We have got a very lovely New Moon, and this is an opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh start, to put things from the past behind you, and to create something new for yourself. So what is the flavour of this New Moon?

At this New Moon time, we of course have the Sun and the Moon exactly conjunct, they get together on the same page at 6 degrees of Virgo, they hug, they reunite, and they are joined by Mars at 7 degrees of Virgo. And Mars is an activator, Mars says… “Let’s go, let’s get moving, let’s get done”… Mars is how you take action in the world, how you take action physically, how you are ready to get productive. 

This absolutely magnificent Virgo New Moon is so healing, because she also comes with a beautiful Grand Trine pattern that involves pretty much every planet, 8 planets in total, there is just a couple that are not included.

The Grand Trine is the most positive sacred geometric shape that we have in astrology, plus this New Moon is a SuperMoon, one of the most positive you are seeing in a long time.

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon comes closer to Earth in its orbit. This Moon is going to be at its closest point to the Earth, so it is going to be very powerful, because that exert very strong pull on the tectonic plates of our Mother Earth, strong pull on the ocean’s tides, but also on our psyches and emotions tides as well, because we are all made of about 80% of water.

So this New SuperMoon is a strong new beginning, and because this is the closest SuperMoon of the year, this time around, it is a particularly potent new beginning. 

Of course you don’t have to be a Virgo to benefit from this SuperMoon, it is affecting all of us because we all have Virgo somewhere in our natal chart, and that where this New SuperMoon is taking place. 

So where 6 degrees of Virgo falls in your natal chart, let the meaning of the House-Area of life conditions the intention that you set for this new beginning, and that will help you to get the right wording for your intention. And remember that you are just planting seeds at a New Moon, you are not seeing the flower, you are not seeing the blossom, you are planting the seeds and roughly in 6 months time, you may well see the manifestation of what you are planting at this time.

This is a very focused New SuperMoon energy here, with 5 planets lined up in Virgo, all conjunct… Mercury-Moon-Sun-Mars-Venus. In astrology, this is called a “Stellium” when you have multiple planets all conjunct together in the same astrological sign. These planets joint together become like a family, a tribe, a Ohana, therefore I like to call them the “Virgo Ohana”. 

So we have the Virgo Ohana that brings a lot of energy and focus to the Virgo area of your natal chart, specifically at the 6 and 7 degrees ( degrees of Sun-Moon and Mars), because there is a lot of energy here, that is ready to go, that is ready to move forward. 

So this New SuperMoon has a lot of GO GO GO to it, and not only because of the strong focused Virgo Ohana, but it is also due to the Trine conversation from Uranus at 6 degrees of Taurus. 

Uranus at 6 degrees of Taurus, is emphasised here, because he is exactly in a Trine conversation with Sun and Moon, at 6 degrees of Virgo.

Uranus brings up what is exciting and what is new, and there is a sense of change, breakthroughs, things busting through to be liberated. Uranus is the change agent, planet of inspirational downloads, the intrepid explorer. Uranus just dives in and creates a revolution, and in a very spontaneous surprising way. 

So at this New SuperMoon time, you are going to notice that opportunities increase your sense of freedom and self-confidence, and this brings a lot of AHA moments. So just to get out of your comfort zone is important in any way you can, with people, with your intuition… because Uranus is so intuitive and have so many beautiful flashes of insight for you, that are going to expand your self-awareness. 

Virgo is about anything, it is about being aware of your situation, your surroundings, your relationships, the people you hang with… so Uranus is coming in, and gives you the creative abilities to embrace new discoveries, go on a new adventure, be a risk-taker. You have everything it takes now to move forwards, because Uranus points to the future, he is ruling Aquarius, and Aquarius is about moving towards what really inspires you, the uncharted territory. 

This Uranus energy emphasises the sense of “try something fresh, try something new”, and you are going to have a sense of renewal, re-ignition, ready to go, and a sense of what you are ready to plant for next. 

Virgo energies helps you prioritise, edit, put things in order, become more efficient, improve. So what in your world is ready to be put into a new order, or system, that can be truly realistic, practical, and get the job done?

