This Sagittarius Full Moon happens on Monday 17th June 2019 at 25 degrees 53’ of Sagittarius, at 6:31’ PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome beautiful seekers to the amazing Full Moon in Sagittarius, which is the sign the planet Jupiter, planet of Joy and expansion and fortune, rules.

This Full Moon is about “the seeker”, the desire to explore and to go beyond what is known, to see… “what have I not studied, learned, or come to understand yet, that is pulling me?”. 

Sagittarius is the sign that represents your quest for wisdom and truth and joy. The truth shall set you free so that you can feel joy. So at this Full Moon time, optimism and faith are big themes, and so is your belief system.

Sagittarius is wonderful at the energy of adventure, of exploring, of looking for what is next. And strong Sagittarius energies can often mean big highs and big lows. It can be exaggerations, it can be everything great at once, or everything low at once, such as a roller coaster. So this Full Moon is about recalibrating, of not only feeling these highs and lows, but also feeling these new parts of yourself, these new adventuress, new travels, new places you want to go.

But then with the Sun in Gemini, you are looking for the details, the priorities, the ways that it will all come together. So on one side there is this Full Moon in Sagittarius talking about the grand adventure, the big trip, and where you want to go, and what you want to see, and what you think it will be….and on the opposite side, the Sun in Gemini is talking about the itinerary, the details where you are going to stay, how you going to get there… Gemini is the logistics of the big Sagittarius adventure. So it is an interesting dialogue at this Full Moon, and it is asking you to stay open to possibilities, to adventure, to options. 

And you are going to feel a great pull toward the great adventure, because the Moon is conjunct to Jupiter, the ruler of this Full Moon, at 18 degrees of Sagittarius. So check where the space between 18-26 degrees of Sagittarius sits in your natal chart, in which House- Area of Life, as it is where this Full Moon is illuminating more.

So this Moon has a “pulling you forward” energy, and Sagittarius is not only a “seeker”, but it is the one who wants to do mystical travels, who wants to understand the bigger picture, the philosophies, the spiritual wisdom… “What do I believe about this?”…So this is A TRUE WHISPER FROM YOUR SOUL, that is giving you insight into where you are ready to expand, what you are ready to see in a new way.

This is the final Full Moon before the big winter Eclipses season, that begins in the beginning of July, and it is also preparing you for the exciting Winter Solstice, on June 22nd. During winter the day of the Solstice is the shortest day of the year, which just happens days later after this Full Moon.

And this Full Moon is really really amazing because she lines up with the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, the Galactic Center, which is the source of our own Soul birth. So you can imagine that it is going to be a very powerful moment.

So the Moon conjunct Jupiter, the ruler of this Full Moon in Sagittarius. This can put you in a positive frame of mind, and be really an incredible moment for you, to move into a new vibrational, uplifting, ascension place. 

I want to outlined that Jupiter is retrograde right now, so during this Full Moon time, the planet is internalising, so you are really deepening the impact. That will also enhance the impact of fortunate outcomes, if you participate in the amazing wisdom and transcendence that is being released at that time. This Full Moon in alignment with the Galactic Center will raise your vibrations in a big way, so you are going to get clear about what you are here. So that means getting in touch with your purpose, with your destiny, which by the way are literally mapped out in your birth chart, that shows your birth blueprint.

So this Full Moon happens at almost 26 degrees of Sagittarius (25 degrees 53’), on a powerful point, that points directly to the Galactic Center. 

Galactic Center is currently sitting at 26/27 degrees of Sagittarius, and it is a massive vortex of really intense radiation, at the centre of the Milky way, and our galaxy spins around this vortex. It is also called a black hole, and was discovered in 1974, and this coincided with a big shift of energy that was happening in terms of moving to a new age. Soon after the discovery, we went into the age of electronic connection, computers, which then turned into the internet, then having our devices, our iPhones our iPads. This really shifted humanity in a big way in terms of information and wisdom. So this was an incredible moment in human history when we made this discovery. Think about this massive vortex or black hole as “Source”, and our solar system orbits around it along with several hundred billion other stars, according to astronomers. 

