This Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn happens on Wednesday 17th of July 2019 at 24 degrees 04’ of Capricorn, at 7:39’ AM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everybody…

We are in Eclipse season, and this is the second one, a Full Moon Eclipse that involves the Moon in Capricorn opposing the Sun in Cancer. We have a quite intense Lunar Eclipse here. 

Every Full Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in opposite points in the sky. And we have a Full Moon usually once a month, and it illuminates, it reveals, and you see something you did not see before. Of course you don’t need to be a Capricorn or Cancer to actually benefit or get affected, everyone is affected. So check where the 24 degrees of Capricorn and Cancer, fall in your birth chart, in which House-Area of life, to determine where you are impacted by this Eclipse.

This Eclipse in Capricorn is really about taking your goals to the next level. We are all being uplifted vibrationally, and it is an extraordinary time for so many reasons, and since Capricorn governs your career and your divine mission, you are focusing on what your destiny is in this lifetime. So you want to know what you are signed up to do, and that is revealed during a reading session of your birth chart, looking at your 10th-6th Houses, and your Mid-Heaven’s position and qualities.

This Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is a Partial Eclipse, not like the Cancer New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on July 3rd. But because it is happening again on the axis Cancer-Capricorn, it is going to still leave a very big impact, adding to the intensified shift that we are all moving through.

Capricorn puts your focus on your future security, so it is about reaching your goals to achieve recognition for what you do. So your management skills grow, because you have to literally plan out, which Capricorn is good at, it is governed by Saturn the “Time Keeper” Chronos, and you need to have a map in place. 

This Lunar Eclipse conjunct the South Node, so the main message here is to ALLOW THE OLD TO GO. An Eclipse is like a super Full Moon, this is the peak of the Super Full Moon cycle, a time of closure, so this is the best time of the month to just let go of the old, let go of what no longer serves you. 

And in Capricorn it is making you aware about power and control in the world, but also your own use, abuse, misuse of power, and also things, habits, patterns that have been ingrained in you, and this is the perfect time to let them go. So just cast it off into the light of this Lunar Eclipse in a beautiful ritual of purification.

At this Lunar Eclipse, we have the Moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto-South Node-Saturn, and Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, therefore the ruler of this Full Moon Eclipse. I call them the “Team Capricorn”.

So the flavour of Capricorn is really being amplified, because on the opposite side, the Cancer Sun bright rays shine on all these energies. This means that we are really entering a turning point in the year, but it is bigger than just this year 2019, with the planet Pluto involved, it is a turning point in humanity’s trajectory, especially when Pluto and Saturn will join together in Capricorn, and that is going to be exact in January 2020.

Pluto dissolves, Pluto purges, and he says…”That time is over and You need to find what you love to do until the last breath you take”. You want to feel like you can give something to your communities, contribute in some way, because Capricorn wants to contribute.

Pluto is about the collapse of the old order, the patriarchy, the social-political structures that we have known are not functioning anymore. Looking at many countries in the world, you can see that the old society’s paradigm is collapsing.

But you, as everybody else, you are actually a co-creator in that new future, you don’t need to sit as a victim of whatever is imposed on you. A big part of this new paradigm will be your awareness of how your frequency of vibration actually creates your reality, that ripples out to affect the world as well.

I can hear the sound of IKE, the first Hawaiian principle .“IKE – the world is what you think it is – Be aware”. Whatever you believe in, you will manifest. If you believe the world is a place full of struggle and hardship, then surely hardship and struggle will come your way. If you believe that the world is a great place for adventure and happiness, that you will surely experience much more of those. So with practice, become a Master-IKE, and master your frequency.

This Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse wants you to be really aware about how you use your energy and frequency, where you put it. And here definitively another sound is also very loud. The  sound of the third Hawaiian principle, “MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes – Be focused”.

So whatever you are focused on in life, you get more of it. So if you focus on the drama and the negativity, you will attract more of that in your life… it is a universal law, the law of attraction… if you are focused on peace and connectedness to all beings, and Love and Joy, you will get more of that in your life. So become disciplined at this, practice to connect your belief with your focus, and become a Master- IKE-MAKIA, if you are going to create something wonderful, not only in your own life but rippling out to the world. This is one of the big messages of this Eclipse.

This is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which means that the Moon is being eclipsed, and it is conjunct to Pluto. 

