This Leo New Moon happens on Thursday 1st August 2019 at 8 degrees 36’ of Leo, at 1:11’ PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Leo New Moon that happens on Aug 1st here down under.

We are still very much under the influence of the last intense Eclipses of July. They were not just for one day or one month, their influence actually spread over the upcoming 6 months, therefore many manifestations of those Eclipses are still happening. These July Eclipses will lead us into the very powerful Eclipses in December and January 2020, and of course the big Saturn-Pluto conjunction, next year January 2020.

We also have the ongoing backdrop of the Jupiter-Neptune Square, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, which has been running for a long time, and will run until October 2019. This is really about keeping your spiritual inspiration, and a big vision.

And we have also got the very long-running conjunction of Saturn-Pluto-South Node in Capricorn, and that conjunction is going to continue, certainly the Saturn-Pluto part of it, until the early months of next year 2020.

And now this Leo New Moon brings a big change in energies as we begin August, and we move away from all the changes that July brought up… July being Eclipse season, and July being Mercury Retrograde. 

So this New Moon happens at 8 degrees 36’ of Leo, we round up to 9 degrees, and this is when of course the Sun and the Moon are together. They meet up once a month, to align, to look at what they are going to create together. This put them on the same page and a new beginning unfolds, that is about your intentions at this time in your life. 

So find where 8/9 degrees of Leo falls in your Natal chart, and in which House-Area of life, and that is where this new beginning is starting for you. And with Leo energy this is about new beginnings that you are ready to create. This is a very creative energy, and it is based on your strength and confidence in yourself, how you are your OWN UNIQUE LIGHT. 

This is a very potent Leo New Moon, because at this time Mars is also in Leo, at 19 degrees, and Venus is at 4 degrees of Leo. 

This brings an additional masculine and feminine energies here, and together with Sun and Moon, they activate the energies of warmth, vitality, strength, courage. Leo gives you the courage to take a risk, to claim who you are, to feel solid and strong in your sense of Self, and to stabilise what perhaps felt destabilising throughout July’s Eclipse season. So you are coming back to sturdier ground with this New Moon. 

Leo has everything to do with the heart energy, coming from the heart, the Fire of your Heart. Leo is a Fire sign, and Leo is a Fixed sign, so when I think about Leo and the Fire energy, I see it as a burning flame that is very constant. Leo Fire rules romance and LOVE, and the deep loyalty, the loyalty and the strength of the lion. So this New Moon is about finding your inner strength, your inner light, and allowing that to be expressed, allowing it out.

Leo energy wants you to remember your inner child, who is so eager to get into life, to be playful. This Leo New Moon asks you to bring your childlike enthusiasm into your everyday life….“What is it that you would like to play with, that you have not played with before?

So the Sun in Leo is connected to your Heart, but the Sun and Leo are naturally associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy center that sits above the navel, and is the seat of your personal power. 

A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra manifests as self-confidence, healthy self-control, and willpower. It directly correlates to prosperity and the entire cycle of manifestation, and how you carry with yourself the Sun’s light, warmth and vitality. 

So during this New Moon time, not only you follow your heart desires, but that would be a beautiful place to direct your energy to your Solar Plexus. This Solar Plexus energy is about feeling strong in who you are NOW.

Both Sun and Moon are at 8 degrees, and we are approaching the Lion’s Gate, that opens every year on August 8th, to receive infinite empowerment.

The Lion’s Gate, activates a tremendous amount of star power energy. From the sky perspective, this event is marked by the rising of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. This means that on August 8th, Sirius will rise (be visible) above the eastern horizon just before sunrise (rising just before the Sun).

Sirius is a star of legends, known for bestowing wealth, honor, devotion, passion, and powerful creative talent. In ancient Egypt, the rising of Sirius was directly associated with the rising of the Nile River, which would nourish the land and crops, sustaining life. 

Lion’s Gate is a portal for accelerated ascension and major shifts on all levels. You are always creating your reality, but when the Gate is open, everything will move faster and with intensified energy. Bottom line is that using the Gateway will multiply your efforts and keep them burning until full fruition.

