This Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer happens on Wednesday 3rd of July 2019 at 10 degrees 37’ of Cancer, at 5:15’ AM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everyone to the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer, that is going to impact us for the next 6 months.

A Total Solar Eclipse really indicates new beginnings because it is a stronger New Moon. Every New Moon is about establishing your intentions of what you can grow and create over the next Lunar cycle. And here it is an especially fertile time because of the energy of Cancer.

Cancer is the first Water sign of the zodiac, it is your first unconscious feeling, it is where you go within your heart, to understand what has meaning to you, what really matters and how you feel about it. Cancer is your private feelings, you don’t share it with others, in fact Cancer is the only Water sign that is only within your energy field. The next water sign Scorpio is about what you share with others emotionally. The third water sign Pisces is about what you share and what you feel spiritually. So Cancer is a very personal energy, and it is working with your emotional body. 

So at this New Moon Eclipse time, there could be messages coming up around something new within you, that has been emotionally rising, and it is now brought to your awareness.

All Eclipses are about growth, and here there is a coming back home energy, because Cancer is about home, literally where you live, that is safe, that is private, that you own. Capricorn is about work and Cancer is going home after work.

With this strong Cancer energy at this New Moon time, there could be lots of people moving, change of residence, understanding a new definition of home. Another side of Cancer is the gypsy, the nomad, and you can notice the growing way of living in a mobile home, or a tiny home on wheels or transportable. 

So Eclipses are really quite exciting and fast-moving. They can feel like the unexpected can happen, and very often with Eclipses, there is a cut out in the energy light, it is like rebooting your computer, and when the light resumes again, you may have jumped forwards on your path of destiny a little further.

Eclipses are really quite powerful in your natal chart, they can act as wildcards, pivot points, cross-roads, decisions being made, and very often they can really change the trajectory of your life considerably, if they are conversing or aspecting strongly any of your planets or major points in your birth chart.

So this is the perfect time to start fresh, set new goals, new directions, because the freedom factor is so strong. You are going to inject your life with a major surge of passion and enthusiasm. And you don’t need to be a Cancer to benefit from this Eclipse energy, because we all have Cancer sign somewhere in our natal chart. 

So check where 10 degrees of Cancer sits in your natal chart, in which House-Area of Life, as it is where you will be impacted, and this will give you what flavour you want to give to your intention. So visualize your dreams for the season ahead as you initiate strong intentions for the next 6 months.

This New Moon Eclipse in Cancer is about a recalibration about your feminine nurturing energies, of coming into what is necessary and needed now, without being too much of a caregiver to others. And that is important to be aware of, because the Cancer energy often needs boundaries, all the Water signs do, because think of how the water flows, water flows and it will just keep going and it keep caring. It is the empath, it is the feeler, it is the part of you that will reach out to support people, take care of their needs, accomodate them. Well this Cancer energy is also about remembering to be in tune with your own needs, your own emotional nature, and ensuring that you are honouring those parts of yourself now. 

This Cancer New Moon has everything to do with your inner world. Cancer is about “Home”, about “Birth”, it rules the breast and the stomach and nourishment. Cancer is about “softness”, the amniotic fluid that you are swimming in when you are in the womb… and then you have to come out of that womb into this 3D structured world, and that is the Capricorn energy.

So Cancer-Capricorn is about the adjustment from the soft inner being that you are, with what may seem like the harsh reality of the world that you live in. Cancer-Capricorn is the polarity of “Liquid to Solid”, so these are the energies that you are working at, and as you see there are very different.

This New Moon Eclipse is invigorating, awakening, and it is healing. So what is the deep message for you that is being set in play at this New Moon Eclipse?

Just know that this Total Eclipse is really raising your vibrations. Every year we have a New Moon in Cancer, the Moon own home sign, and this year it is a Total Solar Eclipse as well. And this particular Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer falls during a time where there is an intensified shift in Cancer-Capricorn energy. The Cancer-Capricorn axis is deeply activated this year, and all throughout next year 2020, in one of the most powerful astrological event, the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. 

