This Taurus Full Moon happens on Sunday 1st November 2020 at 8 degrees 38’ Taurus, at 12:50 AM Queensland time Australia.

By Francoise-Frankie Alloin Monnereau 

Bonjour Stars Lovers, and welcome to the Full Moon in Taurus.

This Full Moon is super action packed, because we have Uranus, the planet of change and shifts and breakthroughs, merged exactly with the Moon, only 3’ apart, and both conjunct at 8 degrees of Taurus. 

So the first thing to do is to check where 8 degrees of Taurus sits in your Natal chart, and which House or area of life is impacted by this Full Moon. 

And of course you don’t need to be a Taurus to benefit from this Full Moon, because we all have Taurus somewhere in our Birth chart. 

And don’t forget to check where 8 degrees of Scorpio sits in your birth chart… it is where the Sun sits… as this describes another area of your life that is also impacted at this time.

Full Moons tend to shine a light on secrets of what you have not known, and Uranus is linked to truth, the piercing sword of clarity, truth coming to light… so be prepared at this time, for seeing more sudden truths, shocking surprises coming to light, which can change your trajectory, going forwards. Feelings and emotions tend to come to our head at Full Moon time, and during the two extreme months of October and November, we have a crescendo of energy, we have a whole series of peaks, so this Taurus Full Moon is going to be another peak of energy.

The Uranus energy moves quickly, it is about breaking free of where you have felt caged or stuck, it is an electrical surge of energy, and with the Moon in Taurus…the Moon being your emotional self, your emotional body, where you have perhaps stabilised yourself, that is the Taurus energy, it likes reliability, security, what it can count on… so this Moon-Uranus conjunction is about a breaking free of something within you, that has actually been holding you back. 

There is something about this Full Moon, that is really asking you to allow this surge of energy to come through, and even though it can feel out of your control, it is on your side. And if you choose that perspective, that will help you see more of what you want, and how you are ready to transform something that has been maybe stuck, that has been in a place of uncertainty or fear.

So this Full Moon conjunct Uranus is shining a light on all things that are Uranian.

Uranus energy has an eruptive, explosive, volatile quality, it is about demands for freedom, and independence and individuality, and it is quite rebellious… people taking to the streets and demanding more quality of life, demanding to be heard, demanding their freedom. So in that sense, it is reinforcing the long-term messages of Mars in Aries, that are much linked to individual rights and freedom, in a very assertive way.

Uranus, particularly when he is in Taurus, and he will there until 2026, is very linked to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme weather, extreme earth events… and it can be political earthquakes as well, shocks, surprises, unexpected news, bizarre events, galactic news… so be aware that around this Full Moon time, there are very volatile energies.

This Taurus Full Moon in shining a light on the polarity and the contradiction of Uranus and Taurus… because Uranus and Taurus are not easily connected to each other. 

Taurus is all about permanence, stability, feelings of safety, security, things for the long-term, does not like sudden change… and Uranus is really the opposite. Uranus is the maverick, individualist, non-conformist, free spirit… he wants to break up anything that is stale, and routine and predictable… it is about a feeling of breaking down, in order to break through.

Now at Full Moon there is always the theme of BALANCE very strong, bringing your life into a sense of order, and with Uranus exactly conjunct this Full Moon, the theme of Balance is juxtaposed to the theme of FREEDOM, upheaval and change. And with this blended themes, what is happening is that you are being liberated from your old sense of putting things into boxes, having things go a certain way… to the new kind of ordering your life, in terms of always having THE VALUE OF FREEDOM in the forefront of all your decision-making processes… so the theme of freedom is extremely strong, and it is being ingrained now.  

And why this Uranus-Moon conjunction is also so important, because it defines the next 2600 years, because Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and we are in the process of entering the Aquarian Age now. 

And by the Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice for Northern Hemisphere) on December 21st of 2020, an incredible conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter happens in Aquarius, and we are going to literally feel that Aquarian Age beginning. And right now is the turmoil, and the surprises, and the unexpected, churning up of what was suppressed up until now, in order to make room, for this New Age to be able to flower and flourish. 

