This Pisces Full Moon happens on Wednesday 2nd of September 2020 at 10 degrees 12’ Pisces, at 3:22 PM  Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour my Stars Lovers, welcome to the magic Full Moon in Pisces.

Even if you are not a Pisces, this Lunation applies to you because you have Pisces somewhere in your birth chart, governing one of your House or Area of life, and you have Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, somewhere in your birth chart as well… so everyone is impacted by this Lunation.

So check where 10 degrees of Pisces falls in your Birth Chart ( and also 10 degrees of Virgo), and which Houses areas of life are impacted.

With the Full Moon happening on September 2nd 2020, you can see there are a lot of “2” here, and “2” is the number of Harmony and Peace, and Pisces is the sign of Peace.

Pisces is the sign of imagination, intuition, the dreamer, spirituality, merging all energy into ONE… it is a water sign and water is an element that goes everywhere. So there are no boundaries with Pisces, and that means that there is no boundaries on your creative imagination, and so you will feel this expansive limitlessness, when it comes to exploring what is unseen, exploring multi-dimensions and galactic dimensions, and connecting to Source, and realising that we are all in this together.

Pisces is opening the gateway to unity and Love in a beautiful way. It is also the final sign of the zodiac, so it bridges reality, it bridges life and death, what is seen and what is unseen, the conscious and the unconscious. Pisces governs psychic abilities, intuition, psychology, prisons, hospitals… and the shadow side of Pisces is about the things that you suppress, and that then create an urge to replace that energy, and that results in addiction… so Pisces governs addiction, drugs, epidemics, like viruses, disease, illusions, deception, confusion, feeling helpless, feeling victimised. So during this time of transition but also a time of awakening, you need to be extra vigilant, and use the positive side of Pisces… intuition, inspiration, unconditional Love, compassion, and tuning into the truth.

Whenever we have a Full Moon, it indicates some kind of closure or culmination, or completion, in that House-area of life where 10 degrees of Pisces falls in your birth Chart. A full Moon is also a time when you can get revelations of things you did not know before. Full Moon shines a light into dark corners, and Neptune has a lot to do with secrets, or things not being as they seem, or deception… and a Full Moon can shine a light on those secrets… so you may have more revelations or disclosures at this time. Whatever they are, this is the Truth coming out, and the truth is part of the collapse of the old paradigm that we are experiencing at this time.

Pisces energy is incredibly sensitive, incredibly compassionate, so with this Pisces Full moon, feelings tend to come to a head. So there is going to be a lot of emotion happening at this time, a lot of compassion for people in the world. At a lower level, this Pisces energy can express as overwhelm or confusion with everything that is going on.

Every Full Moon is an opposition between Sun and Moon energies, when you come into greater balance. And this Pisces Full Moon takes you away from the physical reality of your life, and she reminds you that you are more than just this moment in time, you are more than just this incarnation. 

This Pisces Full Moon is more about what needs to be completed and released, what needs to be forgiven, what needs to be unraveled, and where you can step away from an ego attachment. Pisces is often where you surrender something in your human experience up to Spirit, to your Aumakua … you let it go, so it can be released from you. 

So this Full Moon is a wonderful time to look at what you have been carrying or holding. Perhaps what you have been focusing on, that has been very specific (Sun Virgo), or something you really thought you had to manage, this Pisces Full Moon reminds you that you can partner with Spirit, your Aumakua, you can work with bigger energies.

And at this Full Moon time, the Moon is in a wide conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, and that is an opening into what is spiritually correct for you now… where you can work with a trusting process, where you can open to Spirit, and know that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

The Pisces Full Moon is celebrating the end of a cycle, so it is always a good time of the year to take stock and take inventory, of what is in front of you, what you have been organising, improving, managing and healing… and then look at what you can surrender, what you can release, so that it does not bog you down, or confine your energy. 

Neptune the ruler of Pisces, therefore the ruler of this Full Moon, is opposing Mercury at 24 degrees of Virgo.