So the Galactic Center is super dense energy and it symbolises the still point of creation. It is very much filled with radiation, so there are energetic particles that arise from this vortex, and they are bathing Mother Earth even more now as we are lined up with the Galactic Center. These particles unlock your subconscious mind all the time, but at this Full Moon time it is emphasised. They are urging you to release pain and trauma, and your past… because in numerology, June 2019 is a 9 universal month, and 9 is so much about release. So it is a time to let go of what was, and WELCOME YOUR DIVINE MISSION wholeheartedly, because the Galactic Center is the spot where you have direct communication with Source. And this incredible Full Moon in Sagittarius is activating that potential with lots of insights, and you are connecting to those insights. So whatever you receive now, in terms of visions and insights, these ideas that are streaming towards you, these are calls from Source to implement. 

So you must let go of anything related to Sagittarius, and Sagittarius governs beliefs, so it is about beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting your potential. So whatever Divine downloads you are receiving are clearing away those old debris. You are now shedding so much in order to come out like the phoenix rising from the ashes. So as soon as you receive a new idea, connect it wholeheartedly, internalise it because at the moment Jupiter is retrograde, so you can internalise more easily. Bring this idea to the forefront because you are transforming the pathways in your brain, you are literally rebooting, refreshing your brain. This Full Moon is the time for clearing the slate, wiping away, cleansing, refreshing, and refreshing really means releasing and then welcoming new energy. 

So this Full Moon in Sagittarius happens on June 17th.

In numerology 17 is a fortunate vibration, for you to receive all types of assistance. It is a number for good fortune, rewards, travel, meditation and assistance. The help you receive now brings a promise of a brighter day. Hope springs within, and because you are positively expectant, positive things happen. Here we can hear a great resonance with the third Hawaiian principle of MAKIA – “Energy flows where attention goes”. Whatever you focus on is growing.

With the vibration of 17, you are determined to overcome any obstacles and you do so. Your intuitive and creative powers are pronounced, so it is ideal time for meditation, where ideas can now begin to emerge into the light of understanding, and secrets are revealed to you. Don’t allow doubts to creep into your mind, bringing on periods of depression and pessimism. Delve beneath the superficial irritants to the deeper person, the true I AM WITHIN, your immortal Soul.

17 is connected to your immortal Soul, so as an immortal being, tune into who you truly are. With the divine consciousness that is coming from the Galactic Center, your alertness increases, you are not missing anything, you are keeping track more easily, you are connecting the dots, you have the wisdom to navigate. Your future is about letting go of believing that things have to be a certain way, and it also governs having no idea about what is coming, so you have no prejudices. You are moving into the future free of being aligned with a certain way, regarding culture, religion, political party…you can now be free of dogma. Jupiter the ruler of this Full Moon, governs higher learning and wisdom, so you can do your research point by point, and not get sucked into the old way, which is to align to a belief system or a group. 

This is really amazing because we are actually moving in the process of this release, into the Aquarian Age. And Aquarius encompasses everything, it is a very open, breakthrough, freedom-loving, adventurous sign, and it does not adhere to belonging to anything, because it is governs by Uranus, and Uranus just is unique, and this start with you. Your uniqueness is the only connection that you have at Soul level, is YOU AS A BEING OF LIGHT.

So this Full Moon really wants you to move away from this “needing to belong” idea. It is not that you can’t be part of a group, that is a Soul group, but that is very different than having this allegiance to a culture, or even DNA, or allegiance to family, to a lineage, or religion, or a political party… it could be really any belief system… So those are really going out the door, this is the flavour of the Pisces Age that we are leaving now, that “need to belong”. Now we are all moving into finding our Soul family, and being free to just explore without the heavy burden of needing to please or belong to a certain group. 

So at this Full Moon time, listen very closely to the incredible truth, and that wisdom that is pouring out the Galactic Center, and the Galactic Center is contacted when you are in that place that is still. Can you hear the fourth Hawaiian principle of MANAWA calling here? MANAWA – “Now is the moment of power – I am here now”. Focus on mindfulness, on stillness.You have the power in this moment to change your outlook, your reality, and your life. It’s also about being present to your divine guidance and inner wisdom. From that place of silence, you are tuned into your own wisdom, intuition, higher self, Soul , your own Aumakua – your guidance system. 

