This Taurus New Moon happens on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 at 3 degrees 24’ Taurus, at 12:25 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Bonjour my Star Lovers and Happy Easter to you…and welcome to the exploration of the New Moon in Taurus.

This is another SuperMoon, because still very close to Earth, and she is occurring at 3 degrees of Taurus, where the Sun and the Moon are in togetherness, blending the Yin and the Yang, the Anima-Animus, the Feminine-Masculine… And every time they are making this conjunction, once a month, you are being asked to seed an intention, to bring together your own Feminine and Masculine, unified them, and solidify what is ready to be planted at this time. So what are you ready to put energy towards, so that it will grow and develop over the next Lunar cycle? So check where 3 degrees of Taurus falls in your birth chart, in which House-Area of life it impacts you, and the flavour of this House will help you to set your intention.

Taurus is the sign most connected to the Earth, our Mother Earth, and what Taurus energy does, it heightened all the senses. 

We are all multi sensorial Beings, so this is a time to enjoy, your sense of touch, and smell, and colour, taste, hearing, balance, movement… everything becomes heightened with the Taurus energy. 

So can you imagine that you are standing, or sitting, or walking, completely in ONENESS connection with the everythingness? 

This reminds me of the HAKALAU Hawaiian active meditation, also called the peripheral vision Meditation, that I really love to practice regularly. 

HAKALAU… “To stare at as in meditation and to allow to spread out.” HAKALAU is the means, for entering a rapid trance state at will. So if you practice it regularly, the connection to Divine ONENESS becomes automatic. And as you do it more and more, you will also find that it is impossible to hold a negative state in consciousness, when you are in the HAKALAU peripheral vision.

So this New SuperMoon time is to love Mother Earth, loving all that she offers you, loving to be on Earth, loving all sentient beings around you, the birds, the bees…loving people in your life, because with Uranus conjunct this New SuperMoon, and because of the Global Confinement, we have now a COLLECTIVE VISION of our Global Village. We know that we are intimately connected to the frequencies of the cosmos, and the way the planets move, and converse between themselves, reflects what is happening in the world at this time, and in your personal life as well of course. 

So with this Taurus New SuperMoon, you want to focus on Mother Nature, her natural cycles, the Moon’s cycles, gardening, planting greens, practice GROUNDING, to radiate with a loving Green Light, expressed from your Heart Chakra. 

GROUNDING is a practice… it is about absorbing energy through your bare feet, the electromagnetic charge of the Earth, and It allows you to pay tribute to Mother Earth, while reaping some very real, tangible health benefits. Instantly, with your bare feet on the ground, you start to suck up very healing ions from the Earth, and this creates an instant purifying, healing flow in your blood.

Taurus wants to keep things as they are, it wants to keep things steady, it is very contented with what is, so it can catch the feeling of STILLNESS very easily, being in nature. You are inspired to just tuning in into the simple rhythms of Mother Earth. 

This Taurus New SuperMoon message here is that “we all need to go back to basics”, and to drop into the EVER PRESENT NOW. there is a strong MANAWA resonance here!

MANAWA, the 4th Hawaiian principle  is about… “Now is the moment of power.” But how do you define this Now?

Well with this beautiful Taurus New SuperMoon, your power increases with your sensorial awareness, so this time, it is a matter of becoming aware of this sensorial awareness while practicing Stillness. So by just dropping into the Ever Present Now, dropping into Stillness, by being in nature, or imagining that you are in nature, in your favourite place… this can do wonderful things for the healing of your body-mind-spirit systems, for your Aura, and also for the energy that you are emitting. This Taurus New SuperMoon is the perfect time to do that, it is so valuable for all of us, and for our Global Village. 

This Taurus New SuperMoon is very special. Already special because it is a SuperMoon, but also because she is in a conjunction with genius Uranus, and then this trio conjunction of Moon-Sun-Uranus is also in a challenging Square conversation with Saturn in Aquarius. So this may feel a little bit uncomfortable. 

This Square conversation creates a Turning Point, and it shows what is not working, what is not in alignment, what needs to change or shift. This Square conversation is about your commitment for the future, what you need in your world, in your space, in your visions… for developing and growing. Saturn will always bring a test or a challenge, to have you look at what is worth keeping, and what needs to go. 