This Mercury in Virgo is very clear, decisive, smart, aware of what he needs to do everyday, and actually Mercury in Virgo has a lot of strength because he is ruling this sign. This Mercury-Neptune opposition can also be confusion and just feeling tired, feeling mentally drained… but this Mercury in Virgo is also in a Trine conversation with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

This earthy conversation means that something has been formulating, and it gets a concrete understanding, so there is something coming together about next steps, that will feel solid. So with this energy at work, make a list, write down priorities, write down what you need to do, so that you will not forget. Because the ideas that are happening right now can really serve you, and they can solve some problems, they can give you some solutions, they can be very insightful… about what you want to do next.

At this Full Moon time the major conversation is Uranus at 10 degrees of Taurus in an exact beautiful Sextile conversation with the Moon at 10 degrees of Pisces, and also in a beautiful exact Trine conversation with the Sun at 10 degrees of Virgo.

So Sun, Moon, and Uranus are all at 10 degrees of their signs, and “10” reduces to “1”, so there is a lot  of new beginnings energy there. This opens a triple 10 manifestation Portal, and that is creating a rapid awakening through Love and Light… that is what the number 10 represents, it is like the god number. The vibration of “10” is about intuition, fortune, luck, a turn for the better, the start of something new. This represents an initiation period in which you may be required to stand alone and make decisions. Progress, improvement and advancement are yours.

Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs, so at this Full Moon time, there is a nice sense of grounding energy, an earth-centred energy that allows you to really assimilate in a very practical way, a sense of freedom and release, that we are all experiencing, as we up level into this new paradigm, this new way of life, and release all those patriarchal structures from our existence. 

Uranus, which is so connected to this Pisces Full Moon, is very positively expressed, and the ultimate expression of Uranus is freedom… and because Pisces is now allowing you to see what is hidden, and revealing the truth, you can see that “the truth shall set you free” is very much active during this Full Moon time.

Everybody is on their journey, and choosing how to express freedom for themselves, and that individual choice is very much the Uranus theme. So upholding that freedom of choice is the most basic human right that we have, and when that right is removed, we know that the old paradigm is trying to exert control. And the old paradigm is now called “old”, because it is on the way out. We are now welcoming the New Earth… so if you are feeling that you have been holding yourself down from expressing yourself the way you feel is from your highest good … then this Uranus and Taurus experience, with the Pisces Full Moon, is helping that process tremendously.

So Uranus in Taurus is building a new foundation for freedom, and you build this freedom through your thoughts, and the energy that you put out into the world. And the tool you have that will help you in an instant every time, is your intuition, your Third Eye… you want to see through your Third Eye what you are intending to create with Source. Through your Third Eye, your heart and your mind are coming together to be open to see everything, not just what you want to see, what you have been trained to see, what you have been shown by those in control… but what truly is happening. 

And at this Full time, Pisces allows you that stillness, Pisces allows you to listen, because Pisces reveals the Truth through stillness and listening. Then you surrender to the Divine Truth, and you stop to analyse, you stop using just your mind… and you stop to try explain yourself to others, because it does not even matter. So it is really transformational to use that Third Eye as your navigation tool, and that is really the spiritual awakening of freedom of this Pisces Full Moon.

Because Uranus governs higher intelligence, the higher mind, your genius, your intuition, seeing beyond the norm, breaking free from the confines of restriction… so you are discovering now how to activate from your heart space, and connecting your heart to your mind as one unit, that is aligned with Source… and that is really what intuition is, it is the ultimate divine intelligence that you have. However, since you have been bred and taught under the old system, which is very much connected to the mind and disconnected from the heart, it is like you are now moving into a new paradigm where you got to learn the new rope, and the new rope is intuition. So at the time of this Pisces Full Moon, your intuitive senses are on very high alert, because they have been awakened. You need them, and that is a good thing, because the old playbook is gone, so your intuition is the only thing that is going to carry you through, and be able to navigate. Intuition is both common sense and high vibrational intention, so now you are becoming holistic in your approach, using your practical side and your intuitive side all together.

Uranus is also about technological innovation of many kinds, so he wants you to be very aware and alert of magnetism and frequencies. We are hearing an awful lot about magnetic technology at this time, there are plenty new technologies connected to magnetism, which is life supportive and life enhancing, as well as life destroying. So have your antenna out for that, because Uranus is in Taurus, and Taurus is the earth, and Taurus is also your physical body… so remember that you are an electromagnetic being.

