This Leo New Moon happens on Wednesday 19th August 2020 at 26 degrees 35’ Leo, at 12:40 PM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour my Stars Lovers, welcome to the Leo New Moon…

This is actually quite an exciting New Moon, so let’s look at what she is activating in your life.

At this New Moon time, both Sun and Moon are at 26 degrees, and they are both conjunct to Mercury at 28 degrees of Leo. 

This is a very active, invigorating energy, and it is asking you to really feel strong in who you are now, in what that Leo season has brought your way, because the degrees 26 and 28 are at the end of the Leo journey. This means that you are starting something new, based on what you have learned, what has grown, what has developed for you during the Leo season that started on July 22nd. 

So when we have a New Moon at the end of a zodiac sign, it is often an interesting contrast, because we are finishing an energy, but there is something new coming in, that we are to take forward into the following Virgo season, where we fine tune, simplify, perfect and improve… but this New Moon is a time of really looking at what have you created within yourself, what have you decided, what have become clear, what have you playing with, developing, growing… because this Leo New Moon is really asking you to strengthen it. The Leo energy is associated with the Solar Plexus, so there has been a strengthening of confidence of self.

The Sun is at home in Leo, so the Sun energy is amplified at this time, and we are receiving more energy frequencies from the Sun. So this Moon-Sun-Mercury conjunction is brightening your Light, and you really feel your strength and your new energised sense of self, over what is possible for you… and it really activating something in your heart, around Love, healing, relationships, and at this time you can look at how much you have grown and changed in the Leo area of your birth chart. 

So see where 26 degrees of Leo falls in your birth chart, and which House-Area of life is impacted by this New Moon, to see what that means for you.

The New Moon is always a perfect time to set a new intention, so wherever it is falling in your birth chart, set a new intention for what you want to manifest in your life. Remember that you are planting a seed at this point, and about 6 months down the road, there will be a Full Moon in Leo, and you can look back and see if you have manifested the seed you planted at the New Moon. This is a great way to become more aware of the celestial patterns in your life, and start to live with deeper meaning.

At the time of the New Moon, Mars at 24 degrees of Aries, is in a beautiful Trine conversation with the New Moon-Mercury conjunction in Leo.

Each sign of the zodiac contains 30 degrees, that are divided in 3 parts of 10 degrees, called in astrology “decans”… and the third “decan” of  Leo, where is positioned this New Moon, is ruled by Mars. This decan of Leo with rays from Mars, is one of the most ambitious and chivalrous of all decans… so we have a lot of martian energy going on at this time.

This Trine conversation involving Mars, brings in more action energy, a strong desire to move forward, and rebalancing the masculine energies within you… it is actually a really empowering surge of divine masculine energy, that is a healed masculine, a masculine who has done his work, who understand what he needs, how to be a good partner, what to give, what to offer, what to provide, what to create, where to stand strong… this Trine conversation is a very empowering energy at this time. And that masculine energy works within each of us, regardless of gender or sex, it is an energetic frequency that we all hold. So at this New Moon time, you are getting a surge of power, surge of support.

So you still have time to take any of your actions, before the 10th of September, when Mars will Retrograde… do the things that you know you have been procrastinating about. It is time to be brave, to be courageous, to bring out that warrior inside you, and if you can, wear bright colours to help you, or you want to look at or play with bright colours… but do whatever it takes, that gets you UP GOING, and taking action for the things that are important to you, that you are passionate about. 

This Trine conversation to Mars is a very positive and creative energy… so it is a time when you can be extremely creative, and you might be creative personally, you might develop a talent, you might start a business, you might do something that is helpful for others creatively…whatever you do, it needs to be heartfelt, because Leo rules the heart energy… so it is about doing things that come from your heart.

So we have Sun and Moon in Leo, in a beautiful Trine conversation with Mars in Aries, and they are all in a Trine conversation with the South Node in Sagittarius… and this creates an harmonious Grand Trine pattern in Fire.