And because both Saturn and the trio Moon-Sun-Uranus are in the Fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus, and that means they prefer stability, reliability, they don’t want change. So something about this New SuperMoon has a stopping point, that is really a PAUSE, to slow you down, and be very intentional with WHAT YOU WANT.

Taurus is linked to money, the economy, wealth, currencies…and this Square conversation is the signature of an economical and financial instability, financial crises, and brings a glimpse of what may be coming for us financially, more fully in 2021.

After this New SuperMoon, the Square conversation between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, will remain active, all through 2021. 

So just be aware about glimpses of any changes that are happening, quite suddenly, around monetary matters, because we are at the start of a significant economic or financial RESET.

Saturn is the planet of limitation, constriction, contraction, and he is in Aquarius, the sign of Freedom… And he is in Square conversation with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, the planet of freedom. So there is a clear symbolism here, with Uranus energy all around that urge for freedom, as a rebellious, eruptive energy coming in… whereas Saturn is the “Lockdown”. This Lockdown we are in, is such a clear manifestation of this Saturn-Uranus square conversation. We may witness more and more people that are getting very agro or depressed with this kind of constraint over the long term. 

Taurus is about what you value, what you desire, what you own, it is about financial energy, what you possess, what you accumulate… and ultimately, all of these is based on the deeper energy of your SELF-WORTH, what you believe is important to you, how you value yourself.

So this New SuperMoon in Taurus is a checking in point with what matters to you in your life, and so it can show up as certainly money and finances, something you want to sell or to buy, and the Square conversation to Saturn is like a reality check of what does serves you for the future, what you need to say goodbye to. 

So at this time you are receiving a new awareness around what no longer fits your value systems (New Moon in Taurus). And with the predominance of the Taurus flavour, it is also a time to explore where you are being very realistic, or unrealistic, where you can be lazy, or over indulgent, or where are you stuck, what stops you, or impedes you in becoming a free spirit, where are you not trusting?

At this time, you are very much in your physical reality, because of the confinement imposed, and you could really feel the constraints ( with the Saturn Square), about what you can or can’t do, what you can or can’t plan… so feeling stuck could be very real during this time… Many people in confinement don’t know where to go, don’t know what the future holds, they can’t understand it right now. 

So the energy of Saturn and Uranus Square can be uncomfortable because of incompatibility, so watch for volcanic-eruptive energy at the time of this New SuperMoon.

And in extra, Uranus in Taurus is in a Square conversation with Mars, and Mars is in Aquarius, so Mars is energising this volcanic-eruptive energy, that you can find in your personal life. And on the mundane level, it could be seen as political volcanic eruptions, or shocks and surprises in the news.

But this Saturn-Uranus Square conversation, could go in a completely different way, and then it becomes a very different story, because as well as Taurus represents the physical Earth, it also represents your physical body. 

Uranus is the planet of Light, of awakening, the planet of the channeller, the planet of electricity, the Chi or Qi in your body, so he represents very high frequency. 

That means that you can experience at this time, a very exciting, energetic and physical upgrade, as there is more Light coming into our Mother Earth plane, and Light carries information. So can you pause at this time, quietly meditating, can you imagine that column of white sparkly Light, coming down into your Crown Chakra? and this Sacred Light is just bringing more information for you, for your upgrade?

So enjoy this PAUSE TIME. It is about breathing deeply, to connect with what is inside of you at a deeper level, then this triggers a new awakening that brings LIBERATION. This New SuperMoon conjunct to Uranus is about a Collective Awakening, a Collective Liberation, and Sun conjunct Uranus, represents a strong, rebellious freedom energy. 

So the New SuperMoon and Uranus conjunction, feels like there is a COLLECTIVE RESET, like you have new understanding of what is important in your life. And that is what is going to set you free, and be empowered, and be invigorating.

For me, Uranus resonates with PONO, it is about a rise of a new understanding of what matters to you alone… PONO the last of the 7 Hawaiian Principles, “ Effectiveness is the measure of truth”, so whatever resonates with you, spaces, people, situations, belief systems… is the TRUTH FOR YOU. So at the time of this New SuperMoon, listen to your emotions, listen to your heart, listen to your intuition…to check whether what you have chosen is right for you alone. Do you feel Joy, Love, Happiness, Peace… while doing it?… or does it feels like hard work?… then you might look out for better, and look for other possibilities.

Ultimately, this New SuperMoon conjunct Uranus is a time to CELEBRATE YOUR DIFFERENCE.

