This Aries Full Moon happens on Friday 2nd October 2020 at 9 degrees 08’ Aries, at 7:06 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour beautiful Stars Lovers, welcome to the Aries Full Moon.

Full Moons are always times when feelings, emotions, come to a head, and in Aries, the sign of the warrior, you could be feeling very assertive or very aggressive, or very angry at that time.

With this Lunation, we are going really deeply into one of the most profound Full Moons of the year, and it may be the most important one, because this one is happening at a very pivotal time in 2020. This is the Aries Full Moon, and Mars the ruler of Aries is in Retrograde in Aries, for the first time since 1988. So Mars is very activated at this time, as he is having important conversations with other planets.

Of course, even if you are not an Aries, this Lunation impacts you, because you have Aries somewhere in your Birth chart… so everyone is impacted. 

So first of all check where 9 degrees of Aries falls in your Birth chart, and which House-area of life is impacted at this Full Moon… it is also interesting to check which House-area of life contains the sign of Libra where the Sun is at 9 degrees. 

At this time the Sun is in Libra, which is the sign of Balance, of harmony, of Love, of cooperation, of reaching out to one another…and there is the Moon opposite in Aries, the sign of the warrior, of courage, and also the sign of ME, MYSELF… What I want?… What I like? ..What I dislike?

So there is this pull between the Sun and the Moon, between “What I want, what I want to do”, and my Ego energy… and how much I really want to connect with others, and feel that Love feeling, that cooperation, and wonderful emotions that come up when we have positive interactions with each other. 

So at this Full Moon, Moon Aries is about fire and Sun Libra is about equilibrium. Libra is balance, so we do have an inborn sense of the individual (Aries), and the relationship and balance with Libra… so that means that you are initiating a new way of being, a new way of looking at the world, and it is helping to bring your life into balance… and that is happening obviously around the world as well.

So when you look at this Aries Full Moon with the Sun in Libra, you are being invited to look consciously at inner polarities, and to purge what it is you don’t want anymore, and replace it with high vibrational choices. This Aries Full Moon is bringing up something very profound, because Aries goes for it, Aries does not hold back, Aries is about being free to choose, being independent, being sovereign, being strong… Aries is the first sign, and this Full Moon is a powerful moment of breaking negative habits and setting yourself free to birth a new life. 

This Aries Full Moon is about getting out of codependency into interdependencies, so that the freedom of Aries is in play, while the balance is energetically in harmony. So when you are in high vibration, you can take that bird’s eye view, you can still be in relationship to everything around you, be connected, but you are not pulled into the drama, which is where the polarities start. The drama is the “I am right – you are wrong” kind of thing, and that is the shadow side of planet Mars.

At the time of this Aries Full Moon, its ruler Mars is in Retrograde mode at 25 degrees of Aries.

Mars went on Retrograde on September 9th and will stay Retrograde until November 13th. When Mars is Retrograde, in many ways he is more intense, because he is closer to Mother Earth… If we look to what happened on September 9th, in California and Oregon states of America, there were horrific and destructive wildfires, exactly when Mars went retrograde. So Mars retrograde is closer to the Earth and he is very hot, in terms of fires, but in terms of behaviours as well. 

And from now and through October and November, Mars in Aries is in a dynamic Square conversation with the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn… but particularly the Square to Saturn is the most potent, because it is exact. 

Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn conjunction is about government, institutions, so there might be conflicts against the status quo.

So looking at Mars-Saturn Square only, Mars at 25 degrees of Aries and Saturn at 25 degrees of Capricorn, that is huge because they are both in their own sign, so this makes them much stronger. And on this Full Moon day, as well, Saturn becomes Stationary-Direct ready to change direction, and whenever a planet becomes Stationary to change direction, its symbolism becomes magnified. 

So at this time, your energy may feel more restricted, and you definitively want to concentrate on pouring your energy into releasing what is frustrating you. Here Mars is pushing you to take a risk, but the risk is to go within, because Mars is Retrograde, so the meditation aspect, the breathing deeply aspect, the breathing in general is so important, to not move forward until you actually take that time and breathe… and also have the patience to listen for what is called for right now, because Saturn is Lord Kronos, Saturn is timing, and the timing of this moment is not lost on anyone, it is a huge moment in human history. 

