This Pisces Full Moon happens on Saturday 14th September 2019 at 21degrees 05’ of Pisces, at 2:34PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise /Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome everyone to this very transformational Pisces Full Moon.

There has been a build up since the last New Moon in Virgo, on Aug 30th, we had a big alignment of the personal planets, Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Mars, all in Virgo. 

And that influence continues with this Pisces Full Moon, but in this case, the Moon is now opposite Sun-Mercury-Venus-Mars, and the Moon is in conjunction with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, therefore the ruler of this Full Moon. 

So check where 21 degrees of Pisces and Virgo sit in your natal chart, in which House-Area of life, and this will give you information to where this Full Moon is impacting you.

The Virgo energy is now going to be lessening after this Full Moon.

So every Full Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are opposing each other in the sky. This is the time when it is the brightest light, there is big illumination, and this Full Moon on the Pisces-Virgo axis is known as “The Harvest Moon”.

The Moon is snuggled up with Neptune at this Full Moon time, and this represents the “Disappearing Moon” here. Anytime the Moon conjunct Neptune, the Moon disappears, and when she was just approaching Neptune at 16 degrees of Pisces, she went behind the veil of Neptune, into the other realms. And she went there to rise higher and connect with the intuitive messages and energies of your higher self, your Aumakua. 

Neptune represents your higher self, your Aumakua. This higher self lives at a higher plane of consciousness that is said to exist outside of the limitations of the physical body. This higher self expresses all the divine qualities like compassion, patience, love, forgiveness. The Aumakua is rather fascinating when examined at some depth. It is the self that directs non-physical matters like dreams and intuitions through using the subconscious self . When the energy is located in the area of the high self, Aumakua, it is said to be at its most powerful level.

So planet Neptune (Aumakua) is outside the world of physicality, she is the intuition, the creativity, the muse, the desire to sleep and astral travel, and go to other places. She is what you can’t always understand logically, but you feel it deeply. 

So the Moon went behind the veil to balance out all the very intense Virgo energies you went through… working working working, doing doing doing. And this conjunction Moon-Neptune is now saying… “It is time for a break”… “It is time to release your hands from the handlebars and surrender”. 

This can show up through many ways of course. It can show up consciously and unconsciously. 

This can show up as a sickness, if you have been working too hard and you need a break. This can show up as all of a sudden needing a lot of sleep, feeling exhausted. This can show up as sensing that you want to be alone, you just want everyone to leave you alone. 

So at this Full Moon time, there is an energy of strongly balancing all the workload of Virgo, and remembering… “I am hearing my Soul”, with Pisces you are rising to the higher places within you, listening to your Aumakua, and there is a reconnection energy here.


At this Full Moon, the Moon sits just after Neptune, and she is carrying information that she has gathered from her time behind the veil, and you are now reconnected to what you need and what you value. At this time the Moon is saying… “ILLUMINATE YOURSELF”, you are asked to rise up out of the energy of the physical body, through your Crown Chakra”, to see what messages have been coming through for you, that are helping you detach from all the doingness of the mind, of your life, of the people around you, of where you felt even overwhelmed or depressed.

And the overwhelmed or the depression can be showing up because there is a challenging Square conversation from Jupiter in Sagittarius, to Mars-Sun conjunction in Virgo, and Jupiter is also Squaring Neptune-Moon conjunction in Pisces as well. So this creates a triangle pattern, called in astrology a T-Square.

This T-Square, it is the overwhelmed or the depression, but it is also reminding you to carry the trust, hope and faith with you, and to not get too bogged down by those Virgo details, or Virgo “Shoulds” of life, and how the to-do lists can be never-ending.

So Jupiter in Sagittarius, opens your spiritual dimension, the connection to other worlds galaxies, to your higher self Aumakua, opening your Crown Chakra. But be aware that with Jupiter involved, there is a tendency to go to an extreme, things might get magnified. 

With Moon-Neptune in Pisces, you must tune into your intuition, make every moment of your life a holy moment, practice to be in A HOLY MANAWA, to become aware of your beingness, and not having to take action.