Now Capricorn is opposite Cancer, so anything that happens in Capricorn is reflected on the other side in Cancer. So this Cancer New Moon Eclipse precedes a Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse in mid-July, (July 17th), and then at the end of the year we have a couple more Eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn, so it is a very powerful lineup, and it is so huge in terms of what you are undergoing in your life, how you are shifting energies in your life.

And this axis Cancer-Capricorn is also hosting the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn.

So it is really connecting you with WHAT DOES MY HEART WANTS? Capricorn is an earth sign, and it is always wanting to be practical and plan and strategise, whereas Cancer, a water sign, tends to feel its way through. Cancer the crab, likes to go his way side to side, rather than climbing directly at the mountain, which is the way Capricorn the goat tends to go. At this time you might be looking at issues of birth (Cancer) and death (Capricorn), you may be going through a mini death experience, not dying physically, but dying to things that are just no longer needed in your life. This Cancer New Moon Eclipse is a perfect time to just getting rid of a load of clutter, and things that are really just taking up your space. 

This Eclipse time is about learning to trust, learning to trust that you can find the feeling of family. This is what we are all looking for one way or another isn’t it? You may have your own nuclear family, but with the North Node in Cancer, this is a quest to search and find a wider family that you can connect with, this is the move towards finding your tribe, your Ohana, your circle… that is what you are looking for in the world now… “Who are my Tribe?”… “Who am I connected with?”… “I FEEL THAT YOU ARE MY OHANA” and I thank you to be so.

So during this New Moon Eclipse time, emotions may come up, issues around death and dying, and rebirth too. It is a tremendous opportunity for a rebirth, and also an opportunity to feed your Soul, Cancer is about the nourishment, the mother who wants to feed her children, so FEED YOUR SOUL WITH WHAT IT NEEDS.

At this New Moon time, Moon-Sun in Cancer are in a friendly Sextile ( a wide one) conversation with Uranus in Taurus.

Cancer is a private internal sign of emotional security. On one side Cancer describes your internal frame of reference, and on the other side, Capricorn takes that and makes it public in a career or world setting. So during this Eclipse in Cancer, in conversation with Uranus, your frame of reference is going to shift into a new positive landscape that is devoid of fear. You are going to become a lot  more fear less, which is super exciting, especially in the realm that Cancer  governs… which is home, family, and your gut instincts.

Cancer likes also to feel safe, it needs to feel like it belongs, it needs to feel protected… so security is a big factor with Cancer. And further more, because Cancer is a Cardinal sign, it begins the season of Winter here down-under, (and Summer in the northern hemisphere), it then nurtures new beginnings and growth. 

Cancer goes deeply into the enjoyment of family and also that will trigger caring, empathy, feeling vulnerable, flavoured with deeper conversations that are more heart-centred. Cancer is governed by the Moon, which is the Mother energy, which is about feelings and nurturing. So at this New Moon Eclipse in Cancer your feelings are heightened, your mood can be more changeable, you have more heart-centred awareness, you have more tenderness and kindness. During this New Moon time where the Moon is coming back home to her home sign, you are focused on caring for yourself and caring for others more, connected to loving, to affection.

The shadow side of Cancer is being clingy, insecure, possessive, too cautious… you go into your Cancer shell, like hiding… Cancer is also about to be afraid of rejection so really wanting to have people love you and not criticise you. And that fear of rejection can interfere with the setting of clear goals, because you are too impressionable on what the external is saying about you, or feels about you, and you take that more seriously than your internal compass…”Don’t take thing too personally”, that is the shadow side of Cancer.

