This Scorpio Full Moon happens on Thursday 7th of May 2020 at 17degrees 20’ Scorpio, at 8:46 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau

Welcome my Celestial Lovers… 

We are in such a transformational time, not only with this Scorpio Full SuperMoon, but there are other big celestial events, happening during this month of May, that create all together combined, a really powerful impact on you, on your life, and on the collective.

“As above, so below” is astrology favourite expression… so let’s look at how can the wisdom of the stars and planets, give us some guidance in this time of transition. 

This is the third Full SuperMoon in a row, because the Moon is still very closed to Mother Earth in her orbit, and there is a feeling of build-up with it.

Full Moons are always periods of emotional intensity, where the Moon is at the peak of her cycle, and this is emphasised here, because she is in Scorpio, a water sign that represents deep intense emotions.

This Scorpio Full SuperMoon happens at 17 degrees, so see where 17 degrees of Scorpio fall in your birth chart, in which House-Area of life, and you will get an understanding of how this Full SuperMoon is impacting you.

Scorpio is the sign of mysteries, secrets, and the sign of digging deep.

So at this time, for all of us, there is an urge to dig deeply, to get to the bottom, it is like forensic, it is penetrating, to get to the truth.

This Full SuperMoon highlights the axis Scorpio-Taurus, which is about trust. So we are going to see a lot of that at this time, and issues of trust and betrayal can come up very often, with the revelation of secrets, with lot of things being revealed.

Now the Moon at 17 degrees of Scorpio, is opposing the Sun at 17 degrees of Taurus, and the Sun is conjunct to Mercury at 20 degrees of Taurus. 

So we have an interesting opposition here, because the Taurus energy is very practical, realistic, it is about your senses, what you see, touch, taste, hear, smell… therefore it is very much about WHAT IS. 

Every earth sign (Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn) is about the physical, the tangible areas of your life, that you experience. So with the Mercury-Sun conjunction in Taurus, there is more a sense of “what you see is what you believe”, this is your reality. 

Mercury-Sun conjunction also means that at this time, there is a lot of information coming up and coming forward. This is a very active mind space period. It could even feel like there is more movement. And here we are coming gradually out of the confinement mode, allowed to move more freely.

The Taurus energy, being an earth sign, is about what you see around you…and then on the opposite, we look at the Scorpio energy. And the Scorpio energy is what is under the Earth, what is underneath the surface, looking at the foundations, the roots, and here everything is happening behind the scenes, or out of sight… mysteries, secrets, psyche, esoteric, penetrating …

The Scorpio energy, being a water sign, is very intuitive and emotional, so it brings a focus point to the emotions that drive you, the emotions under the surface, how you really feel.

So with this Full SuperMoon, there could be a split between what you feel and what you think. So the mind and the heart (Mercury-Sun) are in different spaces at this time, and this is probably how you show up. This is what people are seeing, and what maybe you are really focused on. 

And the Moon in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, wants you to rise back up, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, rising up with new levels of consciousness, awareness… and with emotional power, emotional strength. This is essentially looking at fear, or something that you have been really sitting with in your own underworld, and now you are ready to look at it, in the light of this Full SuperMoon. 

So it is a beautiful time for raising your own consciousness, around something that maybe has felt powerless, or overwhelming. This Scorpio Full SuperMoon is asking you to go deeper into how you really feel about something, that is different than what your mind has told you. 

So at this time, it is not about the stories of the mind, it is about the intuitive emotional responses, that perhaps you have been traveling with for lifetimes. Because Scorpio represents the energy of what you have accumulated through multiple lifetimes, especially from other people. 

And Scorpio is where you share your energy with others… you share resources, finances, your thoughts, your value systems, you share sexually and physically. Scorpio is the merging of energies.

So at this time, there is something that comes to your awareness, about maybe what you have been carrying, that is not resonating anymore with your actual truth. So this Full SuperMoon is an invitation to claim more of your power, in whichever House-Area of life, where 17 degrees of Scorpio sits in your natal chart. 

But be aware that, with Scorpio, it is always a process of Transformation and Rebirth you are moving through, and the only way to do so, with the energy of this Full SuperMoon, is to get out of the mind, and to get out of what you see (Mercury-Sun in Taurus)… and instead, to be very willing to tap in what you feel (Moon Scorpio), because that is what is really going to guide you.

