This Aquarius Full Moon happens on Tuesday 4th of August 2020 at 11 degrees 45’ Aquarius, at 1:59 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour Stars Lovers, welcome to the Full Moon in Aquarius.

Every Full Moon is when the Sun and the Moon are directly opposite in the heavens, and this is an energy of illumination and revelation, between these two parts of your Birth chart impacted by the Full Moon. So check where 11 degrees of Aquarius, and 11 degrees of Leo, fall in you birth chart, and which House-Area of life they are activating for you.

The energy of this Aquarius Full Moon feels like an opening, or a precursor to Saturn and Jupiter energies, entering Aquarius in December this year. So there is something about this Full Moon, that can show you, what is going to be unfolding for you into 2021. Because Jupiter will be at this 11 degrees of Aquarius, in February-March 2021, and Saturn will hover around this 11 degrees from April till December 2021.

So the House where you find the 11 degrees of Aquarius in your birth chart, is like a door opening. And that can help take you out of the present moment, of anything that is uncertain, intense, all the changes that 2020 has brought up… this door opens and something is revealed to you.

This Full Moon in the air sign of Aquarius, is thinking about where you are going, what the next vision, the next potential, what the next possibilities are… and one of the gifts of Aquarius, it does help you with your individuation…and this is shown in the axis Aquarius-Leo. 

In fact this Full Moon is a pivotal Full Moon, on that it is governed by the actual sign that is the Age we are moving into… the Aquarius Age… and the ruler of Aquarius and of the Full Moon, Uranus, is at 10 degrees 38’ of Taurus, so almost at 11 degrees… Uranus is going to be stationing Retrograde in the middle of August, so he is actually moving slow.

And at the Full Moon time, Uranus is in square conversations to both the Sun and Moon, forming a very powerful T-Square triangle pattern.

With the Moon in Aquarius in Square to Uranus, you have to guard against being impulsive, emotionally reactionary, because emotionally, what you are actually seeking is total freedom. So you want to immerse yourself in activities that stimulate you, that set you free, and truly listen and feel that serenity within, that arises when you trust and surrender, because things are moving very quickly now, so you need to really rely on your intuition. 

The Sun in Square to Uranus is vey open to change in reform, because you are basically accepting that new ideas are imperative for growth.

So at this Full Moon time, take that Light, that inner Light, and be much more flexible on where you are shining it. You need to be flexible at this time, because you are making new plans, you are seeking independence from the old. So keep in mind that unexpected reactions towards others, or being so radical that you are lashing out… as opposed to just creating the change that is necessary from a place of serenity. You need to be very proactive now, in creating positive change. So if you feel this restlessness, you need to get to the bottom of what its origin is, to understand where it is coming from, and be open to a new way, because you are forging a new path. 

Uranus can be a very disruptive energy at this time, an energy of shock, liberation, revolution, accidents, surprises, freedom, unexpected developments, things you did not see coming… When Uranus will go Direct again, he will come back to this 11 degrees of Taurus in May 2021, so again with “11”, we have here a sense of opening energy. Something is opening up and helping you let go of anything that had been stuck or stagnant. So check where 11 degrees of Taurus sits in your birth chart, in which House-area of Life, because Uranus there, is showing you where growth is necessary, where growth is needed right now. 

So Uranus in Taurus represents an opening, he is probably taking you out of something, opening up some more in you that has been stuck. And Uranus is the “Awakener” and the “Liberator”, and if you can see him in that way, that will help you with the disruptions or the shocks. 

But Uranus in the Fixed sign of Taurus, (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius are Fixed signs) can resist change, because Taurus wants stability, reliability, wants to know what is coming down the road, to understand what is going to happen next. The Fixed signs need security, but the flavour of Uranus in Taurus, represents an energy that is happening at a universal cosmic level, that awakens you to the fact that you can always travel with the sense of inner security, regardless of external forces and developments. And that sometimes, the big changes that happen in life, are for you best and highest good, even if you don’t see it in the  moment.

So this T-Square conversation involving Sun, Moon and Uranus, brings a disruption to your daily life, because the Moon is the ruler of your daily energies… how many changes have we been through in 2020, just to our daily life? A LOT.