Now when you allow yourself to be nurtured and opened up and vulnerable, that is when your inner strength is renewed and revitalised. So during this New Moon Eclipse time in Cancer, this what you want to look at. You want to enjoy time with family and loved ones, your Soul family, your Ohana, your Tribe… whatever “family” means to you. “Family”, is a word that encompasses a lot more than just your genetic family, so hang out with those people who are nurturing to you, and avoid those people who are cutting you down. During this New Moon time you will really notice who you resonate with at Soul level, and you want to nurture those relationships.

So this New Moon Eclipse widely Sextile to Uranus in Taurus, is

an incredible invitation to follow your instincts. Uranus is your intuition, and takes risks, Uranus is the breakthrough planet of freedom, and not walking the path that anybody else has walked. So now you are going to other places, new dimensions, places that you have not experienced before. 

So open to your inner genius, as Uranus governs genius, and use your “out-of-the-box inventiveness”. Uranus brings insights and answers, that you may have been seeking for a while, and he helps you uncover a critical missing link that connects all the dots for you. So around this New Moon Eclipse, be aware that you will experience epiphanies, sudden realisations, so you will get these “AHA” moments, these gut feelings that Cancer rules… to release those habits, those old paradigms, those frequencies that are not working for you anymore. 

This New Moon Eclipse is an up levelling time, a time for a vibrational shift for you, and me and for all of us, so it is a much easier time to release. You just understand that life is constantly giving you new visions, new angles of view, and Uranus is giving you the vision of immense freedom to walk a new path.

So this New Moon in Sextile to Uranus, brings a stronger desire to reform your life, and it brings the excitement to do so. You want to make new plans because your love of freedom takes over, and Uranus ignites your inner independent spirit. So you are a lot more versatile, open, inquisitive, you really want to explore new perspectives, and you are able now to connect the dots, because your mind is open to experiencing a new way, and new dimension.

This is also good to notice that this New Moon takes place at 10 degrees of Cancer, and that July is a 19 Universal month in numerology ( 07+2019=19=10). So we have the number 10 activated and in play for 6 months, so what does 10 means?

10 represents intuition, fortune, luck, a turn for the better, and in the traditional Tarot deck, it connects to the card of the “Wheel Of Fortune”. What you have been waiting for may now be yours. The culmination of a series of events brings success and material accomplishment. This is the start of something new, and the innovative ideas and fresh beginnings you are experiencing now, are really an expression of the law of cause and effect. Events that appear accidental, result from efforts you have already expended.

This time flavoured with “10” is an initiation period ( 10 results in 1) in which you may be required to stand alone and make decisions. Base you decisions upon precise and definite facts, then rely upon your intuition, which is based upon reason. Then you will know what to do. This Eclipse brings a time of progress, improvement and advancement, which will help you start a new life. 

However, if failure and loss trouble you, then understand that every circumstance in life is the result of the prior use of your energies. So decide now to begin to work and plan wisely, so that you can gain mastery over your future. The Wheel Of Fortune keeps turning, and the next rotation can bring exactly what you want, if you begin now. And 10/1, representing this Wheel Of Fortune, means that you can manifest anything you desire. It also represents Love and Light, and “1” and “0” is the male and female, and it represents the ability to act (1) and the ability to complete (0), so “10” is a very powerful number indeed.

This Cancer New Moon Eclipse is also in a challenging Square conversation to Chiron in Aries.

Chiron is the Sacred Healer, so healing through LOVE is greatly enhanced at this time, and over the next 6 months. So it is a great time to start any kind of therapy, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual…if you feel the call to do so of course. What you want to watch out for, is not to be too hard on yourself, and make sure that the conversations that you engage in, are caring and loving, in order to not interfere with the healing process. The inner spirituality with Chiron, is being stimulated (the Square conversation) to awaken, and that is going to require your full attention for the next 6 months.

At this New Moon Eclipse time, Mercury is conjunct to Mars in Leo , and at the same time, they are in beautiful Trine with Chiron in Aries, and in a Square conversation with Uranus in Taurus as well.

