This Aquarius Full Moon happens on Thursday 15th August 2019 at 22 degrees 24’ of Aquarius, at 10:30’ PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

There are great shifts of energy in August, especially in the second half of the month.

We had a lot of Retrograde planets in July, including Mercury, and right at the beginning of August, Mercury starts to move Direct at 24 degrees of Cancer. But Mercury will be fully out of his Shadow zone until the 15th of August, the day of the Full Moon. So there is going to be a sort of shift with this Mercury shining his unrestrained light in Leo.

Also, on the 11th of August, we have Jupiter going Stationary-Direct, and on the same day, Uranus is moving Stationary-Retrograde. And whenever planets really slow down to become Stationary, their symbolism is magnified. And both of these planets are quite futuristic in their symbolism. Jupiter in Sagittarius is very much about travel, long distance travel, space travel… and Uranus is the outsider, the alien, the person who does not fit… they both have a sense of future about them, and they are really emphasised during this month of August.

Jupiter is particularly emphasised because he is traveling in his own sign Sagittarius, and he is Stationary, so notice the few days around Aug 11th, for outstanding news, space news or galactic news.

This Full Moon is going to be quite a dynamic moment because of what Aquarius represents.

And you don’t need to be an Aquarius to benefit from this Full Moon, because you have, like all of us, Aquarius somewhere in your Natal chart.

We are now in the Aquarius Age, the awakening age, which is shifting you into a high vibrational acceptance of who you are at Soul level, which means your confidence is being enhanced. And that confidence is awakened in Leo as well, remember during this Full Moon, the Sun is in Leo at 22 degrees, and the Moon is in Aquarius at 22 degrees. So you have the benefits of the Lion energy, as you move forward looking into the future, which is what Aquarius is all about. 

So look at where 22 degrees of Aquarius falls in your Natal Chart, in which House-Area of life. It is where you are being asked to shine a light, to bring yourself into greater balance. That is the gift of every Full Moon, is that you are able to bring into balance, perhaps what you did not realise was out of balance. So every Full Moon is an opportunity for greater consciousness, as the light of the Moon shines on what has been unconscious.

In its essence this Full Moon is about WHAT IS AWAKENING IN YOU?

At this Full Moon time Venus is exactly conjunct to the Sun at 22 degrees of Leo. 

For most of August in fact, Venus has been traveling within 2 to 3 degrees orb of the Sun, so at this Full Moon time in the middle of August, we have a very bright illuminating energy around WHAT YOU LOVE, what matters to you, and what you are truly tapping into around your uniqueness, your Light, your ability to love yourself, and be yourself. 

The Leo energy is a Fire sign, it is a Fixed sign, and it is about the development of self, the risks you take to become yourself, the courage to be yourself, the understanding of who you are, and the Will and force to be oneself. So this intensification in Leo, which also enhances your confidence, is going to tap into your deepest emotions. 

When the Moon and Venus are opposite each other, your subconscious needs to be understood. So you may find yourself being a little bit moody, you may need a little bit more affection during this time, certainly you want to resolve tensions in any intimate relationships. So that means sharing your love with others, but also being very creative, because Venus governs the arts and creativity, beauty, sensuality, and also abundance. 

So at this Full Moon time, the focus on harmony and beauty will enhance the feeling of abundance in your life…. so put on something beautiful, go out and explore beauty in nature, go to an art exhibition… whatever it takes for you to tune into that. 

For this Full Moon, Peace is a big theme, because the Sun and Moon are at 22 degrees. 

In numerology, 22 is a master number, and what the ancient called  the “Architect Of Peace” number. And Aquarius is all about exploration and inspiration, going out of bounds, covering new ground, focusing on what is coming up in your life, and leaving old paradigms behind.

So at this Full Moon time, you have this energy of Peace that arises when you do let go. That means for you to step into your higher consciousness, your higher self Aumakua, which Aquarius represents, to have the freedom to explore pathways that are brand new, which requires that you release those old angles, this old beliefs, and you replace them with new ideas. 

So this higher consciousness which invigorates you with the freedom to explore new pathways, including your Divine Mission, your contracts for this lifetime… this brings tremendous Peace. 