The fourth Hawaiian principle MANAWA,… “ Now is the moment of power – I am here Now. Power increases with sensory attention”…  “Yesterday is history;  tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift. That is why we call it the present”. NOW is the only time you can do anything.

What exactly, is going on right NOW? What are you sensing? How does your body feel? What do you hear? Smell? See? When you eat, do you take the moment to truly taste your meal, or are your thoughts somewhere else? 

If you were to focus on the senses- just one at a time- quite possibly a whole new living experience would unfold. Your senses are communicating with you constantly, and the more you can be attuned with your body, the more effortless your maintenance of health can become. The Holy Manawa is about being centered in calm Presence. So emotional calm is a valuable benefit for being more in the present. In Hawaiian language there is neither past tense nor future tense, therefore, all time is present.

So the first big message we can hear from this Full Moon, is a huge point of balance, bringing life into balance, a call to action that is happening. 

And this T-Square creates tremendous tension that needs to be released. Fortunately most of the planets, 7 in total, are in Mutable signs, ( Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury in Virgo, Moon-Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Sagittarius), and Mutable means change and flexibility. 

And most of the planets, 7 in total, are also in earth signs, ( Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury in Virgo, Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus), which means that you have the strength and the stability and the inner security. 

So with the Mutable-Earth energy, you have your roots deeply in Earth and your branches being able to flow. So this is really an important moment in the year, where we have a very watery energy, with this Full Moon in Pisces conjunct to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, and that is very spiritual, very inspirational… opposite a very earthy experience of taking charge, and moving forward, with Mars conjunct the Sun in Virgo. 

So there is a lot of flow and expansion with the watery element, and with the Mutability as well, and this allow you to adjust with the changes, be flexible, not resisting change, be open to sudden shifts that come out of nowhere… it is just like you are surfing the waters of life. 

So that opposition of Moon-Neptune in Pisces and Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury in Virgo, it is so strong at the Full Moon time.  It is just like the volcanic eruption is about to happen, the pressure is the greatest. So you are building towards this incredible opportunity to transform your life.

This Full Moon is almost like you are holding your breath, waiting for an important moment, so you definitively have to rely on your intuition, YOU HAVE TO BE SO MANAWA, SO PRESENT RIGHT NOW.

Pisces is a hugely imaginative, intuitive sign, it is the sign of possibilities, it is the sign of bridging realities. It is the last sign of the zodiac, so it moves from one life into the next, so it means the ending of something and the opening of a new dream. 

So at the time of this Full Moon, you can totally count on your intuitive insights, your inspiration, your gut instinct, to steer you in the direction of, either immediate solutions and answers that you need, or a long-term dreams and visions that you see for yourself.

And with the Sun in Virgo, joined by Mars, Venus and Mercury, this is an amazing meeting in the sign of healing and health and earthiness, and serving others, and paying attention to details. Virgo is about anything to do with alternative medicine and healing. So this Full Moon time is a very profound moment for you to go within and heal, that what Pisces-Virgo is saying. 

Full Moons create a culmination of energy, and the opposition of Sun and Moon is designed to bring relationships into harmony, into balance. 

So this Full Moon is a big balancing act, because we have the magnifierJupiter involved. So you are creating powerful shifts, you are creating openings to your internal connections. Because the Sun and Moon opposing each other, they are connecting, they are saying … “Lets combine the Divine Feminine with the Sacred Masculine” … “Lets listen and lets act”… there is an ebb and there is a flow… And at this Full Moon, there is this balance of the earth and the water that is so powerful.

So the Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces means that you are super-super sensitive, you are very receptive, you are very open emotionally. And of course that enhances your intuition, but you also pick up on other people feelings, your dream life is more intense, mystical experiences are enhanced, so you can dive into those subject matters that cover the unseen, such as psychology, astrology, tarot readings, numerology…all those are favourite. 

And the other thing about the Moon and Neptune coming together is this is Love, the mother Love of the Moon combined with the universal Love, compassion Love of Neptune. 

Neptune in Pisces reach everywhere, because water is the only element that can reach everywhere, so Pisces is the sign of inclusiveness. And so that mean that you are learning to include all parts of you, and integrate them into One, and that what Neptune in Pisces is about, understanding “WE ARE ALL ONE”… “I AM ONE WITH ALL”…So the integration and sensitivity to your connection to others is really powerful at this time.