Saturn the planet of the past, has just entered Aquarius, the sign of the future, so it is about facing the fear, Saturn is about fear, and daring to show your difference… Saturn in Aquarius is your “COMING OUT TIME, to show your unique style, to find your Ohana, your kindred spirit circle. 

Uranus is about to be true to yourself, and to be with people and situations that are in tune with who you are. Uranus is about the internet connection, the “Big Brother” eye. And we are all using our phones, our computers, meeting on social media, online, more and more during this confinement time. 

There is a lot of collective interchange, explorations, and sharing values online at this time. And this triggers a Collective Awakening, a Collective Vision, regarding the bounty of our Mother Earth. So this is a time to be collectively connected, but keeping your individual difference. So with our Individual Difference, we can make a Collective Difference.

So this Taurus New SuperMoon in conjunction to Uranus, is a time of renaissance, of reset, or reboot, to finally show your true colours, your rainbow colours.

Now let’s look at the ruler of this Taurus New SuperMoon, which is Venus . Venus is at this time in Gemini and she is going to Retrograde. 

She goes Retrograde from May 13th to June 25th…However, her Shadow Zone, meaning we can feel her retrograde energy, from April 10th to July 28th. 

Venus in Gemini, brings about many options, many possibilities, choices, the ability to adapt and to be flexible, and to stay mentally aware of what is important to you. 

So you are inspired at this time to practice internal conversation, to listen to the voices that you normally are not listening to, and ultimately to voice your unique values. And Venus in Gemini likes to write, to speak out, to read… so it is a great time to write down in your dream journal, to practice writing your “3 morning pages”, an exercise from the book, the “Artist Way”, from Julia Cameron, an exercise to purify your mind.

Venus in Gemini helps you to see things differently, and open up to some new things, and she he is going to do that into August. 

This Taurus New SuperMoon feels so fixed, just like sitting, not willing to change, but with Venus in Gemini energy, you can breathe through it, ALLOW YOURSELF SPACE AND TIME, to alleviate any pressure. Because this New SuperMoon in conjunction with Uranus, brings a feeling of FREEDOM, of BREAKING OUT. Uranus in Taurus wants you to use your intuition, your channeling powers and trusting them.

Now Venus in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is in Aries at this New SuperMoon time. 

So it is a very fast talking, fast moving Mercury. And Mercury in Aries is about what matters to you, what do you want, who are you now, what interests do you have now that you did not have before. 

And Mercury is in a challenging Square conversation with Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. 

So this feels like the pressure to birth something, and this could be quite strong, because Pluto is Stationary-Retrograde at the time of this New SuperMoon..

Whenever planets are stationary, whichever direction they are moving in, their symbolism is magnified. So around this New SuperMoon time, we are likely to see more power (Pluto) exerted, more control, more manipulation, strong words spoken or written (Mercury in Aries), and perhaps greater restrictions.

And Mercury in Aries is ruled by Mars in Aquarius.

With Mars in Aquarius, you are driven to show your individual self, showing your free spirit, and you praise your DIFFERENCE.

Mars in Aquarius is about the new vision for the future, your New You, what you want, where you are going, and what is keeping you focused on the long term picture. 

And Mercury in Aries is in a friendly Sextile with Mars in Aquarius… so this is giving you a great motivation to move on.

And Mars in Aquarius is in a supportive Trine conversation with Venus in Gemini as well. 

So this time of confinement is a perfect time to meet and acknowledge your unique self, your Difference in its full kaleidoscope colours.

The Feminine and the Masculine are talking here, and it is a welcome relief now in April, because we have been in lot of tension, since January, February and March. So this Mars-Venus Trine brings new ideas, new topics, new things are coming up, it could be that sense of a new relationship forming between the Feminine and the Masculine. 

And if you want to focus on relationships, it could be that there is new value systems in relationships at this time, that are emerging, that elevating your relationships, taking them to a new place of self-expression, freedom, and consciousness… it is an opportunity to better understand where you are going together. 

So it is a good energy that you feel throughout April. And it is noticeable that, the last Full Moon in Libra on April 8th, and this New Moon in Taurus, are both ruled by Venus, and she is in Gemini for both of those Lunations. 

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and Taurus rules the Throat Chakra, so Venus is reworking your Vishuddha Throat Chakra, a powerful centre of etherial energy, creativity, expression, purification.