So the Lion’s Gate opens on the eighth day of the eighth month, activating the energetic power of 8/8, and in numerology, 8 embodies balance and equalisation in and across all realms. 8 brings shifts and changes that bring harmony and alignment. When under the influence of 8, being willing to let go of things that have been tipping the scales out of balance, is key to success and peace. Far-reaching ideas, achievement, financial security, leadership, organisation, and ambition are all expressions of the number 8 vibration.

8 also symbolises the strength of the serpent. The serpent represents the Kundalini, or life force, which, in undeveloped persons lies coiled at the base of the spine. So this New Moon time brings the opportunity to elevate this force, to transform you into a more spiritually-oriented person.

8 on its side is the infinity symbol, representing limitless power and infinite immortality. It is a symbol that flows forever without end. It encompasses going in and out, in continuous cycles within cycles. 

8 holds the same shape as your DNA structure that stores codes that you can access, especially at times like the Lion’s Gate opening.

This is Lion’s time indeed!…  when the Sun is in the sign of Leo. Leo, Child of the Sun, is the individualised expression of Divine Light. Leo is filled with pride, sense of purpose, generosity, and an enduring passion for creating and expressing life in all forms. Stepping through the Lion’s Gate is to awaken to the Divinity within you, and fully embody your god/goddess-self!

Leo is a Fixed Fire sign which infuses everything with fortified and resilient life force. Leo teaches you to lead from the heart, and live from the heart, and the Sun rules Leo. 

The Sun sustains life as we know it. It is the God of Light who faithfully rises every morning, and it represents your spirit-center. 

The Lion’s Gate beckons you to enter a new dimension of living, where your brilliance and the brilliance of all other beings can rise, be seen, shared, and fully received. If you are open and have the courage to cross the threshold, the Lion’s Gate will pull you into Divine alignment, from which your true power can be accessed and used, in all the ways you were created to shine.The Lion’s Gate opening is an invitation to accept and amplify your own power and use it in ever-expanding ways. 

So the Lion’s Gate Portal opening is triggered by this New Moon, and will be building over the next two weeks. And it is also an energy that feels very strongly connected to your awakening process, and to higher levels of consciousness that you are sensing and feeling.

With the alignment Venus-Moon-Sun-Mars in Leo, the feminine energy of Venus-Moon, and the masculine energy of Sun-Mars, all lined up together, there is a sense of coming into a wholeness, and emerging.

It is all about the Solar Plexus activation, bringing bright lights, bright downloads, bright energies starting off the month of August.

However, solar power can be like a punch to the stomach when unrestrained, and in the absence of kindness, so ACT IN AND FROM LOVE. There is no need to be afraid of your power or to play small when you are following your heart and Higher Guidance.

Are you ready to transform into your best self?

So at this New Moon time we have Venus-Moon-Sun all together conjunct in Leo.

A Moon-Venus conjunction is delicious, it is wonderful for anything to do with opening yourself and be very loving, feeling loving.

Venus wants value, she wants beauty, she wants harmony. Venus is as equally and fiercely loyal as Leo is, so with Venus-Moon conjunct, you are going to be shining light on the things that Venus is all about, this includes your finances, your values, your creativity, your romance, and because this conjunction happens at the New Moon, you can be planting seeds of intention… where do you need more joy, more pleasure, where do you need to be more like a child, where your children need more joy, more emotional contact, more caring, more loving…?

We also have Mars at 19 degrees of Leo, so can you be a warrior for Love? Are you broadcasting enough Love in your life? Remember that whatever frequency you send out to the world, that you are broadcasting consciously or unconsciously, the universe is just a mirror, so whatever you put out, you get it back from the universe. So if you want more LOVE in your life, broadcast LOVE. And instead of doing that 10’ a day, can that become your default frequency 24/7… YOU ARE LIVING IN LOVE.

So at the New Moon time and throughout August, there will be a general FEELING OF LOVE within yourself, around yourself, around Mother Earth, so be courageous TO SHOW YOUR LOVE.

The conjunction Venus-Moon-Sun is also in Square to Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus breaks you free as he liberates you from constraints and restrictions. He shows you more of your own independence, who you are, what you want, and how to do it your way, how you need to live your life on your own terms. 

Uranus in Taurus is where we are each individually and collectively, redefining our value system (Taurus). Uranus in Taurus talks about your finances, but it is also about what you want to own and possess, and have in your world, in your home… and with Uranus there is an energy of “clearing out”, but understanding it is because something is complete for you and it is done now. 