The Virgo Ohana is about back to school, back to the desk, time to focus energy, and this New SuperMoon is asking you to look at what your priorities are. So wherever this Virgo Ohana energy is showing up for you in your natal chart, whichever House-Area of life, is where you are here to focus on these Virgo qualities right now. Because there is a sense of “it is time to really get things into shape”, make it functional, and also look at what needs to go. There is a cutting out with the Virgo… “I don’t need that, that is not important, there is too much, I need to only focus on the details, the specifics and minimising”.

So at this New SuperMoon time, there is a minimising flavour, which you could find in terms of your priorities, but also the Virgo energy pertains to your physical body, your daily routines, your daily responsibilities. So with Virgo flavour, energy is drawn to where you need to take care of things, and perhaps look for some new ways of doing that.

And Uranus in Taurus is opening you up to new value systems… what really matters to you?… what do you want to put effort or energy towards?… what has your name on it? …So there is a sense of, you are shifting what matters to you, what your values are. And that Uranus energy now is working with all the Virgo planets, and there are going to put it into action. But keep in mind that Mars is not only about action, he can also be anger, it can be a sense of …”I have to do it my way”. 

So there is a strong determination in this Virgo Ohana at this New SuperMoon time. There is really a sense that you are ready to take off, and move towards what you have learned about yourself, with all those energies of July and August. 

Remember July was about the Eclipses, and in August we have the strong energies in Leo, and now with the Virgo Ohana, we organise it, make it practical, and know what to do with it, and you could be receiving the inspiration around that as well. 

Be aware that with this Virgo Ohana, this strong focus on Virgo, you can also feel really responsible for everything. You can be very hard on yourself, you can think it is not good enough, that you are not good enough, and you can develop guilt around what you are not doing… “I am not doing enough, it is not good enough, I need to try harder, I need to work later”.

At this New SuperMoon time, you have a sense of new commitments showing up with the Virgo Ohana. And with the Uranus Trine conversation this is really a time of making progress in your world, in your life, with everything that you do, and also seeing some concrete rewards showing up from that. 

This is a very focused New SuperMoon indeed, she is very powerful, she feels very encouraging, very positive, very uplifting… so stay in balance with the fact that you are going to need breaks, rests, using delegation… ask for help, you can’t do it all, you need to sleep, you need your downtime… but you also need to maintain a connection to spirit, the Divine Source, your higher spirit Aumakua. That is reminding you that ALL YOU HAVE IS THE PRESENT MOMENT, and all you are responsible for is the present moment, even though there will always be tasks and missions and chores to do. So don’t overwhelm yourself, give yourself a break.

Another important Trine conversation, part of the earth Grand Trine pattern, is the Trine to Saturn. It is a little bit wide but still effective. So on the big picture, the formation of the earth Grand Trine is made of the Virgo Ohana in Trine to Uranus in Taurus, and also in Trine to Saturn in Capricorn.

Earth Grand Trines are always considered very lucky. If you are born with an earth Grand Trine in your natal chart, often you are materially successful, because it brings it down to Earth in a tangible way. Grand Trine represent talents you have, and in earth signs, it is the talent to ground, to manifest.

And with Saturn at home in his sign of Capricorn, it not only makes you make things very practical, it helps manifestation, to bring the ideas down to earth, supporting the Virgo energy as well, but it also is excellent where you are building things for long term success, if you use this energy well. 

Earth flavour is really enhanced at this New SuperMoon, because in fact we have 8 planets in Earth signs, the 5 of the Virgo Ohana, plus Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus.

Earth signs are really practical, and Virgo loves logic, analysis, editing, getting things run smoothly and efficiently, frugal. Virgo also governs crystals, anything Earth related… and healing, service, health regimens, and getting in touch with the origin of the food you are eating, using herbs, aromatherapy, essential oils…it is also about the water you are drinking, the air you are breathing, your environment in other words, your daily environment, your surroundings… that is what Virgo governs.

At this New SuperMoon time, the Sun and Moon are at 6 degrees, and in numerology 6 is all about love and nurturing. Using love and herbs and crystals and alternative healing modalities, to get you into a higher vibrational place, and as a result to get Mother Earth into a higher vibrational plane as well.