So with this Mars-Saturn Square conversation, it feels like running into a wall, because Mars in Aries is about being impatient, impulsive, it is about “I am”, I exist”, individual rights, freedom, autonomy… running into an amplified Saturn in Capricorn, that rules regulations, constrictions, government authorities… You know this, this is all the things that we have seen already this year, and this is going to be repeated really through October and November very strongly.

So we all need to create space to not rush into things, and it is very important to stay calm, to meditate, to trust, to allow the breathing to bring in the inspiration that allows you to say “everything is going to be fine, and I am going to trust and stay in the moment”. 

Mars in Aries is you the individual, and Saturn in Capricorn represents authority, so when you take the combination of this intensity, you know that the weeks and months ahead, to the rest of this year, will be extraordinary active, making this time a great PIVOTAL time, a reset time. The universe wants us to reset our lives, so you need to transform personally, and collectively as well. We need to transform our governments, our institutions, everything is being asked to grow and evolve. 

So personally…where do you need to make a fresh start? And it is better to take the initiative and move on on your own, than to be pushed out by the energy of the planets. 

During this Aries Full Moon time, it is very important to understand the difference between aggression and assertiveness. And at this time, you feel the intensity, the quickening, it is like a volcano with the lava coming up, and you know something is going to happen… as to when, the exact timing, it is not sure yet, but it is definitively certain that this volcano is going to release steam, and going to create a brand new beginning. 

This triple conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn is a very very powerful moment here, because Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn have not been in a conjunction in Capricorn for thousands of years… and for Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn alone, the last time was 500 years ago.

Having now Jupiter part of this huge conjunction means that there is Joy on the other side… and we are going to see that after Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, and that happens around the Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice on the Northern hemisphere), December 21st. So after that time, we are going to start seeing clearly the Aquarian Age emerge, the age of freedom, but right now we are still in the struggle to set ourselves free from the Capricorn patriarchy.  

So this Square conversation from Mars Retrograde to the triple conjunction Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn, is extremely important, because it is motivating you not to be aggressive externally, but to go within, because of the Retrograde, and find a new way to set yourself free from the shackles that are holding you captured… there is going to be tension for sure. So as a result of all this tension, there may be of course a lot of anger and aggression, and that is the shadow side of Mars. 

However, the high vibrational expression of Mars, the sacred masculine, is not to be aggressive, but to be assertive, positively confident. Aggression is about anger and violence, it hurts others… whereas assertion is only connected to your inner confidence, being self-assured, being bold, it has nothing to do with damaging another energy or another person. Remember that this is a Full Moon, and we are all bringing energy into balance… so you don’t want to allow those old patterns of anger to rise again. And now you have the choice to move away from those old patterns. And we should be all grateful for Mars being in Retrograde during this Aries Full Moon, because it is unveiling what was hidden, the hidden aggression is being unveiled, the hidden tactics for being aggressive they are coming out… and it is not for you to judge, it is just for you to see and be in a state of receptivity, so that you can stay unified and calm, peaceful, while the volcano erupts. And to remember that volcanic eruption are actually natural, we don’t want to keep Mother Earth from evolving, and from continents forming, and everything that happens on Earth geologically. So we have to see this eruption as a moment of birth, and not to judge it and not to take sides… just to be there with a high vibrational presence. 

So at the time of this Full Moon, focus on what is playing out inside of YOU? Mars is your energy of initiative, so where do you need to just push through your own limitations? The Moon is the internal emotional You, so …where are you stopping yourself from being brave, from having an adventure?… where do you need to break out your old robotic life, of the limitations that you have set upon yourself? So at the time of this Aries Full Moon, what could you learn, what could you study that will stretch your perspective, so that it is wider and not limited? In this Square conversation, the Capricorn energy always want to bring something into orderliness, and Mars in Aries says “no way”… so it is about finding a balance, because you need some structures of course, but …where do you need to step out of your limitations?

On its own, the Mars-Jupiter Square conversation is wonderful energy for positive decisions, positive transactions, using your energy wisely, again meditation and rest are highlighted. You have the courage to confront anything that comes your way, because you are just tuning into what is for your highest good.

This Full Moon brings an extraordinary, evolutionary opportunity for change, it is really that “pivotal”. And so to fulfil your divine mission, you need to do the work you are here to do, even though the challenges are great. So be assertive, stand up for the truth, join together in Love and Light, and remember that Jupiter is part of this big conversation, and Jupiter is Joy, and expansion and abundance and wisdom are in play. And when Jupiter moves into Aquarius (December 20th), we are going to start seeing the fruits, it is going to be amazing in 2021… 2021 THE YEAR OF FREEDOM.

