This Libra New Moon happens on Saturday 17th October 2020 at 23 degrees 53’ of Libra, at 5:30 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour Stars Lovers, welcome to this Libra New Moon, the second of three Lunation in October, one of those rare months when we have two Full Moons and one New Moon. This does not happen often, maybe every three years.

So October is a very intense month to begin with, it resonates with the number “5” (10-2020), therefore it is about CHANGE. This New Moon is showing that your foundation, which is the whole Capricorn experience we have been going through, is changing, and the change is so powerful at this point… it is just sweeping the Earth, and you can witness that on the news, with all the extremes human, environment and political events happening now.

And of course you don’t need to be a Libra to benefit from this Lunation, because you have Libra somewhere in your Birth chart, So check where 23 degrees of Libra falls in your Birth chart, and which House or area of life is impacted by this New Moon… and plant a new seed, set a new intention for yourself and for Mother Earth as well.

October is the month that we realise that we have arrived at the point of no return, because at this time, we are giving birth to the New Earth, the New Age, and there is no turning back. 

And you, individually, you are taking part in this birth process, and it is not to be fearful of it, because it is what it is. So you step up, and you participate, and you do all you can to make the most out of a very powerful birth experience. It is all good, because we all need to play our part, in holding a higher vibration, and you do that when you acknowledge when challenges arise, when anger arises, you need to be present, so you don’t get trapped into that fear, that can hold you hostage emotionally. You need to be very conscious of when it happens, and live totally moment by moment, and stand for the truth of the intuition, that is coming through the actual feeling of being at peace and harmony. And that gives you the compass as to how to navigate through all the challenges that are appearing. 

Libra is the sign of harmony, the sign of balance, it is about the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine COMING INTO EQUILIBRIUM. Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus is the planet of the Divine Feminine. 

Mars is the ruler of the Sacred Masculine, and at this time, Mars is currently in Retrograde in his own sign of Aries. And this Retrograde is literally bringing out the fact that the Sacred Masculine has not been very sacred, to say the least. So during this Libra New Moon, there is an incredible dynamic between Venus and Mars, between Libra and Aries. When we look at this New Moon, there are many planets in opposition, so it almost feel like a Full Moon.

This New Moon is full of surprises, changes, and every energetic particle on Earth is being brought into balance as a result, even though it seems like chaotic, it is truly not, it is readjustment, realignment, recalibration… be aware that at this time, Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio, Mars is Retrograde in Aries, WE ARE RECALIBRATING in so many ways… energy, how to move forward, how you use your natural desire for new beginnings and change (Mars retrograde)… and then we have Mercury Retrograde, the mind, the communicator, Mercury in Scorpio the sign of secrets… Mercury is about how you exchange information, and that includes the media, the internet, anything that resonates to vibrational exchange. And in Scorpio, that exchange is deepening, it is bringing up things that were unseen, that were put into secret compartment, that now need to unveil, and look at, and deal with… So this New Moon time is an incredible moment, because in order to navigate all of these change, this requires a balance of the Divine Feminine, finally coming into alignment with the Sacred Masculine.

New Moons begin a new cycle every month, and at this New Moon time, the Sun and Moon are at 23 degrees of Libra.

In numerology, “23”, which comes to “5”, is about protection, contracts and travel… So at this time, there are powerful protective forces around you, to guide you into safe ports. “23’ is about the heart ’s desire, it means that you yearn for circumstances that would permit the freedom you need, you feel a need to express. “23” is a strong number in numerology, it stands for courage, strength, leadership, the lion king of the jungle, freedom, being adventurous, fearless, resilient, flexible… and also, in being the Lion’s energy,  it is about roaring, proclaiming, being in the sun, being the protective lioness… and having fun and proclaiming your inner Light.

The sign of Libra, where this New Moon is taking place, is about harmony, equality, fairness, justice, Love, caring, relationship, diplomacy, and peace… And at this time, we have this Libra New Moon opposite Mars Retrograde in Aries.

This opposition is really showing us that the dynamic that is the most important to look at, is how we, as a collective, are changing from a Masculine paradigm, that is now done with, to a new paradigm that has both the Feminine and the Masculine in equal representation. So vibrationally we feel that harmony within, because we are all made up of both, masculine and feminine. Many of us might already be feeling a sense of “things are different”… such as… “ I feel lighter, or I feel like I am evolving, I feel like floating”… whatever the case may be, you are experiencing something, and the growth is happening rapidly now. Mars Retrograde in Aries is the new beginning of the internalisation of everything, meaning that evolution takes place within you first, and then it unfolds for all of us.