The South Node at 27 degrees of Sagittarius conjunct the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is raw creator energy for humanity to use, and Leo is the sign of creativity… so this is an incredibly powerful, creative Leo New Moon at this time, so feel the positivity, the power, and the passion given by the Grand Trine in Fire. And to release that creative energy, sit in your Chrysalis to create and produce something new.

It is very important that you claim this energy for yourself, because of the other strong conversations going on at the time of the New Moon. 

Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn may suggest that the control and power of governments is being expanded at the moment, maybe because of people taking to the streets more. It shows that there is external control coming in, because the Sun and Moon in Leo are really exactly in a Quincunx conversation (150 degrees) with Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is in his own sign of Capricorn, so there is a greater sense of external control coming in. 

This also means that everything that you are developing, creating, making, you might not know where it fits in the world yet, where it belongs, or what to do with it… because that Quincunx conversation has a tension, it has an uncertainty. It also may suggest that it is important to find areas of compromise. Whenever we get a Quincunx (150 degrees), we are dealing with an energy where one party is got to give way… and who is it going to be? And which bit you are willing to compromise or not? 

There are so much controversy right now with the wear of face masks… to wear a face mask or to not wear a face mask… which rule are you going to obey? …And it is the same scenario with the Covid19 vaccine… so what are the things that are okay with you, and what are the things that are not?… you are going to use your Mars energy, and you are going to say “No I cannot do that”.

And few days after this New Moon, the Sun will start its Virgo season, and will bring a solution, something is going to be clear, the way to go will appear, something will make sense because in the earth signs, it needs to make sense, the dots need to connect… So there is something about this Leo New Moon, that you are meant to take forward into the Virgo season.

This Leo New Moon is quite powerful and dynamic, a very strong New Moon indeed, because there 6 planets in Cardinal signs, and 6 planets and points in Fire signs, so this is strong outward Yang energy. 

And August is a very powerful and dynamic month, giving the tone for the rest of the year, especially with Mars in Aries in a challenging Square conversation with Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn, but more strongly focused on Pluto.

So this Square conversation is really about a clash between, Mars in Aries representing the power of the individual, clashing with the power and control of governments, leaders. This Square conversation is quite combative, very strong… both sides, Mars in Aries and Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn, are to do with force. 

Mars in Aries is very much a believer in independence and in freedom, making his own decisions. And the Square conversation to the Capricorn planets is about NO, there is governmental or state control over that. You are not fully free to make all of those decisions. Because Mars is going to Retrograde from September until November, so there will be big tension between what you want to happen right now… and waiting… and how you manage Mars in Aries, your own expectations, your impatience, your impulsiveness, your frustration… that is going to be a big theme at this time, as we move into the next few months of 2020.

So at this time, you want to make thing happen, and you really want to push it…you have a very strong Willpower with Leo, but the strong Capricorn energy says: IT IS NOT TIME. 

Mars Square Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter is a bit like wanting to move forward, and at the same time having the brakes on … so your brakes are on and you try to move forward. What this is asking you to do, is to be very selective about where you need to put your action. What you choose to focus on, you will be able to accomplish things, but you may have to be patient. So there is a timing at this time, that ultimately will work in your favour… and ultimately, it is going to take you forward.

So at the time of this Leo New Moon, try and aim at a higher goal of Oneness with all, because the lower expression of Mars in Aries, can be gut reaction, very impulsive, overreactive, aggressive… in this mode your energy can become very scattered and reactive to outer events… you really are giving away your power to the outer situations… in fact you are really in kind of victim mode then. 

So if you can become aware of that, and channel that Mars energy, so it becomes your courage, your inner power, your calm composure, whatever the circumstances, and your HERO energy… then you are using this Mars energy really well. 

This is such an opportunity for all of us at this time, to change these old patterns of duality, polarity, divisions, arguments, wars… and go beyond that, and now start to shift towards a goal of unity, Oneness, togetherness, having a sense of  living in a global village. We are much more powerful when we come together, as a global community, and this is the essence of Aquarius… Aquarius is about humanity as a whole.

At the time of this New Moon, Venus at 10 degrees of Cancer is in an exact lovely Sextile conversation with Uranus at 10 degrees of Taurus.