Uranus represents earthquake, and things happen fast, it is the breakdowns and the breakthroughs, and the liberations. You can be very restless with Uranus energy, it is rebellious …“Don’t tell me what to do”. 

So we have this energy in a challenging Square conversation with the Will and power of Leo (Venus-New Moon- Mars in Leo). There is something within you that you know is shifting, like an earthquake inside of you, hitting your Solar Plexus. Your non-evolved Solar Plexus is breaking away, and falling off to activate and light up a bigger and evolved Solar Plexus, that has a bigger understanding of what you want and who you are right now. 

Uranus brings unexpected and sudden developments, and it means that something in this New Moon is ready to break free. However this can be felt uncomfortable, because Taurus and Leo are Fixed astrological signs, and don’t want to compromise, and that is when the earthquake comes through, and you know that the earthquake resettles the land, so you are changing, you are levelling up, you are rising up into new places of yourself, that you did not expect, that you did not know were available to you. 

This Square conversation Uranus-New Moon wants you to shine the light of Love, regardless of somebody’s response, and that is going to be the challenge at this New Moon time.

The challenge is to allow each person in your life, the freedom to be able to be themselves… to act, dress, speak, do the work that they want to do, that gives them pleasure, to eat the way they want to eat, and just to allow that to be… and of course allowing yourself just to be yourself. Give yourself the freedom to express that which is important to you.

But choose your battles wisely because the Square to Uranus suggests that things can flare up all of a sudden, so choose what is really important to you, and then speak it out, and don’t be afraid of whatever the response might be.

So Heart and Love are big themes at this New Moon, but also “creativity”. Leo “par excellence” is the sign of creativity. 

And the Square conversation between Uranus and Venus-Moon-Sun, helps this sense of creativity. 

It is about beauty, it is about colour, and big creativity. So this can be great originality, an innovation, it can be really uniqueness in what you are producing, whether it is in words or visuals or whatever… And Uranus can even gives you this quality of, you can see beauty in ugliness, so it can be really positive in that way.

Uranus sits at 6 degrees of Taurus, so do pay attention where he is traveling in your Natal chart, in which House-Area of life. And if he is aspecting any planets, angles  or points in your Natal chart, personally this can create quite a sense of restlessness, a need for freedom, “don’t box me in”, or seeking an alternative lifestyle. So creativity is very pronounced here. 

Leo is always about letting your Light shine, this is your unique Divine Spark. So what can you shine to the world? And the more you can shine your Light, without any sense of ego the better, because you then help others to shine too.

Another big theme for Leo is “leadership”, because if you think Leo the lion, king of the jungle, it is just natural authority, a natural leadership, coming through this New Moon time.

You don’t often think about this, but you are actually a very powerful co-creator, co-creating the world at every moment. Your thinking, your emotional pattern are not only creating your own reality, but they are adding to the collective. And so, as you move into this new paradigm, as well as setting your new intention for your own life, can you actually set a new intention for a new kind of leadership in the world? Can you set an intention for heart-based leadership, that has within it compassion and empathy for all living beings (North Node in Cancer)? 

My beautiful Ohana can we all do that? How amazing a reality would that be!!!

The Shadow side of Leo, particularly when we have Uranus in Square conversation with the conjunction Venus-Moon-Sun, and particularly when we have Mars in Leo as well, there can be an over-confidence, there can be a grandiosity. And with Uranus, it can be impulsivity through misjudgments, because of your own over-confidence or grandiosity, because you think you are right. So be aware of this in your own personal life… that is another side of this Leo New Moon.

We also have the conjunction Venus-Moon-Sun in a lovely Trine conversation with Chiron, who is now Retrograde, at 5 degrees of Aries.

This is helping you go within, as every retrograded planet does, to understand what you have obtained during Chiron forward motion. So it is a time to basically pulling the energy back in, to review, reconsider, and to sit with what has come up for you. And there is an understanding here, that you are birthing a part of yourself, and this Aries energy is always the new start, the new beginnings, a new sense of self. 

So with this Trine conversation, there is an Ego recalibration, both Aries and Leo are masculine energies, and they are working with you, and there is a sense that you are changing, and that you are understanding more of who you are. Aries and Leo are Fire signs, so you feel very active, motivated, inspired, you want action, you want to move, so that is a very strong feeling at this new Moon.