Then the Sun-Neptune opposition means that you are much more impressionable. 

And you might need to take some time out from work, your spiritual nature needs your attention, because your inner voices are calling you. And if you don’t pay attention to that creativity, that internal yearning for Divine inspiration, then you are going to feel out of synch, and you may feel energetically depleted or disillusioned. 

This Full Moon happens on the axis Pisces-Virgo, and Virgo is an earth sign, and earth creates boundaries, so if something feels off, with another person or situation, you need to say NO, or even exit the situation or the conversation. It is so important to set those boundaries when we have so much water energy around. 

It is a time to turn to your Aumakua nature, your higher self, take time to rest, take time to listen, to listen to beautiful music, or listen to Mother Nature, take a walk in connection with all, in Haka Lau mode. It is so important to reconnect with yourself and with everything around and within yourself. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SERENITY, and focus consciously on your breathing. 

And certainly this Pisces Full Moon is a perfect time to understand who you are on that mystical Soul level. 

At the moment you were born, an incredible mystical Soul blueprint was set, and that blueprint is evolving as you continue to breathe. This blueprint is your natal chart, showing your point of entry onto Earth. And understanding this point of entry is very important in order to understand how to use your gifts. So it is a beautiful time to learn about your mystical Soul blueprint, and get integrated with who you are on the Soul level.

Now Pisces governs dreams and mysteries, and unconsciousness, where often you are not aware that you are acting in a certain way, and you are making certain choices. But the good news is that at this Pisces Full Moon time, we have Sun-Mars conjunction.

And Mars just goes for it, Mars-Sun together, is a very pro-active, taking initiative, get something accomplished energy. Because you feel assertive, you feel that you can move forward, move ahead. Remember Mars also governs your instinct, it is about your visceral, primal energy, so this Sun-Mars conjunction is very helpful and powerful. 

So at this Full Moon time, there is an ebb and flow Dance. 

On one side, Mars wants to flow for it, and then you will also need an ebb, and that is the Pisces Moon opposite Mars. 

And Mars opposite Neptune, which is conjunct to the Moon, means that your intellectual energy is very strong, your intuitive energy is very strong, and your physical body needs to be spiritualised… it is all about wholistic living. This ebb and flow dance is about the Virgo grounding energy of healing and the very inspirational energy of Pisces. And you need to be both, to be physically active and move forward… and then you need also to retreat, rest, recharge and conserve. 

So you want to get extra rest around this Full Moon, in order to then receive what you need to move forward. 

Something very interesting to mention, is that in numerology, September 2019 is 9+2+0+1+9 = 21… and the degrees of this Pisces Full Moon is also 21… and 21 is “The Truth”… “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. 

So at this Full Moon time we experience the temporary vibration of 21, and it is about travel, change, rewards, success, new worlds. 

This Full Moon time is a very potent period in which the old order changes, making way for the new. The newly revealed world offers ultimate realisation of your plans, hopes and wishes. Therefore do not overlook opportunities that arise now. Plans already in progress may come to a successful completion, with accompanying rewards. Those plans still in the thinking stages should be carried out now, as the potential for success is high around this Full Moon time. You can accomplish what you desire.

And travel may be part of this cycle, and faraway places attracts you. The desires for freedom, self-expression and pleasure urge you to look to distant places for fulfilment. A change of jobs and or residence, may result from your present thinking.

Your subconscious is developing at a pace faster than usual, during this Pisces Full Moon time, and  with  a growing sense of security and protection as well.

On the downside of this 21 energy, if you react negatively, you must guard against losing emotional control. You may experience delays and restrictions, and neglect to grasp offered opportunities. But you need to realise that the opportunities opening for you now can fulfil your future dreams.

At this Full Moon, Pluto in Capricorn is having a nice Sextile conversation with Moon in Pisces, and he is having an equally friendly Trine conversation with Sun in Virgo as well.

This means that the underline energies are going to come to the surface. Things that have been kept underneath, not seen, they will be seen now, and remember the number 21 is highlighted at this Full Moon time, “The Truth Shall Set You Free”… The truth is going to come up and be visible, and so your relationships will transform. Pluto is very healing once you accept the truth, and you may create a change in lifestyle, and that may set you free to the point of “The Phoenix rises from the ashes”. 