Mars is strong in Leo, determined, a fighter, he gets his fire back after a long soggy journey through Cancer. Leo is a Fire sign, and Mars governs Aries another Fire sign, so this Square is a really fired up, combustible moment. Mars returns to understanding what he wants and really activating deeper courage.

So in this conversation, Mercury is saying …”Don’t be impatient”. So guard yourself against impatient conversations, impulsive decisions, and if you feel nervous tension, then communicate with someone to clear out that energy, remember it is very much about release for the healing to take place. 

And Mercury and Mars are going to stay conjunct for some time, because Mercury will Station Retrograde on July 7th, at 4 degrees of Leo. So these two planets are traveling for a while together, and Mercury Retrograde will venture back to 24 degrees of Cancer until July 31st. So basically at least 3 weeks of July has Mercury Retrograde, and that always means to do your “RE” ritual… reconsider, reprioritise, revisit, reflect, recharge, retreat, rewind, review, reassess, regroup, remember… and because it is Eclipse season, there is big changes, and this Mercury Retrograde can mean that you are not ready to make a choice just yet, and you need time throughout July, to sit with something. So just be aware that July is a time for you to be readjusting some things in your life, especially based on the House-Area of Life Mercury is traveling through your natal Chart, so check where you have the space between 24 degrees of Cancer and 4 degrees of Leo.

So any big decisions that you need to make during this time, I mean in July, just wait before making the decisions real, and just be very open to hearing and receiving, and listening, then that unexpected nature of this transit will not take you off guard. 

Mercury-Mars conjunction in Square to Uranus is about the unexpected. This is about the “break”, the break up, the break through, a physical break… this is change, liberation, freedom. This is happening in Fixed signs (Leo-Taurus) so something shift that you did not think would change, something is meant to change in your physical world, about what you own and what you don’t want to own, it is about getting rid of something, selling everything… And because it is a square conversation here, you need to be mindful of what is coming up for you, so that it does not happen unconsciously. Because this Square with Uranus in Taurus is about a “break up” and a “break down” and “Something breaking”… and Uranus says “ That energy does not fit anymore”. It does not fit so it is better to get rid of something than to keep it, but Taurus is the sign of “I want to keep it, I don’t want to break up”.

So you can see that it is a tricky combination, because it comes up against the ego pride of Leo, which is the bigger energy here that says “That is gone!!!”. And be careful because with Uranus this can be anything with a crash unfortunately. So this New Moon Eclipse could be a good time to sit and say “What do I want in my life?”… “What does have meaning to me?”

This Mercury-Mars conjunction in Square to Uranus, is also about earthquakes and volcanoes eruptions, because it represents a combustible-impulsive energy. An Eclipse influence always starts the month before, and on the Solstice Day, the Raikoke Volcano, located on an island in the northwestern Pacific’s Kuril archipelago, that has been dormant for roughly a century, has its quiet period come to an abrupt end in the early morning of June 22nd, when Raikoke blew its top sending a vast ash plume up to 8 miles into the sky, according to the Volcanic Ash Advisories Center (VAAC).

And in a remote part of Papua New Guinea’s West New Britain, more than 5,000 people have been forced to flee their homes last Wednesday June 27th, from the volcanic eruption of Mount Ulawun, known to be one of the most hazardous volcanos in the world. 

It does not have to be only a literal earthquake, it can be a political earthquake, a relationship earthquake, it can be some other kind of shots or sudden eruptive events.

If we look at the Total solar Eclipse path, it is falling across the Pacific, Chile and Argentina, and very often it is where the path of the Eclipse falls, that we see manifestations of the symbolism of the Eclipse that I am talking about now.

During this New Moon Total Solar Eclipse time, we still have the ongoing Jupiter in Sagittarius, in Square conversation with Neptune in Pisces.