So you are going to feel deep emotional purging. There is something that is buried in your subconscious, which Pluto represents, and through you intuitive, psychic  abilities, which are greatly heightened with this Moon-Pluto conjunction, you are going to get visions, dreams about where to head. You are getting emotionally empowered, and at the same time you are getting emotionally purged. So it does not mean it is always easy, but if you understand it in advance, (and it is already happening, because Eclipse are felt a full month before, it is a building up process), then know that you are transcending your feelings through a sense of breathing relaxation that allows you to release… Just like when you give birth. So purging emotion creates deep healing, but guard against being aggressive, or wanting to control, stay in control of your emotions. Just be open and not resistant to any kind of change, and definitively listen to your intuition (Moon-Pluto). Your intuition is a carrier of wisdom, a wisdom that comes from your Divine Source, your higher spirit  Aumakua, and brings you answers… It is all there for you, so allow those underlying truths to be revealed. 

Emotionally, Pluto is empowering you, and once it purges, you get empowered, so you make room for the confidence to soar. Pluto likes to get to the truth, so you have a really great opportunity to be authentically, totally in integrity, transcend your feelings, by opening your mind, your heart to the truth. So this conjunction of Pluto with the eclipsed Moon is empowering you to move forward in this areas of life. And because the Moon is eclipsed, you won’t see right away what that truth is, but your intuition will reveal it to you.

On the other side of Moon-Pluto conjunction, the Sun in Cancer is opposing Pluto, and that allows you to tune into your inner light. The changes that are the major part of this opposition, are being healed by surrender. Bringing things in your heart into harmony will happen because you surrender to the truth, and that raises your vibration, and expands your inner light.

So with Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, opposite to Sun in Cancer, it is a wonderful way to see how your life is positively transforming. And where is the transformation headed? Well you are invested with success with Capricorn, and so it is heading to taking you to leadership, and enabling those positive shifts to happen.

So this Eclipse in Capricorn asks you to keep observing your level of commitment to taking the lead in your life. You want to involve yourself in every activity and task with complete commitment and confidence. So there are no excuses for the results that are happening for what is going on in your life. You have got to take ownership. Leadership has nothing to do with your job’s title, how bigs your office or studio is, it has only to do with your way of life, how you design your life, how you act on the commitments that you made. So leadership is a state of mind, it is a philosophy, and it is available to every person on Earth. So own your inner-leader, your loving-authority.

At this Eclipse time, Saturn conjunct the South Node, and this is a big time for LETTING GO. 

And because Saturn and Pluto are both in Retrograde phase, it means that things are not seen, they are hidden, and you don’t see everything that is changing deeply, permanently and powerfully. But with the Moon eclipsed and being part of this Team Capricorn, there is a lot going on that you feel, and you intuitively know that shifts are happening… and you know that THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

This is probably the most powerful Eclipse of 2019, because it is activating a new level of clearing out, permanent changes, because Saturn-South Node-Pluto are traveling together through Capricorn, clearing out, releasing, this is very unusual and powerful.

And we have the next set of Eclipses coming up, which will happen December 26th 2019, and then January 10th 2020, that is when Saturn and Pluto energies will be in direct mode, exactly conjunct, and things will be known.There are big happenings in your world right now, and you can see that in many places, many people’s life, in many areas of life around you, but it is not going to be fully revealed until 2020. 

So in this month of July, we are experiencing part of the story that will be revealed in 2020. So be aware about big revelations of what comes to light, that transforms you, your perceptions, your connections to systems and power, what is right, what is just, what is fair, what is true. July is about the “reality checks”, and this can feel harsh, especially with the vulnerability and the kindness of the Cancer Sun energy.

Opposite the Team Capricorn, we have the Team Cancer, because we have a Sun-North Node-Venus conjunction in Cancer. The Team Cancer -Team Capricorn opposition creates a split in your psyche, a split in your consciousness. 

Team Capricorn is about understanding that your world is changing deeply and permanently, and therefore an aspect of yours is as well, and you have to rise in your sense of personal responsibility for yourself, taking ownership of your life. Capricorn is very real world, there is nothing that is hidden here, it is about dealing with life as it is in the front of you.

Team Cancer is about your feelings, your emotional body, your needs to want to hide, take a break,  retreat into this softer part of you, that needs comfort and care. And you can feel uncertain, vulnerable, not knowing what the changes in your life are about. 

And with Venus part of the Team Cancer, you are invited to trust yourself, to trust your heart, to trust what you need, and to understand that you are equipped with the emotional compass, that brings you back home to yourself, as permanent changes (Capricorn) unfold.

Wow this Team Cancer-Team Capricorn opposition is a very strong concentrated energy of how you are using emotions. Are you using your emotional body powerfully for the collective good? Or are you using manipulative emotions that are pulling you down negatively?