So there is a lot of change in the energy at this time… the Moon at 11 degrees of Aquarius, the Sun at 11 degrees of Leo… so that opens the 11 gateway.

The number 11 represents Light, and when we have opposite, like Sun and Moon at the time of this Full Moon, we are looking at Light and Dark… and we are remembering that even the Dark is part of the Light. The Dark and the Light are actually one unit, it is like two side of a coin. 

The universe is made of Light and Dark, and they are not opposite, they spiral. Just like the North and South poles have a really big impact on the Northern and Southern hemispheres, the weather patterns… but they don’t work in opposition to each other, they work in tandem… there is no aggression, there is just acceptance that both need to exist. So now, at this Full Moon time, it is up to you to bring those polarities, your Light and Shade into harmony.

Aquarius is the sign that symbolises freedom and breakthroughs, revolution, uncharted territory, the Collective working together in terms of a group that is helping each other, to experience the highest vibration. 

So Aquarius stimulates that desire to explore and be the adventurer, and in order to do that, to navigate new waters, you need to use your intuition, you need to be inspired by Source, by the universe, because you don’t have a playbook… there is no plan in order to navigate this new experience, you just have to be open to inspiration. 

So 11 governs the portal, the 11 gateway, and in order to be present in that portal, you have to just be completely in this present moment, and that is the only time when you feel inspired… that is this timelessness that you feel when you are being creative, and forget all sense of time, because time actually does not exist, it is just this present moment that is real. 

So there is a big resonance with the MANAWA moment here. The fourth Hawaiian principle of Huna …“MANAWA: Now is the moment of power”. 

Now is the only time you can do anything. This is where your power lies. There is no power in the past, for that is gone. Power increases with sensory attention. So the questions becomes…What exactly, is going on right now? What am I sensing? How does my body feels? What do I hear? Smell? See? Your senses are communicating with you constantly, and the more you can be attuned with your body, the more effortless your maintenance of health can become. And as you incorporate the use of your senses and focus, your awareness of the present increases, you feel more relaxed, and choices in life become clearer and more meaningful.

Aquarius is also very humanitarian, it feels connected to the Collective and see the big picture, and takes an interest in others. Aquarius rules the higher mind, that has the perspective of the greater good for humanity.

Now the shadow side of Aquarius is to be aloof, to be inflexible, to have a fear of engagement, to not get involved, and that is what you want to watch for, because you do need to be involved, you need to play your part as you move into the new Earth, as we are entering the new Age of Aquarius. 

So at the time of this Full Moon, you are called to listen very closely when something presents itself out of the blue, because Uranus and Aquarius energy is unpredictable, it is about change and revolution, and surprises. 

So you need to know that when something sudden happens, you can’t rely on any past experience of how to navigate, you need to literally be open and receive the instruction how to proceed, but you need to ask as well.

So this Full Moon at 11 degrees, brings that inspiration, that intuition, it is about asking your guides, asking the universe, being open for your highest good, and highest good of everyone. 

At the time of this Full Moon, the Sun in Leo is your creative force, your Will, your pride, your confidence, who you are as an individual, your leadership, what you want to do that is uniquely your own Light. So the Sun in Leo is taking this creative energy, looking at what you are experiencing in the moment, this is about your Solar Plexus energy here, and what you can do with your creative force to bring it into the future (Moon in Aquarius)… to bring it into next year, to give yourself a 6 months road map. 

This Aquarius Full Moon helps you to navigate the changes that are happening, and the disruptions. Indeed there is a lot of disruptions in the world, and around this Full Moon, but you can see it as beneficial, when you understand that things are opening up, and playing out over the next 6 months, that are helping you move forward in your life.

Another conversation at this Full Moon time, is Sun in Leo in Trine to Chiron in Aries, and on the other side, Moon in Aquarius is Sextile to Chiron as well.

That gives you a very beautiful sense of being creative with your view of the universe… so the universe is actually made of Love, and that is not a battle, it is just a spiral, not a straight line… so get out of this linear thinking mode, this is the biggest shift we all need to make at this time. 