At this Full Moon, the Moon at 9 degrees of Aries is tightly conjunct Chiron Retrograde at 7 degrees of Aries.

Chiron the Sacred Healer, in your Birth chart, represents your original wound if you like… it is where you are born with a “weakness” that you are meant to turn into a strength. And now with Chiron in Aries, there is the essence of “I am, I exist, I have strong sense of self”. When people are born with Chiron in Aries, in their early years there is often a sense of “do I have a right to exist?”… but that is meant to be turned into leadership. 

So for all of us, this Full Moon is highlighting Chiron in Aries, and this may be time when we may be feeling “do I exist in this society?”… maybe bringing up the whole theme of individual rights in a stronger way at this time. This Moon-Chiron conjunction will very much intensify your feelings, make you very sensitive, because the Moon is in Aries, there is a desire for freedom, and rebelling against any kind of emotional restriction… and it also enhances the ability to heal yourself, and your heart is just so open to that emotional health, the loving healing that happens with Chiron conjunct to the Moon… it is a very beautiful energy indeed. 

Another conversation is, Mars at 24 degrees of Aries in a conjunction with the Black Moon Lilith at 27 degrees of Aries. 

Now Black Moon Lilith is a powerful point in space, very linked to Mother Earth’s orbit. Essentially, the symbolism of the Black Moon Lilith is raw, untamed, wild, primitive, instinctive feminine… that is the quality of Lilith. SHE WILL NOT ABIDE BY THE RULES. 

So at this Full Moon time, we have in Aries this pretty unruly trio, Lilith-Mars-Chiron, operating very powerfully, and assertively… so we are going to see a lot of heat in the world indeed, a lot of drama, a lot more social unrest in the coming weeks. So prepare yourself for this extreme time, this strong Yang energy in the world.

At this Full Moon time, Uranus Retrograde at 9 degrees of Taurus is in an exact Quincunx (150 degrees) conversation with the Sun at 9 degrees of Libra.

Uranus is about freedom, individuality, it is the planet of awakening, and the planet of rebellion, of revolution. Perhaps, as people are awakening, that is making them want to rebel… And the Sun is in Libra, that is about justice, fairness and equality in society. And maybe those are going to be additional issues during this time as well. 

So on the overall, this conversation is just totally about setting yourself free. It invites you to open up your intuition, to receive sudden inspiration that shifts your life, and it can create a sense of nervousness as well… so it is important to stay in meditation in general, during this Aries Full Moon… because if you resist the change that is very much in play, there is so much shifting right now, so much in play that is taking you to a quickening pace, so it is really important to be open to approaching situations from a new angle, seeing things in a new way, making adjustments, making those changes, looking at alternatives.

In addition, Uranus at 9 degrees of Taurus opposes Mercury at 4 degrees of Scorpio, and this opposition will be exact later in October.

Mercury and Uranus are planets of communication and media, so there could be some significant news around late September and all of October. This is a very important moment indeed, because what happens in the middle of October, we have Mercury stations Retrograde in Scorpio, Scorpio the sign of secrets. So there could be significant news unveiling secrets, that have never before been unveiled. And Mercury stays in Retrograde until November 3rd, an important date because this is the date of the US presidential election. 

So at this time, there could be some surprising or shocking news, or some disclosures coming out… there is a tremendous amount of energy here, that needs you to be flexible, and open, regarding everything that is going on. Because this energy could make you feel a little bit scattered, undisciplined and nervous. On the positive side, this opposition acts like a stimulant upon the brain. Uranus is jolting, and you seem to understand ideas faster, perceive what is happening very quickly, and have strong intuitive insights, that seem first unattainable, but allow for the test of time to prove what is true.

Mars in Aries is also in a lovely Trine conversation with Venus in Leo.

This is so beautiful!… Venus is playing a huge role at this time. Venus-Mars Trine is just heightening positive energy, Love, affection, passion, resolving personal issues, resolving any tension into harmony… this is wonderful for any Love, any romance, and being creatively engaged… so a beautiful conversation that is helping you through this times.