How you are communicating is evolving with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, that started on October 13th. How you see reality is totally shifting, because we are moving from the very basic, practical 3D reality, a reality full of restrictions, into a multi-dimensional experience now… and in that multi-dimensional experience, you will be much more free to explore who you are. So at this time, you just need to be into a place of surrender and balance, and acknowledge that we are all an equal blend of Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. 

We have been raised culturally to think that men are stronger, and women are weaker. The Sacred Masculine is not stronger than the Divine Feminine, and in fact the Divine Feminine is actually stronger now, in order to realign with the Sacred Masculine, so the balance is being restored, and this allows the Divine Feminine to take on a stronger role, which means you need to truly tune into what you feel is right in any moment. You need to actually follow those intuitive hunches, those inspirations. 

The Divine Feminine resides in each of us, whether you are a male or female. The current patriarchal hierarchy that we are in, that we are purging at this time, those systems have been dominating the world for so long, that we have a very twisted and low experience of what the Sacred Masculine actually is… it was not actually “Sacred”. The “Sacred” in Masculine is not aggressive, it is assertive, there is a big difference… it is not about controlling others, but supporting others, by contributing something.

So this Libra New Moon is an incredible moment of seeing clearly that the lower masculine energy is everywhere, it is making itself extremely visible… and that is necessary in 2020 “perfect vision”, because it needs to be unveiled, so we can see the truth, and we can see actually what we have been dealing with for thousands of years.

This Libra New Moon, with the opposition to Mars Retrograde in Aries, representing the Masculine, this is literally a call to purge the old, going within, creating structures within that are balanced, and then reflecting those, and celebrating the marriage of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in the outer world. So this is a whole process that we are experiencing now, it does not just happen in a month, or in a New Moon or Full Moon time. 

So you need to now really tune in to what the Divine Feminine truly is, and see the power of that experience. That means being truly generous with people, not because you have to, or because you are manipulating a situation, and you are expecting something in return on the other side… but because you are happy to be generous. 

This is not about being competitive, and getting ahead at the expense of somebody else… this is about being discerning as well, and not judgmental. So you need to start feeling in a way, and thinking in a way that allows your heart to sing, and feel happy. 

So once you acknowledge the Divine Feminine in yourself, it is represented by Venus, once it is honoured and balanced with the Sacred Masculine, you will reflect that harmony in everything that you do. This is where the New Earth, the New Age, the New Human is born, when you welcome the Divine Feminine back in all ways, by being kind and generous, and nurturing, and compassionate, and protective, and stand for justice, for truth.

So you need to understand that it is very important to only engage in the present moment for every choice that you make, otherwise you will repeat the same patterns over and over again, if you turn to the past… because the past cannot actually inspire, it can only inform you… and inspiration is to be in spirit, it is the key to navigating these times right now. I really feel the power of MANAWA strongly here. 

MANAWA the fourth Hawaiian Principle of Huna…”Now is the moment of power…I am here now”.

The definition of Now being “The area of current awareness”, whatever the length of time you stay aware, it is always beneficial to continue the practice of it. When you are in the NOW, you are present to your divine guidance and inner wisdom, because from that place of silence, you are tuned into your own wisdom, intuition, higher self, Soul – your guidance system. And this is like to be with your Divine Feminine, and then it is followed by taking real action NOW, and here you are with your Sacred Masculine. You manifest your dreams by combining your Sacred Masculine and your Divine feminine, from the NOW MANAWA moment. 

So how do we get into the NOW MANAWA moment? Well, there are lots of techniques to help to get the mind out of the way, it depends what you love doing – and that is crucial, you want to enjoy the moment. So choose a practice you enjoy doing… such as breathing exercises, meditations, yoga, tai chi, chi kung, Hakalau active meditation… all sorts of things which are specifically designed with that in mind.

So in the present moment, the NOW MANAWA moment, you make your choice, so your future is determined by the individual choices that you make.

The Libra New Moon is opposing Mars retrograde in Aries, and both are in a challenging Square conversation with the triple conjunction Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn… and this 3 ways conversation creates a Cardinal T-Square pattern, as it involves the 3 cardinal signs of Libra-Aries-Capricorn . 