As the center of communication and creativity, the Vishuddha focus allows you to express who you are, but also listen deeply to others. When your Vishuddha Chakra is balanced, it gives you the ability to be inspired, to project your ideas, and to align your vision with reality.

So it is a good time now to cleanse your throat Chakra, using its Bija Mantra HAM, that you can chant while you are breathing, and while you are visioning a light blue wheel turning clockwise… this is a beautiful active meditation indeed!

So Venus in Gemini, by reworking, purifying your throat Chakra, wants you to express your truth, to rework your communication patterns, what you are here to say, and do, and speak, and to face your fear of expressing yourself… but also how you stand IN LOVE of yourself for your truth, and for what you need to say… so this is a very strong energy at this time, around personal expression based in your heart, and based in the Feminine expressions, but supported by the Masculine (Mars in Aquarius). 

Now is the time to express who you are, being proud of embodying and expressing your DIFFERENCE. 

So looking at those previous conversations, it feels like we have done a loop. We started with Venus in Gemini, and then everything comes back to Venus in Gemini, and what she is teaching us. 

So what are you learning at this time? Stay open to new information, new understanding, new concepts, to what you did not know before. Venus in Gemini is about, to stay open to understanding new ways to communicate and to express yourself, and we have her energy throughout August.

So if you have the feeling to break that stagnation and stuckness, that routine, if you are ready for the liberation, ready for the revolution, or the freedom that is to come… this Taurus New SuperMoon advises you to talk it out, to communicate, and to share what you want for the future, to stay focus on the long term vision, and to know that you can get there.

And this Taurus New SuperMoon feels like a necessary PAUSE now, that is really needed, and that can help with your expectations of yourself…. So definitively TRUST IT.

Finally, another thing to look at is that Pluto in Capricorn is going very slow right now, as he is Stationary-Retrograde on April 25th-26th. 

This highlight the fact that all planets are in Direct mode for this New SuperMoon, and then that we are going to have Pluto going Retrograde two days later.

So there is movement into this new future, and the new reality, and the new values, that you are beginning to see in a fresh way, in a new way, so give yourself breathing room. Give yourself time to just sit, and go within, and listen to your own messages, and I feel that this is one of the best ways to navigate this New SuperMoon.

And because Taurus is the sign mostly link to Mother Earth, this is also a perfect time to set a new intention for Mother Earth. So what kind of Earth do you want? 

Because clearly we have been and are going through some catastrophic changes in the last few weeks, unimaginable changes, and we are in shock, we are in grief, the whole way of life that we know is gone irreversibly… and so it is extremely understandable for many of us, to feel some degree of fear. 

But because we are weaving our future into being in every moment, whatever energy you are broadcasting, you are attracting a frequency match to that, as you step into your future. So if you are broadcasting fear, you are likely to attract more fearful experiences and events into your life.

So during this Taurus New SuperMoon time, go to your favourite place in nature, and if you are totally confined in your apartment, and I know that many of you are in extreme Lockdown mode, if you can just go to that favourite place in your mind, sit and meditate, close your eyes, and go to that place of Solace, of SACRED SOLITUDE, go to this place where it feels like a SANCTUARY, totally peaceful for you. 

I personally practice CHI GONG, and my favourite Chi Gong expression is to plant myself strongly in Mother Earth, as a mature wise tree, with my canopy connected to our luminous Father Sky… and I STAY STILL , fully relax in and out, as longer as I can … this Chi Gong practice is really PONO for me.

So just find what resonates with you alone, to access your place of Solace, and witness yourself loving Mother Earth.

Uranus in Conjunction to this New SuperMoon reminds you that this year is a “bridge” year, it is a transitional year, we will definitively step in the New Age energy, when both Saturn and Jupiter, will enter Aquarius in December 2020.

We are all in this TOGETHER, we are all in a collective momentum, collectively creating our new world together, so stay focus on the highest possible vibrations, the highest possible outcomes, turn your radio dial to the positive frequencies… and that will put you in alignment with the abundance, and the happiness… that is really is your birthright.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


PS: Now if you want to know more about your birth code and how your stars line up, and what your life purpose and destiny is, and how it unfolds into the future through your cycles that got activated at the moment of your birth… feel free to contact me for the reading of your celestial map, face to face or on Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Face Time… even simply in telephone conversation.

I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own star-blueprint.