And a Full Moon is always about bringing energy into harmony. So with this Aquarius Full Moon, you have the opportunity here of breaking free, with confidence (Sun in Leo). The 22 degrees brings inner Peace, and also discovering that you are here for a reason. The Aquarian Age we are currently in, makes it like “WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?”… “WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE?”… and one way to discover that, and Aquarius governs Astrology and Numerology, is through the exploration of your Birth Chart, your star blueprint, which is born when your Soul incarnates on Earth. That particular moment describes who you are at Soul level, and what you are here to do. And then you can discover your destiny. Have an astrology session with Me!!!

With the Sun exactly conjunct to Venus at 22 degrees, the “Architect Of Peace” number, you feel in Love with life as a peaceful experience. So finding the peaceful way, finding the connection with others that comes from Peace, being affectionate, being giving, being open to just laughter and relaxation and fun. You want to take some time out, yo want to bring beauty into everything that you do. This Full Moon in Aquarius is a time to use your enhanced imagination to create beauty.

Another aspect to look at is that the Moon is opposite Mars and the Sun is conjunct Mars.

This gives you strong emotional focus and direction, you have ambition, you have a goal, and yes you may feel impulsive a little bit, but this gives you the emotional focus to go towards the goals,  and this makes you more conscious of your goals. 

And remember, Aquarius really wants you to focus on your future, Aquarius wants you to see the big picture, Aquarius wants you to let go… and this will help you let go, just as long as you guard against aggression and being rash and impatient. So act on your feelings in a positive way.

The Sun conjunct Mars heightens your energy, and that means that you will need more exercise, because Mars needs to be expressed through physical movement.

So with the two conjunctions, Venus and Mars, to the Sun, you want to use your imagination, you want to release the fire of Mars and the beauty of Venus, and express your tremendous unique nature. And that involves moving your body, and being open to new things, Mars rules Aries the first sign, so there is a sense of …”What can I start now?”… and because Jupiter is moving Direct again, Mercury started his Direct movement early August, so you are in flow, so there is a lot of momentum at this Full Moon time for action, and movement, and ambition, and drive. So be crystal clear about your purpose, and about your destiny. 

At this Full Moon time, the Aquarius Moon is an observer energy, where you step back from your Leo-Ego , and you look at the bigger picture of Aquarius. You look at the environment, the scenery, the situation you are in with objectivity. 

Aquarius is an Air sign, also a Fixed sign, very cerebral and a visionary. So there is an opportunity at this Full Moon time to check in with where you are going, with where you are taking the sense of self (Leo), and looking at the way ahead (Aquarius). What is possible when you look beyond the horizon, when you look outside of yourself? 

The Leo energy can be very focused on itself, to the point of Narcissism, or overly self-involved. But this Aquarius Full Moon reminds you that you are part of a much bigger energy field… so are you tapping into that? At this Full Moon, the illumination comes when you see how your unique gifts, and what you have been learning and loving about yourself, can fit into the cosmic picture in a higher way. 

You have this beautiful energy of developing your Divine Spark, your original creativity, but making it of use to the collective, making it of use to the world in some progressive way, that is the Aquarius desire for higher good. Because the Aquarius energy is about the collective, the whole system, the way that everything can come together, and have systems within systems, the structures around us, how society is organised. Aquarius is also associated with giving back, doing something for humanity, doing something that supports the bigger community of humanity.

So at this Full Moon time, there is this sense of STEP OUT OF YOURSELF.

Sun-Venus-Mars in Leo are all opposing the Moon in Aquarius, so Leo reminds you to come from your heart energy, always feeling HEART. Is this a heart response I am feeling, or is it too much in my head, too much in the thinking process?

Leo is all about the HEART’s energy, it is big hearted, incredibly loving, YOU CAN BEAM YOUR LOVE TO THE WORLD, it is incredibly creative, radiant… so we still have that ongoing energy at this Aquarius Full Moon…. and the message here is I CREATE MY UNIQUE DIVINE SPARK, which you can offer to the world. Aquarius is about to help the collective, to raise the consciousness in some way.

Uranus governs Aquarius, so he is the ruler of this Full Moon, therefore he is emphasised, and also because few days before the Full Moon, on Aug 11th, he was Stationery-Direct.

Uranus and Aquarius are both connected to awakening, they are both connected to truth…I WALK A PATH OF TRUTH. 