So Uranus is the planet of sudden shifts, breakthroughs, taking risks, change, the future, revolutionary adjustments, inventions, multi-dimensional consciousness, frequency, collective and people power… and Uranus is the higher mind, so he governs inspiration, channeling, and at this time, with Uranus just blended with the Moon, the unpredictability of this Full Moon will electrify things, in every way possible. 

So that process of sending in surprises and outstanding things, is freeing you up from being stagnant. Any stagnant situations that you may find yourself in, decisions that you have not been able to make, they are being brought to the surface now.

And the number “8” so highlighted at this time, empowers you to this process. In fact at this Full Moon time we have a triple “8” activation, as the Sun, Moon, Uranus are all sitting at 8 degrees of their signs. 

This is really empowering… “8” is the infinity number of eternal life, it is about internal courage, the ability to overcome obstacles, and gain strength as a result… so it is truly about the visionary leader. With “8” you have the ability to channel your energies in order to alter any given situation, so you will ultimately be a leader, the big boss type with executive abilities, and you can manage and organise efficiently… and “8” knows no half-way measures, it is either personal limitations or spiritual freedom… you must accept responsibility, and handle it as well as you can. 

And be aware that “8” is connected to Karma, therefore …“As you sow, so shall you reap”… you will receive exactly what you deserve during this karmic time. So during this time, especially in the few weeks following this Full Moon, you are going to see events that seem destined, and seem fateful… so prepare for more turbulences, more surprises. The Moon is your sensitive nature, how you feel, your heart center… and Uranus in Taurus is saying…” Where have my feelings gotten into a routine?”… “Where am I emotionally repressed?”… And Uranus wants you to go beyond your comfort zone, in a really big way. 

So this Taurus Full Moon is really breaking through these comfortable habits…Taurus like comfort, and to feel pleasure, and beauty, and abundance, and it is very secure…and at this time, Uranus is saying…”What is the security that you are feeling, is it a false sense of security?”

At this Full Moon time, something is telling you to follow your instincts, and do things differently, and surprise yourself. So anything you have been holding back on, a decision to move… because Uranus is electrical, it moves, it makes quick decisions… so anything that you have suppressed is being awakened. 

And remember that this year 2020 is giving us the perfect vision to see, and what you see is not necessarily always going to be pretty, it is going to be whatever it is, the truth… “And the truth shall set you free”… and Uranus in Taurus stands for that, he is shaking you awake, and since Taurus is an earth sign, you can feel the earthy ground that you are standing on, being moved, asking you TO MOVE INTO A NEW DIRECTION. 

So if there is anything that you know, that you have been wanting to do, but have not had the courage to move forward on, or have suppressed, this desire is going to emerge now, it is going to come out in the open. 

But keep in mind, if you are not being proactive at this time, you will feel the external force wake you up, and that is sort of a hard way to wake up. When the external force comes around, and creates the necessary internal shift in you, it is better to be proactive, and just act on those prompts, before the external force comes… because the shift has to happen one way or another.

The Full Moon is in Taurus, an earth sign, and at this time, we have 5 planets in earth signs, so this has to do with our Mother Earth, a big awakening as to what we have been doing to her. 

According to records, since 1970, 60% of the world population of vertebrates, from fish to birds to mammals, have been wiped out, so now is the time to really look at what do we need to do, to correct all the pain and suffering that we have been inflicting on our beautiful home planet Mother Earth. Now we realise that we must make some significant changes, and that what this Taurus Full Moon merged with Uranus is all about.

I have enjoyed watching lately several documentaries explaining our wrong doings on Mother Earth, and how to re-establish a beautiful balance. Documentaries such as “The biggest Little Farm”… “David Attenborough: A life On Our Planet”… and “Kiss The Ground”… they are testaments to the immense complexity of Nature, they are about the grieving of the loss of wild places, and offer a vision for the future…but on the overall, they are very uplifting and all optimistic.