Pluto conversing with the Moon and the Sun is a very lovely transit, for anything to do with changing what was habitual, and unseen, and unconscious, and making it conscious… and therefore also attracting abundance, because Pluto is very connected to leadership and abundance. 

The Sun in Trine conversation with Pluto is really empowering you, it allows you to have an impact, it allows you to thrive for that successful goal and be totally invested in it. So this help with the focus, the workload, making progress, this is a power up energy, this is a time of transformation. 

So make the most of it, of whatever has been happening for you, because these strong earth signs, Virgo-Capricorn, are ensuring that you have what you need for the next few months, for the journey ahead. This is very much about positive transformation, and your determination is really enhanced at this Full Moon time.

So as long as your heart is emotionally engaged in a very joyful way, and in a place of integrity, your financial flow can very much increases at this Full Moon time.

And then we also have Mars in Virgo, in Trine conversation with Pluto in Capricorn, and together they allow you to feel sensually-sexually enhanced. Pluto and Mars are the co-rulers of Scorpio, Mars being the original ruling planet of Scorpio, and Pluto, when discovered, took over that position. So they both connected to Scorpio, and Scorpio enhances who you as a sensual being. 

So sensually, sexuality and creativity, that resonate with the second Chakra, are connected. So at this Full Moon time, you are very conscious of being a creator, and creating your life to your desires. 

Mars in Virgo is also in a friendly Trine conversation with Saturn in Capricorn.

And that means that you are going to really take your responsibilities and move forward. You are going to respond to the energy that presents itself, and therefore be really responsible. So there can be some times, with Neptune in Pisces, this energy of wanting to get distracted, and get into dreamland, and not be rooted into reality… but theTrine conversation Mars-Saturn will give you the ability to hold those distractions at bay, and allow you to complete goals.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mercury the ruler of Virgo, where the Sun resides, is in conjunction with Venus, both at 29 degrees of Virgo. 

It is a very important conjunction because 29 is a “critical degree”, also called “The Magical Anaretic 29th Degree”.

The 29th degree is referred to as a critical degree point and for good reason. Whenever I see it when looking at a chart, a big light goes off in my mind. There is always a story emerging or turning point coming when that Magic 29 pops up. 

Technically speaking the last degree point of each sign is really 29 degrees and 59 seconds. We never really get to the 30th degree because once we get there we really enter the next sign (which begins at 0 degrees).

This conjunction Mercury-Venus at 29 degrees, indicates a major transition, turning point, experience of change, in regard to relationships, finances, associations, partnerships and their contracts. A phase is ending in order for a new one to begin. The 29th degree always reveals a turning point is in motion.

Keep in mind that turning points are not always event driven… they can be emotional as well as psychological. So on a deeper level, a turning-point can represent a new road opening up, or an old one closing.  A new relationship could be beginning, or an old one ceasing to exist. The transition of Mercury and Venus can also change your entire awareness and perception. It can change who you are and what you believe and care about, it creates a new awareness of where you go next.

With this Mercury-Venus conjunction, really be as aware as you can of your speech, what you say to people, but also what you say to yourself, how you say it. 

This conjunction Mercury-Venus means that you can communicate with such Love and caring. And you can pay attention to your words in a new way, so that your words show appreciation, and compassion. And you in turn will be very moved by other people’s  display of affection towards you. Because you reach out to them, and this is again THE EBB AND FLOW DANCE of this Full Moon, It is all about relationship, it is the healing. 

So 29 degrees Virgo is so beautiful, it really raises your creative gifts (Venus), it allows you to communicate them (Mercury), it allows you to negotiate, have great interchanges that are smooth, that are favourable, because Mercury is all about speaking and communication. It really allows you to focus how you are saying, how you are writing things, the sound of your voice, the sounds around you, your sensitivity to sound. And Pisces is a very musical sign, it has Neptune inspiration. The flow of water makes sound, and having a fountain near you is very soothing, or walking on the beach to listen to the sound of the waves, or musing in the rain forest and hearing the sound of a waterfall or a creek… so again pay attention to that, the sound is a huge part of your life, and you want it to be an integration experience, not a jolting, a disassociation, a stressful experience. Sound is one of those unseen elements that just impact you no matter what, and you are so unconscious of this. So it is time to become conscious of that.