And with Uranus in Taurus, our values are going to be changing a lot, because Uranus is going to stay in Taurus until 2026. We can already see how the values of everybody have changed since the beginning of this year. 

The Sun-Uranus Trine is a very dynamic and energising conversation, and it is opening you up to some new possibilities and new solutions, that were not available before… and September is the time, there is something connecting, clicking, and coming through, to support your life, your physical world, where you are going next, what matters to you. So there is something about September, that is bringing in these new energies, these new dynamics, and it is going to build through Virgo season, until the Virgo New Moon on September 17th.

So this Pisces Full Moon is showing you that yes there are completions, revelations, and higher awareness from Spirit, your Aumakua (Moon Pisces)… but then there is something in the physical world, that you are going to be carrying forward, developing, building, growing, throughout September (Sun Virgo), that is going to be clear by that Virgo New Moon on September 17th.

So September has an important story, there is something coming through from Spirit, from Aumakua, and it is trying to land in your brain, and saying hold on to this, understand this, know that what you are working with is supporting you. Some things need to be cleared out, you need to surrender, your sense of control of it all, and to know that what is going to move through in September, is meant to set you up in a more solid way, to end 2020 but also to begin the next year.

So what in your life are you changing in September, that is going to serve you… serve you in your highest and best way, that maybe you was not ready to make the changes before?

During this Pisces Full Moon, Venus at 25 degrees of Cancer, is in an exact opposition with Saturn at 25 degrees of Capricorn… and both are in a challenging Square conversation to Mars in Aries, creating a powerful  Cardinal T-Square triangle pattern… and Mars is about to go Retrograde on September 9th… So this is very very powerful energy that we have here indeed!

This cardinal T-Square wants you to begin, to initiate or start something… and this is where you could feel a big frustration. Venus in Cancer is sensitive and she has been moving through the feelings of what she wants, and what matters to her, and as she opposes Saturn, she has a bumpy ride, because Saturn is telling her NO… So there is a tension here, perhaps in where you want to go, what you want to do next. 

Mars is fuelling that energy of being very passionate, excited, acting on what it is you discover… and Venus-Saturn opposition means you need to spend some time alone, to get really purely connected to Source, not worry about any delays that may come your way, and focus on practical matters.

Venus-Saturn opposition can be portrayed as a conflict between the need for security and safety and coziness (Venus Cancer), and a strong sense of control and dominance, perhaps coming from you or your partner, because Venus rules relationships. So it may be quite a push-pull with this opposition conversation, whether you stay within the security of that relationship despite that. So Venus-Saturn opposition is very much about self-awareness and growth, and focusing also on paying off debts, because Venus governs money, organising your finances… and Venus governs Love, so it is about bringing Love, harmony and beauty into your life, to help you feel that inner peace. 

And then we have Mars-Saturn Square conversation, that does make energy feel a little bit more restricted. And because Mars is slowing down right now, as he is going in Retrograde on September 9th, that Mars-Saturn Square conversation is going to last all month of September.

It does not seem like it is time to take some actions, because of this frustrated Mars, who has to wait, and Mars in Aries does not want to wait, he wants to head off on his own adventure, do it his own way, be very independent, but he is being tied up by the Capricorn Saturn-Pluto energies in Capricorn, that say IT IS NOT TIME…you can’t have that, you have to think beyond yourself, you have to think of the bigger picture.

So in order to bypass any frustration or energetic suppression that you may feel at this time, focus on your creativity and any pending responsibilities. So don’t start anything new, it is better to concentrate your passion on something you already have, or started. And it is very important that you express yourself of course, but do so in way that is very steady, one step at a time, be very patient at this time. And if you feel yourself get frustrated, or pushed to take a risk, then practice those creating exercises, or breathe from your heart, and get calm and centered, before you move forward.

So at this Pisces Full Moon time, make sure that you are in alignment with Source, and whatever feels like it is taking you away from your sense of BALANCE, let that go, and ask for support with Spirit.

At the time of this Full Moon, Mercury is in his own sign at 24 degrees of Virgo, and he is in a supportive trine conversation with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn… and he is also opposing Neptune in Pisces.  