Venus the ruler of this Taurus Full Moon is at 4 degrees of Libra, where she is lovely, and strong, and supported, because she also the ruler of Libra. She is able to consider what others need, she wants to work well with others.

And we also have Mercury in Retrograde mode at this time, and back to 26 degrees of Libra, and he will continue his Retrograde phase until November 3rd.

So Venus and Mercury both in Libra, are providing a balance point and objectivity, around what is changing, and what needs to change. It is giving you the ability to think it through, to talk it out, to have conversations… but also hear yourself, to make sure that you are listening to what you need, and what is correct for you.

And Venus at 4 degrees of Libra, is opposite to Chiron Retrograde at 5 degrees of Aries… this is almost an exact opposition.

With this conversation, you are bringing the spiritualisation process, the receptivity to a higher Divine Understanding, into focus. It is like informing you, so it is giving you stability, it is giving you order. With Venus, there is a sense of responding to a life in general, through creativity and beauty, being very creative, harmonising energy, as opposed to dissecting energy, or getting too analytical (with Mercury Retrograde), or having confronting energy (with Mars Retrograde).

So this Venus-Chiron opposition is really asking you to balance energy, so you can open up a sacred space, and this is a space that you will be valuing for a long time, because everything is undergoing this shift towards embracing spiritual values. And this opposition of Venus-Chiron…Venus ruler of this Taurus Full Moon, and Chiron in Aries the sign of new beginning… is signalling that shift, where you basically create everything with your spirit, in spirit, with inspiration… inspiration informs it all.

This Venus-Chiron opposition is also about not feeling worthy, and you may feel an internal vulnerability at this time. And once Venus moves away from that opposition to Chiron, she is going to have a little bit more breathing room. And then she is going to have in middle of November, an opposition to Mars, but what is really lovely, is that Mars is in his home sign of Aries, so this is the Sacred Masculine… and Venus in her own sign of Libra is the Divine Feminine… and they are going to be having a conversation, that is about understanding each other more, getting clearer in the others intentions, and even understanding more about relationship dynamics… what works, what does not work, what you are ready to change, what you want to shift, what you don’t like, what you do like etc… 

Venus and Taurus they govern your values, beauty, artistic expression… so you will definitively be attracted to beauty, and art, and pleasure… so at this Full Moon time, just follow that thread of creativity, because Taurus is a very calm, a grounding sign to begin with. It calms you down through being in a place of beauty and pleasure, and how important it is to just take that time to nurture yourself… So during this Taurus Full Moon, just take that time to nurture yourself through the beauty of Nature. Taurus, as an earth sign, wants you to appreciate the Nature on Mother Earth.

Taurus also governs productivity, self-esteem, security, financial security, your money, your financial investments… how do you create financial flow, using your talents in a way that gives you a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment. Taurus also governs the voice, the throat, the Throat Fifth Chakra… also called the Vishuddha Chakra. This is your source of verbal expression and the ability to speak your highest truth.

Taurus is also about LOVE, because Venus its ruler, is the planet of Love… so this is a really lovely time for you to maybe unplug from the social media, and focus on your personal life, and see how you are using a very patient, steady growth, with a lot of perseverance, to create sensual pleasure, sensual beauty, contentment, and peace. 

The shadow side of the Taurus energy is resistance to change… so the Uranus-Moon conjunction is again bringing the balance, so you have this sense of not wanting to change, not wanting to move, with Taurus being very rooted, stubborn in a way, with attachments to your possessions… but Uranus is saying “NO you have to change, you have got to focus on your inner life now”.

And with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, and Mars Retrograde in Aries, it is also about focusing on your inner life, to listen to what really is of value to you. So it is about looking at what brings you excitement and enjoyment, feeling a sense of appreciation for what is beautiful, but not allowing the current attachment to whatever it is that gives you pleasure, to keep you from discovering new ways. 

So at this Full Moon time, you may have unusual experiences, you may feel… “ I like where I am now, I like the career I am pursuing now, however it is not fulfilling me, I don’t feel the joy and bliss, so I am going to expand, I am going to make a change”… or… “I am going to move, because I have been feeling a sense of -I don’t know why – but I am going to trust that anyway.