This Square is extremely positive because it is acting on opportunities. And in this case, Jupiter is in his own sign of Sagittarius, Neptune is in her own sign of Pisces, so they are highly activated, they are both at home, so this Square is very powerful. Here all things Soul-centered and spiritual are coming to the forefront, and being expanded. Again, you are going to question old beliefs, previous ways of doing things, previous ideas about deep subject matters, and ultimately, you can have a change of faith. So you want to guard yourself against being in denial, avoiding the wisdom that you uncover, and not rushing to conclusions. So listen to this inspirational energy coming from Neptune, and be converted in such a joyful way through Jupiter. Listen to what inspires you and fires you up, fires up your imagination, really tune in to that creator in you, and that is what is going to keep you centred and grounded, and on the course towards positive outcomes. This means that you are also getting clarity around your own Soul purpose, this is what Neptune brings into play, your connection to the rest of the galaxy, to the universe, your connection to the Oneness of All. Neptune governs unconditional Love, and the spiritual dimensions that cover every stars and planets in our galaxy and beyond… that means your own Soul inspired gifts.

So how can you take advantage of this amazing Total Solar Eclipse? There is really good news because one of the major planetary transit for all 2019, also triggered right during the Solar Eclipse, is the friendly Sextile conversation between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.

This is really a strong conversation we have during this Eclipse, besides the actual Eclipse happening at this New Moon. The dialogue between Saturn and Neptune means that your goals are being spiritualised at the same time they are being worked on, and brought into physical manifestation. So in the process, you gain in both a practical and high vibrational way. And this Sextile, that is one of the main signature of 2019, is all about making your dreams come true. So if you are willing to work and be patient, your Soul inspired dreams are being realised. And this Eclipse in Cancer, is putting you in touch with being both realistic and optimistic, both disciplined and motivated from the heart. So at the time of this New Moon Solar Eclipse, you are going to be helped with unusual experiences, spiritual or otherwise. You may be inspired to grow your interest into knowing more about the divination arts, or spiritual subjects, channeling… anything in that realm that governs how you tune in energetically to frequencies and to people. After all, we are all Light bodies, we are all vibration, and we feel each other, and reading that energy is what you are able to do a lot more now. So when you focus your energy on your true gifts, the ones that light you up, the ones that you can do and forget that time exists, and you forget to eat… those are your true gifts… and when you make those true gifts real, then your life is flowing with ease, and abundance follows. So expand your understanding of other realms, other dimensions, other cultures, and see your place in the universe in connection with all those other light bodies, because we are all in here to support each other, and to bring something very unique and special to the Divine Equation. 

This understanding that “you have a role to play”, a specific powerful role, helps you to make your dreams come true, because then you have the security, the patience, the open-mindedness to do the hard work (Saturn). So the thing you most want to look out for, is to measure your level of focus, every day, guard yourself against spreading yourself too thin by doing too many things at once, keep in mind that the most successful and happy fulfilled people are “SUPER-FOCUSED”. 

This Sextile conversation between Saturn and Neptune helps you to have a very clear picture of what you want to create, and the discipline and courage to say NO, to everything that would slow your down, or distract you from your divine mission, from your goals. Saturn thrives on having those boundaries, so set those boundaries to protect your precious time, and your precious gifts. And Neptune helps you see the big dream, the mission-inspired vision.

So this Cancer New Moon Total Solar Eclipse gives you some tips to implement for the next 6 months. 

-The first thing to do is to simplify, don’t be too many things to too many people. Serving too many masters or goals at one time, takes you off track and dissipates you energetically. 

-Say this often to yourself to strengthen your inner foundation (Cancer)… “I AM FEELING SECURE AND JOY FULL”.

-Call your loved ones, kiss your partner, give generous amount of  Love and hugs to your children, to the people you care for.

-Maintain your own identity while in the company of others, especially your family. This is super important those boundaries, for not being sucked into family drama.

-Listen to and honour your guts instincts.

-Handle your finances in a way that creates a stable base that you can count on. Cancer needs that security, so focus on your finances to create that stability.