Cardinal signs are the ‘initiators’ of the zodiac,” they represent action, a spark, an idea, and they also signify the beginning of a season. At this time, they represent the birth of a New Age, and we are in the midst of it, we are literally in that birth canal right now. 

The whole message of this Cardinal T-Square conversation is about that Divine Feminine energy (Libra New Moon), Sacred Masculine energy (Mars Retrograde in Aries), both realigning, striping down the old structures, the old orders, represented by the triple conjunction Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn… and that magnetises the intensity of the great awakening that we are currently experiencing. Capricorn is the sign that governs the old paradigm of the patriarchy, and it will also be the sign that is helping to push in a new Sacred Masculine energy, because this is why this triple conjunction is happening in Capricorn.

The Square conversation between Mars Retrograde in Aries and the triple conjunction Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn, is quite challenging, and is about the urge for individual rights, the freedom, running up against rules, regulations, constraints. Within the triple conjunction, Jupiter intensifies whatever he touches, so it is expanding this sort of intensity of power and control, coming from governments… but at the same time, Pluto in Capricorn is about the deconstruction of the old order… so it is a particularly strong and tense challenge happening at this time, especially because of this Cardinal T-Square pattern created by these conversations.

And to add more to this, Venus in Virgo is in a supportive Trine conversation with the triple conjunction Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn. 

Venus is the ruler of Libra, therefore the ruler of this New Moon. And Venus the Divine Feminine is saying… “ Let’s bring harmony to this powerful birth of our new relationship, our new marriage of Divine Feminine-Sacred Masculine”… “let’s infuse this new marriage with nurturing Love”. 

Venus at 16 degrees of Virgo is a Goddess of Purification, and the number 16 is connected to AWAKENINGS”. The unforeseen and sudden events of this time, are intended to overthrow existing conditions, especially in the material sense. Some of your habits need to be altered, changed, and sometimes this had to be done in a forceful manner. 

You can also use the number 16 energy during this New Moon time, to plan wisely for the future. You are in touch with your intuition now, and if you listen to the generous advice of your inner self, you can map out plans to be implemented in the next cycle of your life. 

This New Moon is full of illuminating insights, that spark your creative talents to work toward a future goal, and she is imploring you to listen to your Third Eye, your intuitive inspiration, for everything.

We are on an incredible ride at this time, this is a very intense time and we can all feel it indeed! … because Pluto is part of this powerful T-Square conversation. 

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, where Mercury is currently Retrograding in, so this is important because Pluto purges, and Pluto empowers, and those two things are all part of REBIRTH. Pluto represents rebirth, so this is super important at this time, to channel the intensity of the moment… an INTENSE MANAWA moment indeed, because Jupiter is part of the conversation as well and magnifies it.

And  the conjunction Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn is a Wow factor on its own, because it is the first time in thousands years, that Saturn and Pluto join in Capricorn. The last time they crossed paths in Capricorn was January 1518, a time when the African slave trade began, and now in our modern 2020, we are more aware of human trafficking and slavery. 

But regardless of the sign they meet into, when Saturn and Pluto come together, is always a time of great upheaval on our Mother Earth. In 1914 they conjunct in Cancer, and the World War 1 began. In 1947, they conjunct in Leo, and it was about the reshaping of many parts of the world, a New World Order, with the formation of Israel, and the breaking up of India and Pakistan, and the cold war between the Soviet Union and the US. In 1982, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction happened in Libra, and saw a reset in the financial markets, and also Canada gaining full political independence from the UK. So this Saturn-Pluto conjunction is an historical moment indeed!

And during 2020, Jupiter joins this Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so at this New Moon time, allow the optimism of Jupiter to carry you through this challenging time. Jupiter and Saturn are going to enter the Aquarius sign on the Summer Solstice this year December (Winter Solstice for Northern hemisphere), so start from now to tune into the energy of Jupiter, trust it, and go with that expansive, joyful energy of just pure positivity, opportunities, growth, abundance… just sharing all these and being GRATEFUL.

At this New Moon time, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus.