So at this Full Moon time, with the subtle energetic particles pouring out of the Galactic Center, you are receiving subtle messages. And this connection with the Galactic Center, infuses you with immense joy, that is the Sagittarius JOY, it expands your confidence, it enriches you in such a big way, and you are set free. So of course, worries are out the door, because with Sagittarius flavour, the channel is set to the tune of HAPPINESS and JOY and TRUTH

Then we go further and notice that 17 reduces to 8, and that the whole date of this full Moon, 17/06/2019, also adds up to 8. 

So we have the 8 number of immortality, eternity, infinity aspect to this wonderful Full Moon, which gives you a lot of energy. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter, so this brings a lot of Happiness and Kindness and Gratitude, and sharing your heart with others. 

And the Sun opposite to Jupiter is bringing things into balance, and that means you are synchronising in a really effortless way, feeling this sense of luck in your life, and because Jupiter opposite the Sun really enhances your confidence, and  attracts a lot of opportunities for moving into successful outcomes. So your outlook on life is much more optimistic.

However there is another conversation at work during this Full Moon time, a T-Square conversation, that is a pretty amazing big deal. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction opposes the Sun and they are all in Square with Neptune, forming a powerful T-Square pattern. 

Neptune is the spiritualisation of your energy, so mystical experiences can take you far away to galactic places. This T-Square is saying “Please tune into your mystical side, tune into your Etherial side”. That is the timeless side-part of you, that is the part that can connect galactically to other parts of the galaxy, and take you in this very special moment, the “GALACTIC MANAWA”. 

So listen to beautiful uplifting music, appreciate or do art, and surround yourself with the exquisite beauty of Nature, walk in the Hakalau mode and allow your Soul to be soothed by that gorgeous bird chirping … it is just so beautiful when you are able to tune in on that level.

This T-Square happens in Mutable signs (Gemini-Sagittarius-Pisces), so it is important to remember to be flexible, to change, to try to put things together that you would not normally put together. To see things from a wider perspective, that is really what Sagittarius wants you to do, which is why Sagittarius rules travel. So around this Full Moon this could be a great time for planning a trip, or going on a trip, going to far-fun places, and Sagittarius is also about taking a risk. What adventure can you have that you would not normally do?

Jupiter-Neptune Square also awakens JOY in finding your spiritual side, and questioning old beliefs and previous ideas about deep subject matters. So you may have a change of faith, this is all part of this Galactic Center Full Moon. This is about to really honour your Soul searching, and doing something about the discoveries that you are making. So use this beautiful Soul energy to inspire you to be creative in a new way, and listen very closely to what actually inspires you…”What fires me up?”… What fires my imagination?’

In fact this Jupiter Square to Neptune is the perfect time to discover your birth blueprint, that gives you those insights on who you are, what is your career environment is, what your gifts are, how you are optimally designed to live the most fulfilled life.

So if you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this Galactic Center Full Moon, be in a quiet place, a place of meditation. However at the time of this Full Moon there is a gentle Sextile conversation between Saturn and Neptune.

So this will bring unusual spiritual experiences, and it may raise your interest in studying the divination arts, or your focus on your spiritual gifts. At this Full Moon-Solstice time, you have internal access that goes directly to Source. You can connect consciously to Source at any time.

One of the biggest energy at this Full Moon time is Mars conjunct Mercury conjunct the North Node all together in Cancer, opposing Saturn conjunct Pluto conjunct South Node in Capricorn, and at the same time Mars-Mercury-North Node are in a beautiful Trine conversation with Neptune in Pisces. This is the signature of a very volatile week, a very reactionary energy. 

Mars-Mercury conjunction is about hurtful words, emotional words, things said in the moment, and it is hard to take back what you say. 

This triple conjunction Mars-Mercury-North Node is meant to show you how you really feel, and how you really feel (Cancer) is coming out. And Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so we have a very emotional energy at this Full Moon. This is even big power struggles, war of words, there is a lot of tension with big opinions, big belief systems, a lot of righteousness. 

So the best thing to do is to come back to yourself, think for yourself, don’t buy into propaganda (Sagittarius is propaganda), don’t buy into the war of the words, or positions. So this is not a smooth sailing Full Moon, but she is revealing, she is exposing new truths, different directions that are needed. 