At this Full Moon time, Mercury Retrograde at 26 degrees of Libra is in a wide opposition with Mars in Aries, and both are in Square conversations with the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn… and this creates a T-Square triangle pattern.

This T-Square pattern is about running up against the rules and regulations, so there could be angry words at this time. So what are those angry words about while Mercury is in Libra? Well it could be angry words about fairness, justice, equality, relationship… all Libran qualities.

Within this T-Square pattern, the Mercury-Saturn Square conversation is exact, as they are both at 26 degrees of their signs, and this really emphasises the fact that people are not going to agree, your opinions are running up against the opinions of other people… this is about differences of view, fuelling the very strong Mars in Aries energy in the world.

Now in Numerology, “26” reduces to “8”, so we have this powerful number again, the number of giving you confidence and strength, the courage to overcome any obstacles, the sense that you are invincible… and YOU ARE INVINCIBLE, because your Soul is immortal.

So this Mercury-Saturn Square conversation gives you a lot of concentration to get to work, to get things done, but it also requires intense mental focus. And if you apply that focus onto whatever project you are working on, you can get a super amount accomplished. 

So at this time, be very diligent about details… and with Mercury retrograde, this is not necessarily a time to enter negotiations, instead, listen closely, be patient, allow yourself to move out of any rigid negative thinking. This Mercury-Saturn conversation is asking you to extricate yourself from that, because you are supposed to be in a spiral flow, moving into spiral living… this is not about one linear direction anymore. The only way to move forward now, is definitively about LETTING GO, of those guilt trips, of competitiveness, of “I am not good as…”. 

This Mercury-Saturn Square conversation is really lifting up the last vestiges, if you still have those feelings, and we all do of course, because we were raised in this old paradigm, but this is really a great time to just say …“NO, I am not going there anymore”. 

At this time, Mercury Retrograde is also in a Square conversation with Pluto and Jupiter.

So you are turning your thoughts inwards, and remember the Sun is in Scorpio during this Full Moon time, and Pluto rules Scorpio. 

So interactions with others can be very intense with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, his Square conversation to Pluto in Capricorn, and with the Sun in Scorpio… it is super intense indeed ! So you want to guard against expressing yourself with overpowering ways… it is literally like controlling the narrative, with no other views being heard. 

So be aware that there can be very aggressive conversations at this time, remember that Mars is still Retrograde in Aries… so you are being asked, with the Pluto experience, to dig very deeply, to discover the truth, and to HOLD YOUR TONGUE. 

Remember that Taurus governs the Throat, this is about speaking, so before you speak, allow Pluto energy to dig in deeper realms, and get into the mysteries behind things. So at this time, investigate what the whole shift is about, and don’t get into the aggressiveness, the separation, the divisiveness, the fighting… So this is a very good time to dive into your Star Blueprint, and to book an astrology reading for example, for a deep exploration of where you are up to now. 

And it is a good time to keep your mind very open and flexible, and understand that you can refrain from entering any conflicts, that is totally your choice. You can make a lot of empowering discoveries by just observing, Pluto loves to observe, so this Mercury-Pluto Square conversation is extremely powerful, and it actually will help you to get to the bottom of things, and then reorganise, get inspired, and take the lead.

And what you have been moving through, deciding, gaining clarity on throughout October, is going to feel stronger the middle of November, because by then, Mercury will be Direct and back to Scorpio. 

And Mercury will make his last opposition to Uranus on November 17th, and Mars will be Stationary-Direct November 14th-15th. So there is a lot moving at this time, around what is next in your life, the next chapter of what you want to manifest, create, move towards… that is being energetically re-configured. 

So definitively, the middle of November has a surge of movement forward.

And on the 3rd of November, the day of the US election, Mercury becomes Stationary Direct. Oh la la…Well let’s see what will happen to these election, it can have some issues… and whoever wins, clearly with all this volatile energy around, there is likely to be some social disruptions around these election.