On one side,Team Cancer reminds you that always you have got the choice of THE LOVE OF POWER or THE POWER OF LOVE, in your personal life. 

With this strong conversation, we have got extremes happening because of the oppositional energy, like experiencing heat waves, and we can actually see that in the world…Record heat wave hits Europe, Greenland, India… forcing cancellation of public events…and this hot weather has also helped create dry conditions, fuelling a massive 10.000 acres wildfire in Spain, leading to the largest ice melt in Greenland, and killing many people in India. There are 40 volcanoes erupting on Earth now, flinging ash and lava onto the surface, and there are massive earthquake activities.

The energies of Eclipses can last for up to 6 months afterwards, so this Eclipse in Capricorn may just be a trigger point, and something that you start now or complete now, and then have another wave of activity towards Christmas or the end of this year, with the other set of Eclipses coming.

Capricorn governs mentorship, and authority figures, and actually “father” figures, whereas Cancer governs “mother” and the nurturing side. 

So acquiring a mentor during this time, or being a mentor to others, and helping them to maintain direction, and doing so through discipline, in order for you or them to fulfil their goals, that is what mentorship provides.

Capricorn is about profession, career, public status, how you are known, legal status… And the axis Capricorn-Cancer is also the axis of the family and the parents. So this opposition between Team Capricorn and Team Cancer can be triggering the “Where I have come from” and “Where I thought I was going”… “But now, I am redirecting, this is what I am choosing now, based on what I need, who I am, and what feels right”. So at this Full Moon Eclipse time, there is a sense of returning to what you know feels right for who you are… So this Eclipse, especially with the Team Capricorn, is an opportunity for great personal transformation, as well as global transformation. It is like a big act, probably a great tragedy, where people need to sit up and listen… this is the energy of this kind of Eclipse.

Happening right at the time of the Eclipse is Venus in Cancer, exactly in opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, while Venus is in a harmonious Trine conversation with Neptune in Pisces.

Venus is helping you acclimated in a very gentle, beautiful way, to the major shifts, with the aid of beauty, pleasure, love and prosperity.

Venus opposite Saturn is huge, because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn therefore the ruler of this Eclipse. When the ruler of an Eclipse is engaged with another planet, it makes it even more important and dynamic.

On one side, Venus likes creativity, she is very artistic… and on the other side, Saturn likes constriction and rules. So with this Venus-Saturn opposition you may experience some restriction, some delay, so just keep that in mind, practice patience at all times.This is very important because what is happening is that you need to use your creative source, your inner creative resources, and to work in a diligent way. So this is an important time to spend more quality time by yourself, and get that gift of yours into play, whatever that is.

So during this Eclipse time, you are preparing the groundwork for results, there will be successful accomplishments, that will appear later in the future. Remember we are in a Mercury Retrograde all through July, so everything is infused with patience to begin with.

This opposition Venus-Saturn is a great time to get organised about paying off any debts, and also to allow your serious feelings to be expressed. And Venus is also inviting you to spend some time in beautiful environments, so beautify your home, your work environment, wear beautiful clothes. 

The other part of the conversation is Venus in Harmonious Trine with Neptune.

Here you are reminded to always try to bring the higher vibration of LOVE through. And again you can bring it through creativity. Being creative means being able to be fluid, to be Water, to GO WITH THE FLOW, bringing things in together, that don’t normally go together, so we not permanently fighting one another, but that we are finding ways to invite one another into our family, even if we have opposing views and opinions.

Neptune is in Pisces, her own sign, so this is such a romantic transit. You can daydream, tune into your imagination, and just let it evolve, and your love life is surging with sweet tenderness. It is such a lovely energy, beautiful for romance, and your life in general also gets a surge of positive energy flow, so romance your life. 

The way you express takes on a new meaning with Neptune-Venus Trine, because you use beautiful and uplifting words, words that bring you pleasure, words that inspire you, inspiring language. And Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra, governs language with others (Libra), and our throat Chakra (Taurus rules our throat). So this is about how your voice sounds, and what is coming out of your throat, what are you saying. 

On an other angle, Venus-Saturn opposition is teaching you to love the unloved, to love the bits of you that you think are unlovable. This is a great time to practice the “Mirror Talk” or “Mirror work”. 

Mirror work is the most effective method I’ve found for learning to love yourself and see the world as a safe and loving place”- Louise Hay.