This is like a feel good development, and the combination of Taurus and Cancer is about security, peace of mind, nurturing, taking a break, calming down… Uranus Taurus-Venus Cancer is a feminine energy that can help with the strong masculine energy of New Moon Leo-Mars Aries conversation… So at this time, we have strong masculine energies at work, supported by strong and kind feminine energies.

On the 15th of August we have Uranus becoming Stationary Retrograde. Whenever a planet changes direction, the slow moving planets such as Uranus, stay on one particular degrees of the zodiac, drilling down for quite some time, so its energy is very concentrated. 

So this is going to be a strong Uranian energy on the second half of the month, so think of all the associations with Uranus… it is very sudden, eruptive energy, surprising, accidents, shocking, it is very connected to weather events, to earthquakes, volcanoes, political earthquakes, it is not linear, never seen or heard before… it is also connected with disclosure, because Uranus and Aquarius energy is to do with Truth, Clarity… and also connected with anything to do with the internet, anything galactic.

So this is an eruptive, powerful energy that we are feeling around this New Moon. There are big waves of revolts, discords and chaos in so many countries at this time…people don’t feel heard, they feel insulted, they take to the streets, they discover a new truth… Whatever the subject, it is really the expression of that Square conversation between Mars in Aries and Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn (government laws, rules and control).

But with Uranus Stationary Retrograde, this can be a time of great disclosures, of awakening, about many things… around corruption, long-held secrets, around galactic events, satellites, bombs, explosions… never seen this way before…. And this may make people more angry, and that will energise them to take to the streets and protest. So be aware that we are in a potentially strong period of awakening at this time.

So Uranus Stationary Retrograde is one of the shake ups of this time, you have got to shake things up, and break things down, in order to create the New. So you may well feel suspended between two worlds, as the past is gone, but you are still creating the New in your Chrysalis, and remember in every moment of conscious time, you are creating whether you are aware or not.

Leo is the sign associated with leadership, same for Mars in Aries, so we have a strong theme of leadership at this time. So looking at the leaders in the world, how do you feel about them? Are they good leaders?…and by the way, what is good leadership? 

This Leo New Moon is a call for you to be the leader in your life. This is not about to be the leader with that sense of command, telling others what to do, but it is about setting high standards for yourself in right action, in all that you do, having courage, having a strong sense of integrity.

Leo is also related to HEART energy. It is known now that the Heart has a huge energy field, and that it sends more information to the brain than the brain does to the Heart. And when you are in negative emotion, whether it is fear, anxiety, panic… the Heart rhythms tend to become confused. And because the Heart is sending information to the brain, but also to your entire physiology, therefore all your physical rhythms tend to become confused as well… and this does not promote good health. So if you can shift towards clear energy… such as feelings of gratitude, appreciation, compassion and Love… as soon as you start to feel those, your Heart rhythms start to become more coherent, and that expands your Heart fields, then the brain-Heart field becomes more coherent as well… and the Heart sends that coherence to every single cell in your body…so this promotes health.

So at this New Moon time, that is what you are broadcasting to the world, and you know that you are contagious with this loving energy. So if you can do this, then you will be helping the entire Collective, so let’s all broadcast Love and Light.

How do you get to this state of coherence is very simple… it is just going in your Chrysalis, turning inwards, and imagining that you are breathing in and out through your Heart, as if it was your lung… not forcing anything, just relaxing into it. And if you could hold the emotions of gratitude, appreciation, compassion or Love for anyone or anything in your life, you will start to create, within moments really, more coherence in all of your physical systems… your heart, your brain, the cells in your body. 

If we all do that, it is an opportunity to unite millions of people worldwide, in Heart focus care and intention, to help shift global consciousness from instability and discord… to balance cooperation and enduring peace.

We are really in very strong time, and we are going through this enormous time of transition and transformation… this is a Chrysalis time… you are all very aware that the past is gone, no going back, because the foundations and the structures of our world are cracking and crumbling.

So at this Leo New Moon time, TAKE HEART, because what is inside is the most powerful force in the universe. … And let your Light shine the way toward a life that feels like it is meant for you. Let’s all move forwards with ONE HEART and ONE MIND…So be it.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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