At the time of this Full Moon, Neptune Retrograde at 19 degrees of Pisces, is in a challenging Square conversation with the Nodal Axis, North Node at 22 degrees of Gemini and South Node at 22 degrees of Sagittarius. 

At its lower level of expression, this conversation is about “What is true and what is not”… you are feeling overwhelmed with drama… and Mercury going Retrograde in Scorpio may well feed into that.

However, at its higher level of expression, this Neptune-Nodal Axis Square is about our future collective evolution, infused with the highest octave of Neptune, which is about spirituality, unconditional Love, healing, the artist way, the higher perspective on all of this. 

So at this time, check where your focus is. It is an ideal time to practice MAKIA the third Hawaiian Principle… “MAKIA : energy flows where attention goes”.

MAKIA is about focus and concentration. When you focus your physical, mental and emotional attention, not only does all of your energy channel into what you are focusing on, but you will also attract energy from the world around you, which increases the effect of whatever you are focusing on. 

So at this time, if your focus is on the drama and the polarity, and the duality, the right versus the wrong, black versus white …and so on… you are going to be vibrationally recreating your past and your present into your future, individually and collectively as well. 

So at this Aries Full Moon, that inaugurates a brand new beginning, check where do you put your focus? Where do you put your energy? WHERE DO YOU PUT YOUR LIGHT? Because we know that we are vehicles of Light, we are vibrating energy, and if we are at high FREQUENCY OF LOVE, gratitude, appreciation, Joy… we are going to be at a high level of Light.

So at this Full Moon time, “I choose to receive more Divine Light”. And if you can make that your focus, and trusting in the ethereal, in the invisible, you will be creating a very different future, that you know is a strong contender for where you are going…because you always have infinite possibilities in your world, and there are multiple timelines happening at any moment. Essentially at the moment, there are two very big timelines, it feels like coming to a fork in the road, so it is very important for you to know where you are putting your energy… are you putting your energy on the 3D drama, listening too much to the social media?… or are you putting your energy on something much higher, much more loving, much kinder, much more abundant, much more beautiful for you… remember it is all about your frequency, and that we are moving into very fast and exciting times over these coming weeks.

Your individual responsibility is to choose your frequency on a moment by moment basis, to practice to live from your heart rather than all the information coming in from your head.

Something important to mention, is that 2 days after this Aries Full Moon, Pluto becomes Stationary-Direct. 

So within 3 weeks, from September 13th we have Jupiter moving Direct, on September 29th the day of this Full Moon, we have Saturn moving Direct, and on October 4th Pluto is moving Direct. So around this Full Moon time, we are seeing Plutonian issues amplified because Pluto is Stationary-Direct… and this is about power, control, about anyone who has power over you. So at this time check where you are running into power and control issues in your life.

So at this Aries Full Moon time, there is just so much incredible opportunity here to move to another level of understanding, and relating, and just being present in a way that is high vibrational, HOLDING THE LIGHT, as opposed to getting engaged in conflict and aggression. 

We are literally all moving away from that dark energy of Mars, that has been present with us for so long, the Patriarchal Masculine that is trying to dominate, versus the Sacred Masculine that is about courage, and passion, and assertiveness.

So this Aries Full Moon, Sun opposite Moon, is giving you a choice… why not create what is happening within you the way you want it? Because if you have a choice, you have the opportunity to choose Light or Dark, misery or Joy, peace or anger, cold or warm… this is really about moving away from hatred and aggression towards Love and acceptance.

So this Aries Full Moon is an opportunity for you to reclaim your life, in going within like Mars Retrograde in Aries, you want to start fresh, you are in a new beginning stage… so focus on your inner well-being, focus on creating, focus on anything that allows you to be your full potential, and in a positive way, without hurting anybody else in the  process… you change frustration into trust and assertiveness… you move away from low vibrational choices, people and your old habits. As soon as you are frustrated you catch your breath, you breathe, and you allow the Divine to inspire you to stay calm. Because when you feel that sense of peace and bliss, you are in the Light, you are truly walking the path of the Light Bearer… AND THAT WHERE WE ARE ALL HEADING.

Because we are all a family, and we understand that there is life way beyond what is going on now on Earth… and that life is the birth of a new humanity… and this is really around the corner. The time has come for this new birth, so be with others who are in a place of Love, come together in Love and Light, and remember that you are a Divine Being of Light, holding the torch of the Aquarius New Age, for others to see the Truth and Light and Love.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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