At this New SuperMoon time, we also amazingly have 7 planets in Mutable signs (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces). We have the Virgo Ohana, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. 

So that means there is change, there is transition, there is flexibility, there is open-mindedness as well.

So we have 8 planets in earth signs, and 7 planets in Mutable signs, and in extra this New Moon is a SuperMoon, so be aware that there is almost a kind of shifting of the Earth that is possible. Again think of the power of Moon’s pull on the tectonic plates, and on your body fluids.

But on the overall, this is a very positive SuperMoon for all of us, because the Virgo Ohana helps you to narrow down your focus, and it is very superb for getting everything running like clockwork, in a practical way.

Mercury rules Virgo, therefore he rules this SuperMoon, so he is very strong here. He is very much highlighting the mental function, giving you a strong laser like focus, but try not to be worry with this, because Virgo can be very perfectionist, and because Mars is also in Virgo and tends to put his foot hard down in getting the details right. So at this New SuperMoon time, don’t stress yourself and relax into it, and know that you have good energies that are helpful to get things running like clockwork.

Virgo is also about the “Keepers of the Earth” who understood that Earth has everything we need to heal us. So this New SuperMoon is affecting you strongly, particularly if you are involved in shamanism, being a healer, a bodyworker, a medicine woman/man, a shaman or a Shananka or Shanaye (South America), a Kahuna (Hawaiian-Tahitian), a Dukun (Indonesia), a Mudang (Korean), a Vala (Norse), a Quam (Turkish), a Miko (Japan), an Alumbrada (Spain)… So if you are involved in plant medicine, herbs medicine, any healing therapy, nutrition, counselling… this is a super time to start some new projects, new ideas around that, because this New SuperMoon in Virgo energy is extremely fertile for you.

And at this Virgo New SuperMoon time, we still have the backdrop of that ongoing Square conversation, going on till October, between Jupiter and Neptune, and this is about the big vision. This is your spiritual inspiration, this is seeing higher and better possibilities for yourself and others, on Earth. So this Square conversation can inspire what you are doing at the time of this New SuperMoon.

And Virgo is very practical and seek solutions, and Virgo asks you… “what are you focusing on, on your way forward?… What is it you are actually thinking about, as you move forward? 

In order to move forward, it really helps to know how you are designed, because you are specially, uniquely designed. You have a unique “star blueprint”, your own recipe, that is your birth chart, and that explains your contract for this lifetime. It explains your destiny, your career or vocation environment, your relationships, your health, your callings, your Divine mission…so this is a great time to dive into the secrets of your own personal star-blueprint, and have an astrological reading.

Virgo likes to help, Virgo is about services, Virgo likes to clear your head space, clear your environment, Fengshui your life, cleanse. Virgo is very efficient, it plans, organises, it is very into health and physical exercise, diet, structured routines. Virgo is also about critical thinking, and analysis, so discernment and focus are really heightened at this New SuperMoon time.

However the shadow side of Virgo, which you need to know as well, is to be perfectionist, to judge or blame others, being a workaholic, being worry, anxious, too critical, never satisfied, never good enough. 

So Virgo like everything in its place, to be in the place of perfection… and the good news about that is that Virgo brings order out of chaos, by seeing how all the pieces fit together. Virgo creates a big vision, so it is the macrocosm and the microcosm coming together… and fitting the pieces together, is what creates healing, because you see the whole body, you see holistically with Virgo… it is a holistic sign.

At this New SuperMoon time, we have the Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, and that will bring you tons of ideas. 

You are going to be intellectually stimulated, you can negotiate more easily, this is wonderful for communication and writing.You are just conscious of what your thought processes are, which is very important, because Virgo is “Speak when you need to speak”.

Virgo is not a sign that will just like spill things out. So at this New SuperMoon time, it is important to just pay attention, and be very conscious about the words you are using, and eliminate or rephrase any negativity in your speech and thought processes. 