So there is a lot of mental energy at this time, with Mercury-Sun conjunction, so do what you need, to redirect your mind… and that can be through books, anything mentally stimulating, puzzles, craft, a project… something where you can go, to get away from anything that mentally shrinks you. 

And also being in a place of allowance, acceptance and detachment, as you undergo some very deep emotional Reprogramming, that is really helping you rise up, to a very powerful new understanding of your Mastery and choices, in your actual life.

This Full SuperMoon has other powerful conversations indeed!

The Moon in Scorpio is in a supportive Trine conversation with Neptune in Pisces.

This is about this feeling that everyone is connected to the ONENESS  OF ALL, connected to Source… a great feeling of compassion and unconditional Love coming strongly… this is truly a beautiful side of this Full SuperMoon.

This also adds another layer of intuitive information, deeper understanding, and this brings a bigger picture, around what your Soul has been carrying for lifetimes. 

This conversation is about a LETTING GO, that is a huge TURNING POINT. It is a RElease of something, that maybe you have been feeling in the background of your  life… something you knew was coming, something you saw unfolding… or something within yourself you have been sitting with.

So this Moon-Neptune Trine conversation is a great support at this time, for trusting a very deep process, that is going to set you free. It is going to feel like you just kind of know what needs to shift. Very magical indeed.

And with Mercury-Sun conjunction, it is about a story, or stories that you have played out in your mind, perhaps for many lifetimes, something that has been on repeat,… that you have been learning from. 

So now, you have an opportunity to be in a place of higher consciousness, and rewrite the stories of your mind. So this Full SuperMoon in Scorpio is actually asking you to illuminate the stories in your mind, and to bring them into greater balance and harmony, for your own well-being, your own power, and your own strength.

Now Neptune in Pisces is also in a beautiful Sextile conversation with Mercury-Sun conjunction in Taurus.

So here there is spiritual support for these transitions you are going through, and for letting go of what was stuck in you… such as a deep Soul story that is no longer a true reflection of your choices and options in your life now.

So this Full SuperMoon is a beautiful time for any kind of energy work, healing work, anything that supports moving through, and going forward.

As part of the celestial dance of this Full SuperMoon, we still have the strong conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn going on. 

It is really a big deal here, because you need to understand that in what you are doing or choosing right now, understand that this is emotionally REPROGRAMMING you. And it is emotionally REprogramming you around a story, an event, an experience, a relationship, a situation… And with Scorpio energy you can have the perception of what other people think, what other people choose, other people’s energies… and Scorpio is also related to abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, mental abuse, so be aware of that as well…Scorpio is where you have unconsciously absorbed other people’s energies.

On the overall, this Full SuperMoon in Scorpio is about a strong PURGE. And there could be a realisation, around where you kept yourself small, or held yourself back, or did not fully claim all of your choices. So this Scorpio Moon is calling you to rise in your power, in your sense of self, to explore your resources, your options… and helping you to sense that … “I am ready now, I can do this in a whole new way”.

This Scorpio Full SuperMoon period, really brings in a new level of your Soul’s Force, and she is pushing you forward. Of course it can bring up fears, but trust that you are supported, and that it is a very KEY TIME for accepting yourself, what you have been through, what you have healed, and what you have understood.

And you are really supported at this time, so step into the new, go with it, and keep your mind out of it as much as possible… and you are going to have better developments and manifestations, and transitions… because remember, 2020 is a transitional year.

And one of the best ways you can pass through this, is to practice inner voice dialogue, to speak to yourself, and also listen to the messages coming in, during this Key Transformation Time. And remember you are not doing this alone, this is a collective transition.

At the time of this Full SuperMoon, Venus in Gemini is in a challenging Square conversation with Neptune in Pisces.

Gemini is about information, and Pisces, on the downside, can be about confusion, fog, lack of clarity, being unfocused… so this Venus-Neptune conversation can be about what is true and what is not, and this is really a strong theme for this year 2020, but particularly more effective during the month of May, because Venus is going to Retrograde… and there is a sense here of “Can I do this?”… “Is it possible?”… “Am I worth it?… “Do I have what I need?”