-Be aware of early childhood conditioning, early childhood experiences, so you are freed from patterns, from hurts, from those moments that you need to heal. Because if you are not aware of that conditioning, that is impacting your relationships and your decisions now, it can sabotage your choices. 

-Put positive, caring energy, into the beginning of any relationship. The beginning moments of any relationship, any project, any conversation you have, any goal… needs to be infused with positive, optimistic, caring, nurturing energy, right from the start.

And finally, during July there are some specific hot days to notice straight after the Eclipse. 

-On the 4th of July, the Moon comes to conjunct Mars in Leo, that is hot emotion. 

-On the 8th of July Mercury  in Leo, is stationary and turns Retrograde up to the 31st of July, so it is an introspective phase to go through.

-On the 9th of July, the Moon is in a challenging Square conversation with Saturn-South Node, and on the following day, July 10th, the Moon comes in a Square to Pluto, and at the same time the Sun is exactly opposing Saturn-South Node. That can be a very strong time, there can be a feeling of things been quite serious, or consequential, or even karmic (Saturn-South Node).

On the personal level, just LET THE OLD GO as far as you are able, and surrender to the new that is coming in. That is really the energy of what is coming in for you then.

So all of this intense concentrated energy can feel like quite a kind of pressure cooker with external events. So what can you do? how can you best handle it? Well the best way is to turn inwards, you have to not be swept away by whatever is manifesting in your world, because it can feel a little chaotic and intense. 

So within a minute, find your own method, what is PONO for you – PONO the 7th Hawaiian Principle – “Effectiveness is the measure of truth”  – the definition of effectiveness here is not to wear the outer mask…of success, wealth, health, etc….but your true inner knowing. Your means should always be in alignment with your highest values. So whatever works for you is fine…a method, a plan, certain actions, when put in motion may work. If they work, that is all you need to be concerned with. So find a method of just decompressing your energy, of feeling like butter melting in the sun, imagine you are breathing in and out of your heart, slow and deep breaths, gaze at a candle, listen to sacred music, practice your Hakalau meditation to be with the Oneness of All… whatever it is have a quick way of just taking all of that buzzing energy and turning it inwards…SO BE PONO instantly!!! Can you do it??? 

And also at this Eclipse time, it is very important to be authentic and have the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and wisdom that you are able to, because Pluto in Capricorn is really testing how accountable, how highly principled you are, so that will not catch you if you have the highest standards of integrity. 

Also be a leader, even if you don’t have the title of leader, you need to be a leader in whatever you do. and know who you are, not in an egoic sense, but in a sense of …”I have a center and I know what I can offer to the world”… “I know what my gifts are”… to help the world in whatever way, to shine a light. Know what your values are, and stand up for what you believe in. What are your personal values?

So daily spiritual practice, of having this sense of high principle , integrity, authenticity and solid sense of who you are, and what is your values system, is a great way to go through the next 6 months.

You are being stimulated in a highly positive way at this New Moon Eclipse time. There will never be a better time than NOW to live your dreams… “if not today then when?”

Eclipses are important moments of reset, and you need these moments of Shadow, to sit with something, and to revolutionise your world. We are constantly evolving beings, and if we did not have this beautiful reset moments, there would be a lack of punctuation in the breathing organic flow that is this universe. 

This Solar Eclipse New Moon is an invitation about “awaken and arise”.This is about an awakening to where you want to show up more fully, and be fully seen and fully vulnerable, where you want to fully express your needs and desires

So this New Moon Eclipse is an invitation to “I SHOW UP TO THE WORLD WITH FULL HEART”, that is the only way to have full experience of life.

So take this Solar Eclipse really to Heart, and if you want to know more about yourself, please contact me for the reading of your Birth Chart, to explore your Divine blueprint, and to discover HOW YOUR HEART SINGS?

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own code.

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Mahalo Nui🙏