This Cancer New Moon happens on Tuesday 21st of July 2020 at 28 degrees 26’ Capricorn, at 3:32 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour StarsLovers… welcome to this new Lunation, the New Moon in Cancer.

This is the second New Moon in Cancer this year, because on June 21st, we had the Solstice New Moon at 0 degrees of Cancer, and here we are a month later with this second New Moon in Cancer. 

It is a rare event when this happens, and because it is highlighting the Cancer flavour here, this is an activation of the archetype of “the Mother, the nurturing, heart, Love, and of the Moon, because the Moon is the ruler of Cancer.  And you don’t have to be a Cancer to benefit from this Lunation, you have the sign of Cancer somewhere in your chart, so it does impact you in some area of your life indeed.

This New Moon happens at 28 degrees of Cancer, so check where 28 degrees of Cancer falls in your Birth chart, in which House-Area of life.

New Moon is always about a new beginning, a time of renewal, of checking in… and also of sitting in the darkness, and allowing yourself to open up, and initiate in some new wisdom. And often, we associate the new beginnings with lights and shows and fanfares, but it is when you sit in the dark, in the quiet, in the not knowing, that is really the new beginning. 

So it is a very good time to set a new intention, in resonance with the House-Area of life, where this New Moon is falling in your Birth chart. You are planting a new seed at this time, for what you want to manifest in that particular area of life in your Birth chart. 

And can you also set a new intention for your emotional frequency, because Cancer is all about sensitivity, about feeling, about emotion… and it is about open-heartedness, because Cancer through its compassion helps you open your heart field.

Cancer has to do with family, with home, with emotional security, stability, nurturing… Cancer represents the crab. So sometimes Cancer can hide inside a shell to avoid conflict. The shadow side of Cancer is to dig your head into the sand, and not to deal with what is in front of you. But the main archetype of Cancer, and of the Moon, is the nurturing mother, the bringer of Love, the Divine Feminine. So for the second time, we have this beautiful moment here in Cancer, for this new beginning, with Love and sweetness, and kindness, and joy. 

And this New Moon in Cancer is at 28 degrees, and 28 reduces to 1, and 1 is also about new beginning… so this Cancer New Moon is really asking you to take responsibility for creating that new life for yourself. And that theme of “responsibility” is echoed in Saturn, because Saturn is the planet of taking responsibility for your life. 

And Saturn is strongly highlighted at this New moon time, because he is at 28 degrees of Capricorn, exactly opposite to the Sun and Moon, and this is the strongest conversation at this New Moon time.  

Saturn rules Capricorn and the Moon rules Cancer, so here we have this interplay between Cancer and Capricorn again, and this polarity between these two signs, I have been writing about it a lot throughout 2019 and 2020, because the Nodal Axis was for the last 18 months in Cancer-Capricorn signs.

Saturn recently moved back to his own sign of Capricorn, and he will stay there until December… and at that point Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius for around 3 years… and that is going to be a huge shift of energy.

Because the conversation is an opposition, Sun-Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn are trying to find a balance point. In this opposition, we are dealing with these two different frequencies, Cancer is an energy of loving kindness to who ever it might be, and on the other side, the Saturn energy is about discipline, form and structure… and we need both. We need to have order in our world, because there are certain things we need to come in alignment with.

So at this New Moon time, this opposition Saturn-New Moon, is a balancing of these energies, a balancing of knowing that you need some structure, knowing that you need some discipline, it is a part of life… and at the same time, making sure that you are still coming from that gentle, loving, caring energy (Cancer). So you can say NO to somebody, gently, kindly, but firmly, and that is the energy of this opposition Saturn-New Moon.

The Moon alone represents your feelings, and she is in her own sign of Cancer, that rules emotional sensitivity…so at this New Moon time, you can be feeling a little bit more intensely, a bit more touchy. 

And on the other side, the heaviness of Saturn can weigh on your heart, and it can lead to feelings on the negative side, feelings of loneliness, of depression, sorrow… that is the downs side of this conversation Saturn opposition New Moon. 

But on the up side, you can have some emotional resolve, you can have some self-discipline, you can be focus and diligent, tending to your own needs, because this New Moon in Cancer is about self-nurturing.

And you need self-nurturing, especially if you are this kind of person who gives too much up of yourself…you are always tending to the needs of other people, and not yourself. 

Saturn in Capricorn represents more self-sufficiency, so tending to your own needs, licking your own wounds, instead of other people. And Saturn is also known as the Lord of Solitude, so at the time of this New Moon, a great way to heal yourself, a great way to come back home to yourself,

is to find some solitude, finding some mountain top time, where you can breathe in , breathe out, quiet the mind, and just go within TO FIND SOLACE IN SOLITUDE.

Finding solace in solitude is one of the greatest lessons you can learn in life. Enjoying your alone time creates space in your mind, heart, and soul thus freeing your creativity, mending your heart, and nourishing your soul.

Some of the biggest emotional and creative breakthroughs have been achieved by people spending time in solitude. 