The Venus-Neptune conversation can be about a surrender, a lack of clarity, a perception of loss, and this Square conversation is going to be active May-June-July. But remember that you are supported at this time, that with Neptune in Pisces, the universe steps in with your angels, your guides, this is the Divine Source of Oneness, working on your behalf. 

So at this time, there could be removals, and there could be a sense of “I don’t know what is going on”…  and what your responsibility is, is to tend to the mind, and stabilise yourself into a very deep place of trust. Trust that something is removed because there is going to be something else, more fitting, more effective, to come. 

This Venus Retrograde in Gemini is a time to release the paradigms of the past, and to open to new creative ways of being. 

And the Scorpio Full SuperMoon reminds you that this is a TRANSITION time, and you can use a myriad of words that start by RE, to express your  VENUS RETROGRADE feelings in whichever way is effective for you… It is a time to REtreat -REwind -REgroup -REcharge -REturn -REconnect -REvisit… 

This is about the REunion with your Soul through RElease, to REmember who you are at the Source…So be open to that transition and transformation, and honor releasing the paradigms of the past.

And yes it is not always an easy flow, because you are leaving a known life situation, and have to be in the not knowing for a certain time, not knowing of how all of these new forms and paradigms, will fully take shape and form.

Venus in Gemini is in the sign ruled by Mercury, and Mercury in Taurus is in the sign of Venus. In astrology, we say that they are in “Mutual Reception” with each other, meaning they are great friends…so we have great synergy here. 

So this Venus-Neptune Square conversation, is reminding you to get out of your head, to get out of what you think it is going to be, to open up to be receptive, to listen, and to not be attached to any outcome, to not be attached to anything that is going to keep shifting and changing anyway (Venus in Gemini).

This Venus-Neptune Square conversation is also about a big YEARNING FOR LOVE . And with the lockdown still very present, many people have been separated, forced to confinement, so we are missing the hugs, the touch, the embraces… and for some it can feel really like a torture. 

Another side of this Full SuperMoon, is that the ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars. And Mars is at  26 degrees of Aquarius at this time.

Mars is known for his courage and bravery, and with Mars, you learn to conquer your fears, you dare to challenge, and you grow as a result. 

So this Mars energy can give you great strength in your physical lockdown, because you are co-creating in every moment, from your thoughts and emotions, that you are broadcasting all the time. 

This is really important to realise that you have an impact, not only on the people you are close to in proximity, but you have an impact on the world as well. And we have seen this in action, with the April 4th-5th worldwide mass meditation, when people came together to use their power of co-creativity, and to laser beam their focus on global peace and healing, and making positive changes. And this is about creating a whole new era for humanity. So with this worldwide mass meditation, we as a collective, we have made a significant difference to the energy of Mother Earth. 

And since April 4th-5th, there has been a peak in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, increasing the power of the Schumann Resonance to the highest point of 76. The Schumann’s Resonance is the basic electromagnetic frequency of our planet Earth. And each of us, we also have a magnetic field, the heart being our body’s strongest source for electromagnetic activity, and when we come together in a high vibration, like with this global meditation, using the power of the people in togetherness, coming together collectively through social media, we raised the energy of the collective for the long term. 

This kind of collaboration gives us the sense of being in the Aquarius New Age. And over the coming years, in this Aquarius Age, it is about a kind of spiritual activism… about what you want more in your life. Do you want more freedom in your life, more high vibration Love, do you want people to be treated more equally, with more respect, with the feeling that everyone is sharing in this earth?… all these represent the energy of the Egalitarian Aquarius Way. 

We are going through strong transformative time, where it is important to have sources of inspiration, such as listening to guided meditations, walking in nature, practicing Yoga or QI Gong… So go and find which is your own source of inspiration.

And we are still in a lockdown mode, even if it is easing at this time, and it feels like we are in individual cocoon. So imagine that you are in a chrysalis, and you are spinning and weaving in every moment, the beautiful butterfly that you are going to become… So what do you want your butterfly to look like?

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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I think you would really enjoy it if you want to go deeper into your own star-blueprint.