Chiron is the Sacred Healer and is aligned with Love, so this conversation to Chiron helps you to always come to every experience and decision, from the point of view that it is only an experience for you to get closer to Love, to love what you do, to love the people in your life, and to discard what is not Love…that is the ultimate healing that is nourishing your Soul. 

This conversation to Chiron is bringing harmony and balance to that very dynamic T-Square conversation with Uranus. The universe always provides the answer, and the answer at this time is: move into the power of compassion… allow your heart to feel sensitive and intuitive, and at the same time, create the change that is necessary. That what Uranus is asking you to do at this time.

Unfortunately there is a lot of division at this time, that generates a lack of compassion, and a complete sense of “I am right and you are wrong” energy. And it feels like it is going to increase in the mainstream media, so yes you need to know what is going on, but don’t partake in the emotionalising and spinning, and whatever else is going on.

At the time of this Full Moon, Venus conjunct the North Node in Gemini.

Venus in Gemini, is now in Direct mode, and out of her shadow, so she is bringing in something new, new information, new options, new choices, new communications, new ideas, new projects… that are taking you forward. 

And Gemini resonates with “2”, there is a duality with twins Gemini, two options, two choices, two possibilities. 

Venus in Gemini wants you to stay opened to what you are learning, to what you are studying, to what you are understanding… She wants you to stay open mentally, and with the conjunction with the North Node, there is an opening to receive… and that is the Venus energy of BEING RECEPTIVE. 

So at the time of this Full Moon, Venus-North Node conjunction is bringing in the new ways of seeing something, that were not visible before. 

The North Node is associated with your Soul growth, and in Gemini it is about what you are ready to understand, and Gemini strength is in the details, the data, the questions, what you learn by being specific, what you understand by asking sharp questions, and thinking something over… So at the time of this Full Moon, with the disruptions, your mind is really growing… so stay open to what you are learning, be receptive to the new details, to the new information, to the new stories, and know that there is a bigger picture at play…there always is. 

Venus in Gemini is also in a serious Quincunx (150 degrees) conversation with Saturn in Capricorn.

That definitively means that you need harmony and beauty around you. It is very important in order to not get sucked into the judgemental side, to surround yourself with beautiful flowers, music, art… invest in what sustains you. And if you have any relationship tension, Saturn is asking you to work extra hard in maintaining harmony… meaning to withdraw, to take time out,  whatever you need to do.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and at the time of this Full Moon, Mercury is in Cancer exactly opposite to Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn.

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn is like a stop sign, there is something in the energy field of this Full Moon that is actually blocked, and it is going to become clearer, as we move into the Virgo season, from end of August and into September. 

So there is something about a frustration at this time, and whatever has been stuck is going to have some type of burst. There is something at this time where the pressure has been growing, and mounting, and the Full Moon energy, involving strongly Uranus, is going to liberate this something, and that moves you into a new reality.

Mercury represents the lower mind, and Saturn is the planet of time, work, responsibility. They are reminding you of your old patterns of thinking, that need to be brought into balance. This opposition conversation will allow you to concentrate, to analyse a lot better, you can really deepen your studies… but there may be a sense that your ideas about how to proceed to follow a plan that you had, will be at odds with each other, so you may want to hold off on making big decisions around this Full Moon time, and be very meticulous in looking at every angle before you move forward.

When Mercury opposes Saturn, especially during a Full Moon time, you really need to be in serenity and meditation, and be very patient and thorough, and do the research, and persevere through whatever challenge you.

So at this Aquarius Full Moon time, a new reality is really forming within you, and within the Collective consciousness… but with the opposition Mercury-Saturn, it is not showing up yet in the real world, because there is still so much work happening at this time.

So the month of August has again this theme of restructuring the world, but the work is not done yet, there is still a lot happening, and this is shown by the alignment of planets Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn all Retrograde in Capricorn, and with Pluto in the middle, there is a lot of pressure and intensity here. Restructuring the world takes time obviously, because there is just so much happening behind the scenes.

On a personal level, the alignment of Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn makes you feel the pressure and the intensity, but with this Aquarius Full Moon you have been invited to step into the future, into your future self. And this Full Moon is about …”what do you want to create next for yourself?”

There is another conversation at this time, Jupiter in Capricorn, in a beautiful Sextile to Neptune in Pisces.