It is interesting to see that this Full Moon, at 22 degrees of Aquarius, is quite isolated, and it almost gives the feeling that you have to go solo to walk your path of truth. Because if you are becoming awakened, and shifting your consciousness, at a different speed to those around you, that you are in close relationships with (friends, family, partners, etc…), that may create a slight sense of difference for you. But if you want to really evolve, you have to take that part of your own truth. It is a very individual journey for each of us indeed!.

Jupiter is Stationery Direct on Aug 11th, and the Aquarius Full Moon takes place on Aug 15th, 4 days later.

Jupiter opens up joy, expansion, wisdom and blessings and gratitude, feeling more abundant, expansive… and Aquarius finds inventive solutions. So you are going to come across some big moments of integrating the truth as you see it or hear it, and allowing yourself to then be set free, so you can focus on the inspiration for the future. 

So there is a sense of the higher mind being filled with innovative ideas, very eccentric, very brilliant, very unexplored, the unconventional, the unique… all of that describes Aquarius. 

And also being very open to the unexpected, to the surprises, to the excitement. 

Uranus the ruler of Aquarius, is the planet of revolutionary shifts. He allows you to partake in the moment, listening intuitively in a way that just leaves the past behind.

And the Shadow side with Aquarius, is that you might get aloof, inflexible, anxious, nervous, or decide not to get involved, not to get engaged.

At the time of this Full Moon, we have got 5 planets in the Fire signs…( Sun-Venus-Mars-Mercury in Leo, and Chiron in Aries)… and 6 planets in Fixed signs…(Sun-Venus-Mars-Mercury in Leo, and Uranus in Taurus, and Moon in Aquarius). So the keywords here are “Action” (Fire energy), Passion (Fixed energy), and also “stay in power”. 

The advantages with the Fixed signs is that sometimes they can be very determined, and a little stubborn, the Fixed signs being Aquarius-Leo-Scorpio-Taurus, but at the same time, they are often very loyal, and don’t take No for an answer.

So it is about …”what you need to really get a strong bite into, and stick with?”… Where in your life do you need to stick with that will be beneficial to you? The energy of this Full Moon is going to help you to stay with something… maybe you are studying something, and it has just got to that difficult bit, well this is a good time to get over that hump.

And this Moon in Aquarius is very good for problem solving, for coming up with creative new solutions to something, that might have felt difficult. So you maybe facing something difficult, and often Full Moons do bring out the things that you maybe did not want to face for a while, and here this energy of the Fixed and the Fire gives you “stay in power” and “strength”, to move through the difficult times. So very much the message of this Full Moon is about not giving up, especially if the goings are getting a little bit tough in a certain life area.. NO I AM NOT GIVING UP, I AM FOLLOWING THROUGH.

At this Full Moon, Mercury at 5 degrees of Leo, is in a tight Square conversation with Uranus at 6 degrees of Taurus.

And so this Square is saying …”Think different”… Think in a whole new way, look at where you have perhaps become stagnant or stuck. The other thing that is important about this Square energy, is that Mercury is finally leaving his Retrograde Shadow zone, so this is bursting fresh new possibilities and potentials, that you was not ready for yet, because Mercury had to go back Retrograde into Cancer, and look at the emotions and feelings underneath, that were driving you, that were hidden, and hopefully within the past two months you have cleared out a lot… 

And now this Mercury back in Leo, moves forward and get electrical shocks from Uranus in Taurus, to see it differently. And if you have been stagnant or stuck, this electrical shocks could set you free now, and this could bring greater clarity.

So with this Mercury-Uranus Square, this may be a time when you really need to speak out, and not delay it anymore, not be so nice, being a people pleaser. So at this Full Moon time, what needs to be communicated? Sometimes you have just got to say it as it is. These are the energies of this Full Moon in Aquarius.

This Square conversation can be wonderful for bringing in new ideas, channelling, downloading… Mercury-Uranus connection can be that you are plugged into the mind of the Divine Source, to your higher self Aumakua, and it can bring in great originality and ingenuity as well. 

However, in its difficult expression, it can be impulsivity, being unpredictable, because Uranus always speeds things up in a major way, and often surprisingly or accidentally. So with Mercury flavour, it can be you speak too quickly, and then regret it… or because Mercury is in Leo, there is a sense of grandiosity, too much panache, that does not work well either, that is misjudged… So be aware of that, because you can use all of this energy very creatively.

