliberately step back if you are feeling strong emotions, try give yourself a breathing space, literally to step back and take a breath, before you react in strong situations. Whether those emotions are coming from you or whether they are coming at you from someone else, just step back and observe it. It really helps this feeling of you being empowered to make different choices… and you say “ What would my High Self  Aumakua wants me to do in this situation?”

This equation of Mars conjunct North Node, and in opposition to Saturn conjunct Pluto conjunct South Node says basically …”This is a time for a great emotional release.”

It can show up as anger towards other people, it can show up as anger towards yourself, and either way, there is a gentleness that is required (North Node Cancer), and this gentleness is supported by Mars in Cancer in Trine conversation with Neptune in Pisces. 

This Trine says…”Please surrender your ego, your worries, your anxiety, your deep emotions to the higher powers that you identify with”… be that God, Universe, Angels, or your own Aumakua.  Neptune is supporting the healing and cleansing of Mars, so surrender the fears, surrender what you have been holding, and move on.

There are a lot of dynamic change at this New Moon and throughout June, so stay open and curious (New Moon Gemini), look for the bigger picture (Jupiter in Sagittarius), trust the flow of energy (Neptune in Pisces).There are things in your mind that no longer serve you, and you are meant to let those go, there is a lot of energy around the mind being unlocked, the mind opening, the mind being aware of new realities, new perceptions, and new ways of seeing itself. It is a time to question what you have been taught, question what you have assumed, question opinions, question what you think might be right. 

This New Moon is an inward quest, there is a dialogue here unfolding. It is you asking questions about every sensation, feeling, or thought that come into your awareness, without demanding, making up, expecting, or looking for any answer. In this kind of dialogue, you will break through into greater awareness, which is the direct contact with your High Self, your own Aumakua.

This dialogue starts as a mental adventure, and gradually turns into the meeting of the “Wise One”. Then imagine that you sit and converse with your Wise Aumakua, and listen to what s/he has to tell you as guidance for your life. And know that what you will get is advice, any decision-making will be left up to you.

What an insightful active meditation this could be for celebrating this Gemini New Moon… Sitting with your Wise Aumakua!!! 

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