Also at this New Moon time, Mercury is Stationary Direct, at 24 degrees of Cancer. 

Mercury goes Direct the day after the New Moon, on Aug 2nd, but he does not leave his Shadow zone until Aug 15th. Planets, when they have Retrograde motion, they go into what is called in astrology the “Shadow zone”. 

So lets take the example of Mercury… on July 7th Mercury was at 4 degrees of Leo, and then started to retrograde… on Aug 2nd Mercury will be at 24 degrees of Cancer and will move Direct… but it won’t be until Aug 15th that Mercury will move beyond 4 degrees of Leo, meaning that he will move out of that Shadow zone. So the whole Retrograde phase started at 4 degrees of Leo and will finish at 4 degrees of Leo. I hope I made that clear. 

So watch for this period of time, from July 7th to Aug 15th, because there can be more levels of awareness, more messages, details, information, specifics that come forth. 

So Mercury has been Retrograde, meaning that he has been on a review journey, that has taking him back from 4 degrees of Leo to 24 degrees of Cancer, back into your emotional body, your feelings, your gut feelings… and helping you to see it differently or to think about something differently. New perceptions of the reality are what Mercury retrograde gifts you with, because there is not just one reality, there are millions and billions of realities. So this Mercury Retrograde is a realignment with your mind, and being able to decipher all the energies that it can’t see, and creating new perceptions and perspectives. 

So now Mercury is Stationary-Direct, and will continue to move forward, leaving Cancer and re-entering the sign of Leo. 

And every time a planet moves from Cancer to Leo, it is a strengthening of energies, as it moves from the feminine Water to the masculine Fire, and the energy becomes more decisive. So anything you have been thinking deeply over in July, or you have had a lot of big experiences and you don’t quite have clarity yet… well when Mercury goes back into Leo, you will have more decisiveness, and a clearer understanding of where to direct yourself… because Leo is also a Fire of life, especially with planet Mars part of the equation at this New Moon, and Leo goes for what it wants. And there is a strong support here with this New Moon connected to Venus and Mars, that you are really clear on what you need to do for yourself, because this Leo New Moon shows you where your power is. At this New Moon your power is within yourself, within your Solar Plexus, and it is an activation of your own energy fields.

Another Fire energy to include in this Leo New Moon, is Jupiter Retrograde, at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, and he will stay at this degree for most of August. And Jupiter is in a great Trine conversation with the Leo New Moon.

This is encouraging you to be optimistic, to see that there is a way to touch people’s life. You might thing that you as one person, don’t make a difference, (I am feeling sometimes powerless when I see the overwhelming troubles in the world), but you really really do make a difference. 

This Trine between Jupiter and the Sun is encouraging you to find your joy, to find things that you enjoy, to share them with others… and maybe to share the miseries and the pains, because not everything is clean flowing all the time, but to share it with warmth and generosity, and with kindness… That is the message of this New Moon in Leo.

Jupiter will be Stationary-Direct on August 11th, and that is the same day that Uranus is Stationary-Retrograde, and this will happen right after the Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th. And also on August 14th, Mercury moves out of his retrograde shadow. So these dates need to be highlighted. These represent big changes, big movements, that you have been feeling or sensing. 

So there is a lot about this New Moon… 

Starting fresh, trusting yourself in a new way, a new role, (Chiron in Aries), with a creative spirit, and you know that you want to commit to that, and in yourself this is your Soul Mission, the reason you are here on Mother Earth, you can’t compromise who you are anymore, you want to love yourself in a whole new way, and in a bigger way. 

At this New Moon, there is an activation of LOVE, because Leo is the Big Love, but it has to be intentionally welcomed and invited. 

So around this New Moon, there are activations available for you, to step into the strength and confidence in who you are, to trust that you are a part of the much needed human puzzle, and to give you what you need TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT. So with this Leo New Moon take the risk to be who you are NOW.

So watch mid-August, because Mercury moves out of his Shadow zone, and Jupiter moves Direct, and Uranus moves Retrograde…and we are crossing through the Lion’s gate… this will make a big difference, information has been very slow to come out, and then you start to make some progress.

It is definitively a strong powerful energy at this New Moon time.  August is a dynamic month, it is a turning point, it has a lot of strength and force and desire, and no compromising, and NO GOING BACK.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