Another thing that stands out at this Full Moon time, we have Sun-Venus exactly conjunct at 22 degrees of Leo, and they are in a uncomfortable conversation with Pluto at 21 degrees of Capricorn, that requires some adjustment, because the two signs Leo and Capricorn don’t have much in common.  

On one side, Sun-Venus conjunction in Leo is about what you desire, what you want to create, and who you are. So this conversation with Pluto in Capricorn is that you could be trying to figure out where this creative force, this desire to do something your way, where does this fit in the reality of your life right now.? So this Sun-Venus conversation with Pluto sets up some kind of discomfort that can be hard to resolve at this time. 

You are aware of your talents and your gifts, how you are different, but also how you are connected to the world at large, this is the Moon in Aquarius, the Moon of individuation, of rebellion… “I want to do it my way”.

This Moon sitting at the end of Aquarius is a mature Moon, which understands that… “when I am myself and I give back to something bigger than me, I contribute my unique energy in a way that is acknowledged and understood”. So this mature Moon at 22 degrees, can help with the perspective of knowing where your gifts fit into the bigger picture of the world.

The first two weeks of August has been very fiery, very creative, with lots of Leo energy, plus we have Chiron in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius, so there has been a lot of Fire in the sky, and this Full Moon can bring up something around …”What am I supposed to do with all this?”… because there could be an inner power-struggle, or a real discomfort between how you are known, what you are doing now professionally (Pluto in Capricorn), where you have expertise and mastery… versus… what you are creating and what you are doing next (Sun-Venus in Leo, and Moon in Aquarius).

So at this Aquarius Full Moon time, you are cracking open some more of your own perceived limitations, about who you think you are in the world (Pluto in Capricorn), and you are meant to follow the Fire of Leo, the creative spark, the desires, what is in your heart (Sun-Venus in Leo), even if it comes against the Pluto energy of not being sure where it is going to go yet.

So don’t let this uncomfortable conversation between Sun-Venus and Pluto creates despair, or doubt, or take you out of the reality, that you are looking to create next.

Gradually toward the end of August, the personal planets, Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars, are moving from Leo, which is this radiant-dynamic-creative energy, into Virgo, which is very different, from Fixed-Fire sign energy (Leo) to Mutable-Earth sign energy (Virgo).

We will be in the busy Virgo season, so hold tight because now this is the time of the creativity, and the inspiration, and the knowing who you are, the grounding it, the feeling it, the really integrating it into yourself, and then by the end of August, there is going to be the practical application of how to go about your next steps, when these personal planets are all in Virgo. That is when the map or the path forward is going to be much clearer.

Virgo is mental energy, very acute mental focus, excellent for planning, making everything run like clockwork, making sure everything is just perfect. So whatever creative ideas or visions that you have come up with, early in the month, you are now getting into the details, the planning stage, so everything works perfectly, how do you actually make that happen, Virgo is an Earth sign, how do you manifest it and put it into effect. 

However, try not to be too perfectionist here, because Virgo can be the “worrier”, the OCD type,  where 99% or 100% is still not good enough… So just be kind to yourself as you go through this process.

At this Full Moon, we still have the ongoing long-running Square conversation, up until October this year, between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.

This has a beautiful upside of spiritual inspiration for your creativity, it is about having bigger spiritual visions, bigger dreams, bigger horizons, it is very inspired, boundless.

On the shadow side, we are coming back to the main theme of this Full Moon of truth. Jupiter is very connected to truth and legality, Sagittarius is about the legal system… and Neptune in Pisces in its shadow expression is about secrets, things that have been covered up. 

So this Full Moon is a wonderful time for secrets to be revealed, she shines a light on truth but also non truth.

Something very interesting to be mentioned, happening at this Full Moon time, is that Jupiter, Stationary-Direct on 14 degrees of Sagittarius, is exactly sitting on the degrees of the “Great Attractor”, the GA , at 14 degrees 2’,  this massive mysterious vortex in space, and our entire galaxy is moving toward it. 

What the Great Attractor is remains a mystery. 