With the Venus energy you might need to be critical, sometimes it is important to tell somebody something, and you might need to correct somebody, and they will value it, if it is honest and gently said. This Mercury-Venus conjunction is about finding the perfect words.

Definitively with the Pisces flavour, you want to be careful of distorting things. 

Distortions are created when you are on the shadow side of Pisces. And that means that if you exaggerate and make a mount Everest out of a tiny mole hill, it is a distortion… so you are really going out into the line of deception, deceiving yourself, and this is where addictions happen too. So the shadow side of Pisces is “ESCAPISM”, and that happens through distorting. 

And you can have distortion on a positive or negative experience. For example, falling in love is a very positive experience, however, when you fall in Love, you really like the person, and you may exaggerate their good qualities, and that exaggeration is a distortion. 

And that can be also with the opposite… if you don’t like some situation or a person, you focus on the negative qualities of who they are, and you enhance those in your mind, and respond accordingly. So that reality is distorted because you are not seeing clearly, you are not balanced. So if you don’t see clearly, you may mistake one thing for another, take the wrong turn, and that means that the distortion itself of reality, takes away your ability to be present. 

And this whole Pisces Full Moon is about being present, so that you can handle the ebb and flow, that you are not pulled in one direction or another. You need to be able to see clearly the truth (number 21), to handle what is happening in your mind and in front of you. 

Pisces, which is the last of the 12th signs of the zodiac, bridges the seen world and the unseen world, and it also governs the experience of dying to the present and being reborn. So this Pisces Full Moon is an invitation to stop polarising, going one direction and another, and start bridging, connecting, integration, inclusiveness. Just like when you die, you are the only one who takes that journey, it is an inner journey, it is THE JOURNEY OF THE BREATH, the inner breath and the outer breath. 

So this Pisces Full Moon wants you to focus within, to check in with how you are being, in terms of whether you are enjoying how you are being. Do you feel that magnetism within you?… Are you attracted to yourself?… Are you attracted to who you are in terms of how you are responding to life? 

And so when you feel that kind of attraction, and you are enjoying the interaction with you, it is when you feel blessed… and everything will feel like blessing…and the distortions will stop… and instead you will be opened to receive, receive the truth… you will be focused on receiving inner fulfilment and creating inner fulfilment, and the keyword here is INNER, that means existing with the Divine Source, your God, whatever you call it…and choosing to be connected, not disconnected… choosing a life of peace, because Pisces represents inner peace… because you have come to the point of bringing, and THERE IS NOTHING BUT YOU, and your connection to the Divine, and that is “being at peace”.

When you are not connected, of course you feel lost, and that when all the distortions start happening, because you have to replace that disconnection with something.

So it is the connection to the Divine Source, to God, that is the only thing that matters… YOU ARE ONE WITH EVERYTHING, and everything is the Divine Source, everything is god. And so this brings you then to a point where you can make very proactive good choices, because high vibrational choices bring high vibrational results, when you are integrating who you are at Soul Level. 

And of course low vibrational choices bring painful results, so if you have any pain… mental ,emotional, physical, spiritual… then at this Pisces Full Moon there is an opportunity to purge this pain, with the help of Pisces and Pluto. 

And that begins when you turn within, this is what this Pisces Full Moon asks you to do. If you are not feeling well, if you need healing, so trust the ability to tune within, to discover the most evolved path toward healing, and that when the solutions will come, that is when the signs will come, that is when you receive a call, or notice something, an epiphany moment… and you will know “ I have to investigate this” . 

So all pain and all joy actually originate within you, and that seed begins and ends in that internal sacred space…YOU. So at this Full Moon time, you want to flow with those loving waters of Pisces, and you want to heal with that grounding energy of Virgo. And that simplicity, the simple joy, the Love, the passionate engagement with the moment that you are in NOW, “not escaping it” that is really the core message of this incredible Pisces Full Moon. 

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…


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