Another thing to remember is that Virgo is very connected to your daily routine, your daily choices. So practice mindfulness as much as you can, because it is in your minute-by-minute choices, choices of how you react, choices of the thoughts you have in your mind, choices of the emotions that are running at the time… Remember it is a SuperMoon, so try TO BECOME SUPER AWARE of those choices, because essentially in your choices you are determining your level of frequency, your level of vibration. Your reality today, tomorrow and on going, self-selects itself by your level of frequency. That is what is choosing your reality, and your future, going forward. So be very alert, aware and conscious… 


Virgo is a wonderful time for cleaning, decluttering, for cleansing body-mind-spirit, for really sorting out stuff… Do I really need this?… And not only in your physical world, but also in your online world, such as getting your files and information organised, this is a wonderful time for stream lining everything in your life.

Virgo is everything to do with health and wellbeing as well, so watch what you are eating, it is not only about what you are putting into your mouth, your food, your diet…but certainly just as important, it is also about what is coming out of your mouth, what are you speaking, what are you thinking. This is a wonderful time for purifying your thinking processes, because this energy of Virgo is an opportunity really to become extremely conscious, and if necessary critical about the thoughts that you are having, and looking for ways in which you can make some changes.

So with the strongVirgo Ohana, for sure you can really listen before you say something. And with the support of Venus, you can infuse your words with a lot of Love, you can infuse your words with inspiration and with a sense of affection towards others, and be really kind.

And Mars brings the ability to just have this great drive to act on what you are thinking. And you can use the restless fiery energy of Mars, to immerse yourself in a creative project. You have a tremendous emotional focus with Mars conjunct this Virgo New SuperMoon, and you need to direct your energy in a very potent way, so body exercises are a perfect way, with this Mars-New SuperMoon conjunction, to release some of that fiery energy. So definitively apply your body, your imagination, release that fire, and transform and alchemise that heat into outcomes that are really productive. This is a New Moon so you can put in place new habits, new goals, start new projects. 

Venus and Mars are about relationships, they are the “Cosmic Lovers”, and they conjunct every 2 years or so.

They are in an ongoing dance with each other, and at this New SuperMoon time, they are joining in Virgo, the sign of the Harvest Goddess. This is the 3rd of 3 consecutive Venus-Mars conjunction to occur in Virgo. The conjunction was exact on Aug 24th, but is still strong at the New SuperMoon time on Aug 30th.

The dance of the “Cosmic Lovers” in Virgo, brings you sacredness…What does it mean to be “sacred’, or hold something as “sacred’? …Is it a devotion to something or someone?… Is it a kind of passion for something?… Is it related to Love?

The word “sacred” in the modern context, is to something you hold true to yourself, your community, an inner fire that is intended to be held in reverence within.

So this Mars-Venus conjunction is the beginning of a 2 years cycle, and it marks the beginning of a new cycle of all of your relationships, and not just lovers and friends.

So since July, there is a very clear kind of progression, from the creativity of Leo energy, into the detail of Virgo, and now you have the benefit of downloads from Uranus and inspiration there, and the spiritual bigger picture and inspiration from Jupiter in Square conversation to Neptune.

This New SuperMoon heavily flavoured with an earth Grand trine asks you to stay positive, maintain faith in yourself and what you are working on, building and creating, and remember that there is also a sense of moderating, ( which Jupiter in Sagittarius does not do that very well), and that is going to be part of the test… is how you can moderate your energy, and stay in a place of roundedness and centeredness. 

So all in all, it is a very strong powerful Virgo New SuperMoon, that is getting you back to work on your mission, on your intentions, and on what you are here on Mother Earth to develop in the physical world. So make the most of this time truly, you might feel that you get more done in a day than you could in a week. 

And in 2 weeks we will have the Pisces Full Moon, and it will definitively be about taking a break, allowing yourself some downtime, and giving yourself a rest. 

So in practical terms, use these 2 weeks, beginning with the Virgo New SuperMoon, to make a lot of progress, and by the Pisces Full Moon you will definitively be ready for a break, and it will be well deserved.

This New SuperMoon time is also a time for helping, for serving others in some way, for contributing, making some kind of a difference… and remember “purifying” and “Rituals” are strong keywords at this time.

It is a time for doing things, not a time for sitting around and dreaming… non “NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION”.

I have been so happy to share this energy with you.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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And also feel free to share this on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