Everyday spend some time to talk to yourself in the mirror, whatever you say or think is an “affirmation”. All of your self-talk, the dialogue in your head, is a stream of affirmations. And these affirmations are messages to your subconscious. Positive affirmations plant healing thoughts and ideas that support you in developing self-Love. And the most powerful affirmations are those you say out loud when you are in the front of the mirror, because the mirror reflects back to you the feelings you have about yourself. And when you can love all parts of you, you can begin to do that with everybody that you come into contact.

Venus-Saturn opposition is also asking you to use leadership language. So choose your words, there are words that you don’t want to use anymore. For example I don’t want to use the word “problem”, I don’t like to use it because it has for me like a final effect. So I reframe that word, and I create a different emotional state in using the word “challenge”, a challenge that helps me grow, or I say an “opportunity” because that is what a problem is, it is an opportunity in disguise, to explore something new. So use leadership language, positive language, choosing uplifting, spiritually nourishing, loving, optimistic words (Venus-Neptune Trine), words that open to infinite opportunities. So use the language of possibility, not the language of shutting you down. GIVE YOURSELF THE LANGUAGE OF PERMISSION.

There are 6 planets in Retrograde at the time of this Eclipse…Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune-Pluto-Chiron… they are all moving backwards, and bring a very dense concentrated energy.

This can be very helpful for a sense of integration. Going back over, with retrograde motion, you have to review, revisit, research, rewrite, reassess…many words that start with RE. 

It is interesting to see where these planets are moving through your natal chart. For example if you have Jupiter or Saturn moving in Retrograde through your 9th House-Area of life, if you are involved in a legal situation of some kind, ( because that is related to the 9th House), it may be dragging a bit, not going as quickly as you would like, and you would have to wait until these planets go direct again, in this case late August for Jupiter and late September for Saturn, for things start to move forward.

So with all these planets in Retrograde, there is this sense of dragging in some areas of your life, and you see that too on the mundane level.

So let’s talk about Mercury Retrograde in Leo. 

Here you are pulling back, pulling inward, you are looking at yourself, at a Soul level, inviting a deep transformative power energy. Wth Mercury Retrograde, don’t react impulsively, just perceive, watch yourself, and what you are supposed to do is listening in, reassessing, taking in the wisdom, it is not about pushing forward, it is not about pushing your agenda. So at this Lunar Eclipse, you are having an emotional conversation about where you feel emotions are sparking up from the deepest aspects of yourself, and where you are needing to reset them, and how you want to connect those aspects of yourself to the external world around you.

The good side of the Mercury Retrograde phase, is that it can be very helpful for you to go back over. Mercury makes you think deeply, and he makes you go over the detail, so you end up with a better result, because you catch details that you did not catch the first time around.

Finally let’s look at Pluto who has been in Capricorn for a few years. He is now coming up to that conjunction with the ruler of Capricorn Saturn ( exact in January 2020). 

Things are being stripped away, and they have been for the last few years, but it is really coming to a head now.  So if you are leaving a situation, or changing your goals, whatever it may be, make that mission your inspiration, don’t get hung up on what is not working, what is not happening, the uncertainty aspect of it. 

So this is a time where you are constantly reframing, and embrace a word that you may not use that much, and that word is SUCCESS. Look at how many “S” are in “Success”. There are 3 “S”, and the symbol of the “S” is a winding road, and that is how success is created, it never is a straight line. It is about creating something and receiving feedback, being flexible, listening to the feedback and committing to the journey itself. So there are surprises in the journey, and notice that “surprise” starts with “S” as well. Success is a creative pursuit, and when you are in a success mode, you have a healthy dose of confidence, so trust your intuition, you trust that connection to Source. So success does not have to be Ego driven, your success is devoted to service, uplifting others. When you are committed to elevating others in the quest for success, then you are leaving every situation, relationship, connection that you partake in, better than when you found it. So success needs to be merged with service, they are both “S” words… Spirit, Soul, Surrender, Source, Sacred, Solution, Star, Shine, Spirit…are also “S” words… So just understand that your journey with Spirit, your co-creation with Source is really the highest form of Success.

So at this Eclipse time you have this exciting yearning, like…”How can I feel successful while realising my inner gifts, and in this way living my life fully?”

Say to yourself…”I AM HERE TO SHINE”… “I AM A STAR”… Your star is within you, so watch the Signs, watch the Signals, it is all about Success.

And this Eclipse in Capricorn says …”OKAY WHAT MAKES YOU A STAR?”… Remember you come from the Stars, so visit me to explore your STAR-Map.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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