Virgo and Capricorn are earth sign, so it is great for manifesting, and the opposition to Neptune is great for imagination… so on the overall, these conversations are really about bringing your thoughts into reality, into manifestation. So at this time you can manifest, you can be the architect, or the artist, and ground your dreams on paper or canvas, or write them down in a book. 

With this Mercury-Saturn-Pluto-Neptune conversation, become more aware of the freedom of your thoughts, the freedom of your choices, even if you are living in a constrained environment. So instead of doing everything in a blur through the day, such as with routine and habits, become more conscious that you have the freedom in that choice, and be grateful for that… freedom-choice-gratitude… this is the frequency you choose to live with everyday, instead of constraint, and that would really help you, and help us all, because you are broadcasting this to the Oneness of All… and that becomes infectious for everybody.

So September is going to focus on personal freedom and fortunate shifts,

positive breakthroughs, exciting developments, because of the beautiful impact of Uranus. We are in the midst of allowing a new way of life to unfold, and this Pisces Full Moon, because of the vibration of the number “10”, and the liberation theme with Uranus, and with the T-Square pattern with Mars… is facilitating this time of great awakening, great unveiling… and once you see the Light you are set free.

Pisces allows you to acknowledge energy that is sourced from unconditional Love. Pisces is very idealistic, and it is incredibly powerful in terms of bringing us together. And the Sun in Virgo, opposite the Moon in Pisces, is allowing you to be very practical, in putting that idealism, that love, that Joy, that Peace… into reality.

And what we are starting to notice now, is which tactics are causing SEPARATION, which is the old way of gaining power is to separate… because when we feel separate from, we compete, we defend, we react, we certainly don’t extend our hand with Love… because we have been made to feel like we are better or worse than something, this is comparison and the result is separation. 

So at this time, we look at which strategies separate us, and which strategies bring us together, this is what this Pisces Full Moon is asking you to do… the unification theme, the loving unity theme. Pisces is the sign of compassion, and connecting to the Oneness of All, we all come from One Source. 

This Pisces Full Moon begins the final third of 2020, and so it is a fantastic time to just see that BALANCE is one of the key words to your liberation, to your vibrational uplifting of energy on Mother Earth… the Balance of male and female, of masculine and feminine, of intuition and intelligence, of the unseen and the seen, of the mind and the heart… So now you need to put on your 2020 vision glasses, and make sure that your foundations and your intentions are all built on Love, and Trust, and Compassion, and Joy… rather then the old paradigm of greed, competition, fear, and separation. And this will bring you into Balance, so if you can see anything that is using still the old paradigm strategies of separation, and fear, and greed, and competition, this is where you have to, if you want TO STAY IN BALANCE, say NO and put up those boundaries.

This Pisces Full Moon brings a strong Yin energy, that is so different from the actual Yang kind of more masculine manifesting energy in the world, because Pisces is to do with unconditional Love, it is Yin receptive, it is to do with meditation, altered states, chanting, sacred music, sitting in Nature, being in silence ( perfect for a Vipassana meditation time)… Pisces is sooo fine in its perception, and ultimately, it is really MAGICAL…it is shape-shifting, and when you are in that Piscean, altered, high vibration state, according to Quantum physic, you are less particle and you become more wave, and that is a much more powerful place to co-create from. 

So at this Full Moon time, think of this magical dreamy quality, really get into that…go and sit in the Moon light, and dream under the stars, where you can merge with the Oneness of all, because Pisces, being the last sign of the zodiac, goes beyond polarities, beyond yes-good-bad-right-wrong…Pisces can be the most egoless sign, and don’t get into the fight very often… so this Pisces Full Moon wants you to practice LET IT GO, because with Pisces, everything is connected to Source, everything and everyone is just a Divine Spark in Oneness… and if you can get more to that place on an ongoing basis, that is a beautiful antidote to all the Yang energy that we are going through at this time… it instantly gets you to a place where you are aware of becoming a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LIGHT BEING

And keep in mind that whatever is your frequency today is your manifestation tomorrow…  it is same like the saying “ Your thoughts today, create your world tomorrow”… remember that negative thinking can destroy your life… SO LIGHT TOMORROW WITH TODAY.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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