The Great Attractor is a vast black hole that is larger than the Galactic Center, also known as the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. It has so much pull that it draws thousands of the surrounding galaxies toward it, including our own Milky Way. 

While the Great Attractor draws everything nearby toward it, it also sends out some of the most multidimensional consciousness there is, in the form of streams of Light that can be downloaded through the crown chakra into any soul that is awaken enough to receive it.

This giant black hole serves as a hologram of Truth, each fractal reflecting something so vast that our human minds must constantly allow themselves to be stretched toward it. The only way to work with the Great Attractor is to keep your frequencies elevated by focusing on Source, and surrendering to It with an open heart. The GA is the most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the known universe. There may have been a time when we were oblivious to this kind of energy, but not anymore. 

So Jupiter sitting on the GA degrees during this month of August, is super powerful, and Jupiter is the planet of expansion. 

So check where the 14 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your Natal chart, or if you have a planet or point, that falls between 12 and 16 degrees of Sagittarius. 

People who have a planet or point or angle, around 14 degrees of Sagittarius, between 12 and 16 degrees, often have a strong magnetic presence, they may have very strong opinions as well, a strong sense of individualism. But they may also have an impact on the world, on people, that is way beyond their own perception, and they don’t realise the effect that they have on people on quite a wide scale. But also because the power of the GA is so strong, it actually bends light, therefore these people often have a sense of precognition, so they can see around corners.

However, for all of us, because the transiting Jupiter is actually on 14 degrees of Sagittarius, in alignment with the GA, this is giving us an amazing opportunity this month, to connect to that GA energy. For example, during any kind of meditation, you can connect to it, and feel that you are receiving that energy, visualising and feeling streams of light coming through your Crown Chakra… Can you do that? Because if you can tune into this incredible powerful Source of creator energy, then it is giving you an amazing opportunity for a bigger world, and allow you to take a quantum leap, an EVOLUTIONARY JUMP beyond where you have ever been before, so it is really exciting.

Few hours after the Full Moon, on the following day Aug 16th, the Moon will reach 28 degrees of Aquarius, and will oppose Mars at 28 degrees of Leo.

This opposition Moon-Mars can be a disagreement, a fight, you want something one way and somebody else wants it another way… or it can be a realignment between that Lunar-Yin-feminine and the Mars-Yang-masculine, and what can we do together to create something, but before you reach that point there is usually some type of disagreements. So just keep that in mind, that it could be that a little bit more discussion is needed, and that is one of the strengths of this Moon in Aquarius, that is a need to talk about it, let’s find a new way through this, a new solution, so just keep that energy in mind during this Full Moon.

So how can you take advantage of this Aquarius Full Moon? Well there is a wonderful Trine conversation between Mercury the “Messenger” and Chiron the “Sacred Healer”.

This really activates your purpose, it activates your desire to be of service, to uplift energy, and with this Mercury-Chiron Trine, you have a wonderful opportunity to create and convey what it is you are discovering and the meaning of your life, the meaning of your ideas to others, because Mercury is the “Messenger”… so that means that you can advise, you can help and facilitate healing, knowing exactly what to say, what to do, how to be.

A good tip for this Aquarius Full Moon, is for you to walk into the unknown and leave behind what you believe to be true, and I know this is really difficult, because it means that you have to totally trust in your Divine connection to Source… this is about living in the moment to the max… to be in the great MANAWA… “Now is the moment of power…I am here NOW”… It is NOT the past that has shaped you into what you are today, nor has it given you, what you now have. Your current beliefs, decisions and actions related to yourself and the world around you shape your awareness of the world and yourself and there with define your current experience.

At this Full Moon, you want to leave everything you think you know behind, and walk out into an adventure, into the wilderness. This Full Moon in Aquarius is a test of your own Will and strength in yourself. And that is where you are going to continue to gather and gain more strengths, is through the Leo development of confidence, courage, and knowing that your gifts and how you are here to offer them fits into the collective, the bigger whole, the bigger picture.

This is a very dynamic Full Moon, and it feels like a lot about August is shifting you into these new potentials, new possibilities, and also shifting you into more of who you really are. 

And remember, Aquarius always has to be different, so allow your difference out, don’t try to match everything, and LET YOURSELF BE THE DIFFERENT YOU THAT YOU ARE.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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Mahalo Nui🙏