This conversation has been going on all year, and this is the second of three meetings between these two planets, the last one will be in October 2020. This is a beautiful conversation about fortune, vision, wisdom, justice, the spirituality, imagination, the dreams, the mysticism, the unconditional Love…ALOHA is here. 

The fifth Hawaiian principle of Huna “ALOHA: to Love is to be happy”…

ALOHA is an essence of being: love, peace, compassion, and a mutual understanding of respect. Aloha means living in harmony with the people and land around you, with mercy, sympathy, grace, and kindness. So Aloha unconditional Love is the key here, because when you go into life having conditional Love, you are not going to feel at all centered and capable of navigating the shifts of energy that are in play at this time.

There is a rapid personal growth that is being supported by this Sextile conversation. Jupiter-Neptune blend of energy is so expansive, so creative, very much bringing in fortune, and positive outcomes when you align with what is for your highest good.

Finally Mars is very highlighted at this time, because he is in Aries his home sign, and he is going to stay there for the next 6 months. So this is a massive transit, so be aware that this Mars energy is in the background of our life for the next 6 months. So it is important to keep on working with it.

Mars in Aries is about the warrior energy, the war god, and at the time of this Full Moon, he is in a challenging Square conversation with the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn, all Retrograde in Capricorn.

So the month of August is pretty intense, because there is a building up of great tension, as toward the end of the month, Mars will come to exactly Square Saturn. They are both known as the malefic in astrology, and when they come together through a Square conversation, there is a sense of dread about it. So it is a time to really practice positivity because Mars-Saturn energy can easily makes you see the glass half-empty instead of half-full. Mars-Saturn energy is inviting the time factor… so cultivate your patience, that can help you go on the higher road. 

The highest side of Mars in Aries is to stand strong with personal power, discipline, emotional discipline, courage, focus, assertiveness, 

and a higher level of consciousness. The highest side of Mars is the Warrior Protector, so it is about to protect yourself, and to protect others, who you love, when they can’t protect themselves… we have here the archetype of the hero.

The low side of Mars in Aries is about anger, fight, conflict, war, abuse, hatred… this is the worst of the worst, especially as he is in Square to Saturn now… and Saturn brings fears, and you can be very scared at this time.

So this is a good time to practice MAKIA. The third Hawaiian principle of Huna “MAKIA: Energy flows where attention goes.” So be focused, “like attracts like”, so if you are experiencing fear and anger emotions, and you dwell in negativity, you are just going to attract more of that, you are going to strengthen that energy.

So which side of these extreme energies do you exhibit, especially for the next 6 months? There is going to be a lot of people that fall into the trap of the fear and anger. So choose the highest side of Mars..and the next 6 months is about developing more courage, and strength, and personal power, because the last part of this year is going to be intense. So do any activities that stimulate your Inner Warrior… take that frustration that you feel at this time, and aim it towards a chosen direction, for your betterment and evolution. So at the time of this Aquarius Full Moon, where are you aiming your Warrior energy? 

And with the Full Moon in Aquarius there is the archetype of the Rebel. Therefore we have here the interplay between the Warrior and the Rebel. 

So how you become stronger and more courageous is basically through expressing your true, free-spirit self, of course using the high side of the Mars energy… other wise you may become aggressively rebellious.

The inner Rebel in you wants to follow the path of individuality, to go in a process of individuation, that means becoming a truer version of yourself. Becoming a Rebel is kind of understanding who you really are, and who you have learned to be, and who you have been trained to be, what you have been groomed into.

We are in the midst of a big creation process here, not only in the world, but at a personal level as well, creating a new reality. But you have to break out of what you thought things had to look like, what you thought essential in your life, before you step into a future reality. This Aquarius Full Moon is like an opening that will set you free, and get out of where you have felt locked or trapped, stuck, stagnant.. where you are been resistant to any kind of growth. This is a Full Moon that is going to help catapult you forward.

So at this time, ask yourself…”Where am I?… What is my life?… What is essential for me?”… this is now the time to put energy towards it.

So look at your birth chart, or have your chart done professionally, because your birth chart is where you connect with your power and your choices.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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