Solitude is not the same as loneliness, you can be lonely while connecting with people, solitude is the intentional cut off of all communication. So at this New Moon time, put your phone on airplane mode, and let your brain have a break from the endless online chatter. Finding solace in solitude is important at this time, it teaches you how to be a resource for yourself. Learning to be alone with your own thoughts can be a truly magical experience, but it’s not always easy to learn in this fast-paced modern world.

One the best ways to get in touch with yourself, is to take yourself on an outdoor adventure. It has been found that spending time outside is crucial to your health and happiness, so get out there and soak up some vitamin D, and let nature boost your self-esteem and mood!

And be aware that finding new parts of yourself, and decompressing, can take time. So of course one hour or one day of solitude is not life changing… however, with repetition changes will start to occur.

So instead of surrounding yourself with people at all times, or finding yourself on your phone 24/7, how about taking some time to find solace in solitude wherever you may be.

So this New Moon in Cancer is emotionally heavy, and it is even stronger with Mercury in Cancer, in a challenging Square conversation with Mars-Chiron conjunction in Aries. 

So Mercury the planet of words, communication, thoughts and perception, is conversing with Chiron the healer, as well as Mars the warrior.

With Mercury in Cancer Square Mars in Aries… Mars the war god…Mars the war god has entered your mouth. People can be volatile with their mouths, people can attack other people, be overly defensive, be overly reactive… so you are going to see and experience or initiate a lot of war of words at this time.

War on your perception… and this sense of perception, is what we as a collective, are going to explore, for the next year and a half, as the Nodal Axis is transiting the Gemini-Sagittarius signs… North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius… So on the collective level, these wars of words, and war on perception, could be used as control mechanisms, to keep us in servitude to a certain degree.

And at the same time Mercury in Cancer Square Chiron in Aries… Chiron the Wounded Healer… and here because we have Chiron conjunct Mars, this is about the Wounded Warrior. 

So this can be a challenging time where you go a little bit crazy, not knowing where you are at, feeling lost, being incredibly reactive instead of actively engaged and focused, being a mess, and therefore you are not a good team player.

Mars rules Aries so he is very strong in this conversation, and he is really highlighted for the next 6 months. We have entered into the season of the warrior, and now with the Cancer energy, the mother energy, the healer nurturer… this is the season of the warrior protector of the weak… for the next 6 months.

Mars entered his warrior sign of Aries on the 28th of June, and he is going to stay in Aries for a very unusual 6 months, until the 6th of January 2021, because he is going to go Retrograde… usually he stays in a sign for only 6 weeks. So this is an important energy to be aware of.

In his journey through Aries, Mars is going to have repeatedly, a square conversation with the triple conjunction Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn, during this second half of the year. 

So what Mars is going to do, he is going to energise the awakening of many people… and there are going to be lot of anger, lot of angry words, because Mars is in a Square conversation with Mercury in Cancer as well.

Yes in his dark side, Mars can express as anger, aggression, impulsivity, violence… but the most positive expression of Mars in Aries, is courage, passion, resilience, focus, a sense of mission, and a very strong sense of self… not in an ego way, but in an empowered way…” I know who I am, and what I can do to help the world”. 

And when you are in that very strong Mars in Aries energy, it strengthen your aura, your energy field… this is the HERO energy. So while Mars is in Aries for the next 6 months, it is about finding the HERO within yourself. 

So a good practice, is to turn inwards to your inner radio dial, and choose a high frequency of positive emotion, of peace, compassion, Love, gratitude, appreciation… and you can choose to practice to stay on that frequency, as an experiment, for the next 6 months, or even better, as a life long practice. 

Doing this way, you are actually helping to raise collective consciousness as well, to create a different future… So during this next 6 months, really commit and use the courage of commitment of Mars in Aries, and keep your frequency very positive, to help accelerate the arrival of a better world for all of us. 

So this New Moon, invites you to be like a Samurai, who has discipline and honour, and a strong focus.

And if you are a warrior type already, an action oriented person, you are good under pressure, you jump into battle… well for sure you don’t need more fire at this time. So in that case, as the war god is entering your mouth, I would suggest caution, patience, discipline, use deep breaths…so you don’t become reactive with fiery retaliation, sharp tongue, or being more irritable. And a good way to channel the fire energy, is to increase your dose of exercise, to sweat it, as the same time trying to relax your temperament a little bit. 

Conversely, if you are a very watery person, you are just a sweet heart, with passive-aggressive behaviour… so as the war god enters your mouth, it is time for you to be more assertive, to defend yourself, to say NO, to learn to expand your comfort zones, to try to use the right use of force.

So this is the time to set stronger boundaries, a time for you to leverage this war god in your mouth… so you can grow, you can expand your consciousness. 

This New Moon in Cancer is really about coming home to yourself, awakening to “YOUR HEART IS YOUR HOME”, and that nothing is an accident, everything serves a purpose… that accepting yourself without judgement means that you accept everyone else without judgement… that self acceptance is what brings you inner peace. 

So when you are at peace with yourself, others will be drawn to your energy, because high vibration living is very contagious. So remember everyday to take that quiet time, that alone time, to find that inner peace, that solace… Peace and Love choose you when you make room for them. 

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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