Capricorn is the government, Cancer is the people, look at the Brexit, look at the US, Venezuela, Cuba, France, China, Iran, the list goes on… many countries are really in some big power struggles. These are not new issues, but this is the energy of something potentially reaching a turning point, breaking, dismantling, shifting. 

With Saturn opposite Mars, we have a very tense energy. Saturn is slow moving and patient, very thorough, and on the other side, Mars is the opposite, wanting to go very fast. And this opposition happens on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. 

Here we have the balance between the male and the female, the patriarchal and the matriarchal, the Yang and the Yin inside of you, the balance between doing what you should do, being responsible, achieving, being serious (Capricorn), and in opposition there is the Cancer pull for you to remember to be nurturing, to remember to be gentle, to speak as kindly as you can, when needed. So this is going to be a point of releasing tension, it might get a little bit heated because oppositions always have to release energy in order to be brought into balance. So here impatience and patience need to be harmonised. As a consequence, at this time of the Full Moon, you may feel a little bit less energy, as Saturn slows Mars down, and Mars does not want to slow down. A really good way to release this tension, is to see a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in an activity that brings quick results. 

Saturn-Pluto-South Node in opposition to Mars-Mercury-North Node also represents a lock, things are locked, but Mars is a trigger and an activator, so the middle of June is bringing you a lot to think about, to stay conscious of, to stay aware of, but most of all to go within.

So Mars is doing a pretty big splash at this Full Moon time. And when Mars is in Trine to Neptune, he awakens that sacred warrior energy in you. Neptune is very refined, he is at home in Pisces, and that is that sign that we are slowly leaving ( transition from Pisces Age to Aquarius Age), but we are still tuning in to the higher spiritual aspects, and under the flavour of this Sagittarius Full Moon they are very uplifting and proactive.

The Trine conversation between Mercury-Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, means that your mind (Mercury) is in tune with spirit, your high Self, your own Aumakua (Neptune). 

It shows you the power of your imagination, that your mind can wander and explore other realms at any time. It shows you that non-verbal communication and channeling is much easier, as your extrasensory gifts are heightened, so listen. It shows you to trust your intuition and discover that your intuition is your most wonderful ally, that is your closest partnership in terms of connecting to your own Aumakua, your High Self.

So with Mercury-Mars Trine to Neptune, you are are asked to speak the ALOHA language. You speak with kindness, you speak from a place of unconditional Love, Respect and Delight, so that broaden your capacity for empathy and compassion, and it allows you to connect deeply and sweetly.

Mercury-Mars Trine Neptune is also exceptionally creative, but on the higher more mystical level, it is about counting your blessings.

So look at your life, and of course there are times when you are going through a very hard period, and everything can look quite black… But really if you just condition yourself everyday, to count those blessings, and it becomes a little exercise, of all the things that you kind of take for granted, having a hot shower, eating the food that you like, having an internet connection, a mobile phone, having beautiful friends to talk to, having two legs and being able to walk… so what are the things that you can count as your blessings? And be aware that as you count your blessings, you bring more blessings to you…It grows… Can you hear the MAKIA principle knocking again on the door here? 

The third Hawaiian Principle MAKIA – “Energy flows where attention goes – I am focused” – 

Whatever you spend most of your conscious and unconscious time thinking of, will grow in your reality. This works on the positive as well as on the negative side. If you focus the majority of your attention on why things are not working out the way you want them to, then your struggles will grow and become more concrete through time.

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is all about being jovial, with a joyous humour or a spirit of good-fellowship. Jupiter’s name is coming form Jove the god of Joy. So around this Full Moon be hearty, joyous, cheerful and merry, showing your high spirit and lightheartedness… I AM A SOURCE OF JOY AND HAPPINESS. So around this Full Moon time see if you can tell a joke, and see if you can lighten the atmosphere around you.

So at this Galactic Center Full Moon time, you are reminded that you are a co-creator, and so as a co-creator you feel highly motivated to be productive in what creates HARMONY and JOY, whether that is through writing, speaking, composing as a musician, an artist, a dancer, whatever it may be… you have a voice, and this is your time to voice your dreams, to voice your visions.

So embrace the magical adventure of this Sagittarius Galactic Center Full Moon.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