This is the first of three opposition Mercury makes to Uranus… Ideas and perceptions are being dissected. The clarity of Uranus, delivered unexpectedly, will pierce the shadow of Scorpio, and reveal secrets or unconscious issues. This could be a piece of juicy gossip that ends up being much more, or a result, or an answer that drills down into the heart of the matter. This opposition suggests an external source of clarity or an ending. 

The clarity of Uranus is only possible due to the detachment it triggers, and that detachment comes from the initial shock … you are forcefully pushed back from what you have been clinging to (an idea, a secret or a repression)… and detachment allows you to see the full truth. The next two oppositions (Oct 19th and Nov 17th) ensure that this matter will not be a one-time deal. Even more will come to light over the next month. 

So at this New Moon time, you are definitively needing to not be impatient with your conversations, because the pace of life is very much quicker now, so you want to listen instead of to react emotionally. 

Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio so you can imagine what topics might come up in conversations and in media… lots of big news, unexpected news, surprises, unexpected change in nature… 

Uranus is the planet of freedom, of truth, the planet of the piercing sword of clarity… so whatever Mercury is digging up from the Scorpio depths, it is going to become quite big and shocking, shaking the old paradigms in many ways. 

But Uranus is also the planet of AWAKENING, of freedom, so be aware that the unpredictability of Uranus is absolutely major this month, and it is going to get bigger and bigger as we go towards the Taurus Full Moon on October 31st, that is the third Lunation of the month. So just be very open and calm. breathe before you communicate. The Intuition is strong at this time, because Uranus is very intuitive, and has so many flashes of insight, that will help expand your awareness. 

So whatever is emerging at this time into your life, into the collective, it may shock you, it may create even more social troubles, because Uranus is also the planet of rebellion and revolution, and protest… but that is part in itself of the awakening process. And also at the end of October, Uranus is at his closest point to Mother Earth all year, so that is also emphasising that Uranian symbolism.  

So through this month, we may see many disclosures, very strong earth events, such as earthquakes, floods, draughts , seismic events, volcanoes eruptions, even galactic news…or they could be political volcanoes, especially with the American election on the 3rd of November. So prepare to be shocked, going through some head spinning revelations. This is a very strong Uranian theme running through October.

Another conversation is Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces.

Venus the ruler of this New Moon is bringing your spiritual values into focus… it is about trusting your Divine inspiration, allowing Love to take the lead, allowing you to search beyond the ordinary, multi-dimensionally, because Neptune reaches everywhere, and she governs unconditional Love. 

So take that time to see the potential of people, and feel the unification aspect of …”We are all One”.

Venus in Virgo is also in a lovely Trine conversation with Jupiter in Capricorn.

The Venus-Jupiter conversation is always beautiful, positive, optimistic, cheerful, very expansive… it is about having a positive outlook on life energy, so you can heal disharmony. And Venus governs Love, so romance is heightened too during this time… and Jupiter governs fortunate outcomes,  so this conversation is such a beautiful energy, for just FEELING ABUNDANCE AND JOY.

This New Moon is also the time for the final of three connections during 2020,  of the lovely Sextile conversation between Jupiter in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.

It is a great time to see what you have learned about being spiritually connected, having a spiritual line of work, rapid personal growth, dreams coming true, having a joyful approach to how you see the world, that we are all One… you feel this incredible inner expansion, that you may not be able to define, because Neptune does not define, she just is an experience of multi-dimensions.

So at this Libra New Moon time, choose to nurture yourself, and choose to nurture others with caring words, with compassion, with kindness, and be very conscious that you do not react emotionally… stand back and calmly listen, and FOLLOW THE PROMPTINGS OF YOUR HEART.

And remember to set your intention in the present tense, because you are practicing MANAWA… “Now is the moment of power”. And don’t forget to set an intention for humanity at this time as well.

And also remember that Libra is about Love and relationships, Libra is about celebrating people who have filled your life with Joy, and appreciating them, bringing energy into harmony, that beautiful diplomacy that exists when we accept each other… so send Love to everyone, send Love wherever you can, in doing that you are enhancing and facilitating the evolution of Mother Earth at this time.

So everything you say and do, must be for everyone highest good… starting with YOU of course… You are a living breathing example of Love and Light…. and you are shining that Love and Light.

This Libra New Moon is about BALANCE, the Balance of the Divine feminine and the Sacred Masculine, and Balance is truly everything… when your life is in Balance, and you feel in Balance, you are in a blissful state of Peace.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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