Be aware that we are still in time of transition, where the two timelines of 3D and 5D are  happening at the same time. 

The 3D timeline is the kind of thing you see on the news, the day to day chaos, dysfunction, things are not working properly, we feel very constrained, our foundations are collapsing… and this is very messy. 

But at the higher level of 5D, we are actually entering a whole new episode in our human evolution. 

So at this time, we are at a fork in the road, and that fork is getting wider, and we can still jump from 3D to 5D, but it gets trickier now, because chemically we become addicted to our thought patterns and our emotions. So if you are addicted to those 3D low frequency emotions of fear, anxiety, panic, anger, all of those things… you are actually creating a kind of chemical addiction. But equally, at the 5D level, the emotions are to do with Joy, laughter, compassion, peace, gratitude, appreciation… and equally you can become chemically addicted to those emotions. So the sooner you can get to the 5D timeline, the easier is going to be for each of us, and it is going to bring in that new world faster, which is going to be so much better than what we currently have. 

To help you in this transition, use techniques such as sticking notes around your house, about your thoughts, about where is your focus… so of course you want to choose to turn the spotlight on those 5D thought forms.

So at this Full Moon time, it is all to do with where you put your focus on… and this makes the MAKIA principle resonate strongly here.

MAKIA the third Hawaiian Principle of Huna… “MAKIA: energy flows where attention goes”… Whatever you spend most of your conscious and unconscious time thinking of, will grow in your reality. So If you focus the majority of your attention on why things are not working out the way you want them to, then your struggles will grow and become more concrete through time. If you aren’t clear about your goals and direction, then the fuzziness will grow within your life. 

So at this Full Moon time, you ask yourself: “Where is my point of awareness now”… “What am I focusing on right now?” …and “Is my focus empowering or disempowering me right now?”. Therefore in practicing MAKIA, you are all powerful in the sense that, it is you who give or not power to the things and people in your life, and this help you navigate where you are going.

Thinking about the 3D and the 5D, we are entering the Scorpio phase of the year now… the Sun is in Scorpio, right from the beginning of November, and Mercury re-enters Scorpio on November 11th.

Scorpio is the sign of spiritual transformation, it is ruled by Mars and Pluto, and Scorpio has two symbols. It has the scorpio symbol, and this is about the lower expression of Scorpio, which it can be, it is primal, it is animal instinct, it is rage, envy, jealousy, animal sexuality… but the other symbol for Scorpio is the Phoenix, who rises from the ashes… and the duality of scorpio/Phoenix is a reflection of the 3D/5D. 

So if you can rise from the ashes, and get onto that Phoenix perch, this is the much higher level of the observer, the witness, seeing everything that is unfolding as energetic… So practice to see everything energetically, step back, so you are not just caught up, because it is going to be very colourful, very dramatic, there is going to be a lot to catch your interest at the 3D level, but it won’t help you moving forwards… What will help you, is to just be able to pull yourself to a higher level of being, the 5D level, so step back, and if you can do that, you start to create a much greater sense of peace, and calmness, and confidence, and trust in the invisible, and trust in your ability as a creator for a new world. 

And remember, Full Moons are great times to release, to let things go… so start to consider, not just what you want to create, but WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LET GO,  as we move into this new chapter of human evolution, for all of us… it may be physical things you want to let go, and it may also be behavioural patterns, thought patterns, that have not been serving you well.

So at this Full moon time, you need to be ready to adapt to new, unforeseen circumstances. And if you resist those changes, initially you will go into fear, but you need to see your way forward now, through just going for it, just allowing that flow to take you beyond being dominated by fear, or dominated by others. Whatever it may be, you want to just take that restlessness, that is inevitably coming up, that sort of nervous energy, and get to the bottom of the reason for it, that is the key here … “Why am I feeling this way?… and how can I be proactive and open to address this?”. 

Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018, so the changes that have been sweeping the Earth have been felt for a while. However, this Taurus Full Moon is releasing a lot of pressure, and that deepen the awakening process. So at this time, you are taking the revelations, the changes, and you are taking them to a much bigger step further now, in the evolution of human consciousness. But at this time, because of Mars and Mercury in Retrograde, the shift feels very personal, and it encompasses how you think (Mercury), what you are communicating, what communication and media you are engaging with… but also where you choose to use your energy (Mars), and also the direction of your goals, the overall direction. 

So this is all about personal stuff… Full Moon-Uranus conjunction, Mercury-Saturn Square conversation, and Mercury and Mars both Retrograde can create a sense of …”why are things not shifting?… there can be a sense of impatience here, and so it is very important at this time, to listen carefully to your intuition, and to pay attention to those details, and also to sleep on any important decisions that you are making. 

With the Taurus Full Moon exactly conjunct to Uranus, there is a lot of movement, and they are electrical surges that are breaking through energy, so be aware of emotional extremes. So these emotional extremes, even if they may not show up in your life, because you have a way of meditating, and allowing the feelings to flow through, you allow the feelings to come up… but they may come up in the middle of nowhere, in a middle of a dream, or in a middle of a conversation, or it could be somebody else feeling those, and then you have to respond in a certain way… so take those timeouts to breathe. 

And if you find yourself in situations that are confronting, which inevitably can happen during this time, they are triggering you, they are taking you out of that calm Taurus space, so look closely at what you truly value… is it peace or is it strife? What is it that truly brings you fulfilment? Is it arguing a point, or is it staying in a place of inner calm at all times? So ask yourself questions when these crazy moments come up, and allow your mind then to be productive, and solution oriented, because you are asking questions, and that will get you out of the panic and fear mode.

This Full Moon conjunct to Uranus is connecting you into the truth of what you want that feels good, of what is in your heart, and what you know you are worthy of… the Moon is about the feelings and where you are resonating with something, in a whole new way. And Uranus is bringing in higher energies from the cosmic Source of energy, directly to your heart.

So at this Full Moon time, there is a deep reprogramming, that could put you at odds, with a part of yourself, that does not want to lose control, or feels like there is a lot of risks (Sun Scorpio). But there is so much about 2020 that has been really bringing up imminent big changes. This is about the re-establishment of your life, and where you want to live a good life, a healthy life, with a sense of meaning and value in your life (Moon Taurus). 

So this Full Moon conjunct Uranus is very dynamic indeed! And it could even feel stressful, especially mentally, with Mercury-Saturn Square conversation… But the feelings are gaining clarity, because the Uranus energy at this time, is going to break away some of the fears, or some of the areas of uncertainty.…for you to know how to move forward, to move through this.

So there is going to be some interesting energies at work, as we move through November, and they are based on the realisations, that you have come to understand and move through in October. But be careful of any impatience at this time, know how to work with the restlessness (Moon-Uranus conjunction), know how to understand what you are feeling, and definitively MOVE, because this Moon-Uranus conjunction is like an electrical pulse, coming through at a higher level, to help you be in alignment with what you want, to open up to it, to be able to manage the fears, or manage the reservations, or lower perceptions. 

So during this Taurus Full Moon time, and beyond for the rest of the year, it is really important to be fearless, and if there are doubts that creep into your mind, those old records that keep playing the old programming…  do it anyways, go anyways, make the change. Uranus is saying “CHANGING NOW IS GOOD”, the old patterns need to be dissolved.

This Taurus Full Moon merged with Uranus is an incredible time to be passionate, to let it all out… Uranus is saying “just go and fearlessly move forward”… “Just do it, stand up, be the leader, don’t listen to the external, trust your instinct”… and be thankful that you can make this huge shift in your life… and be aware that you are impacting others as well, because the more you adhere to that inner calm, the more you are impacting the whole world, the galaxy… because we are all working together, this is a whole big unification theme that is going on… we are reflections of each other, so the way we treat each other is reflected in the world.

Aloha to You all and thank You for reading…

And feel free to share this blog on your Time Line, it would be very much appreciated.

Mahalo Nui🙏


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